You Don't Really Know Me ( Oli Sykes Fanfic )

Hannah Snowdon is in the band Drowning My Demons. She has worked her whole life to get away from her severe bulling in high school and now she just wants to forget the past. But what happens when a certain enemy appears in her life again and changes everything?


2. hospital blues


 Hannah's Pov

p then everything went black.*Friday 12 pm* 

My band Drowning My Demons are on warped tour right now, and it's pretty fucking awesome. We're playing the Kia Seoul stage so it's pretty amazing to us.

After we finished our set we all decided to split up and check out some of our favourite bands. As I walked down the stages stairs trying to take my earpiece out I slammed into someone sending me to the ground.

I pulled my body up rubbing head in pain.

" Ow fuck "

I moaned to myself.

" I'm sorry I was being a dumbass and not paying attention, are you okay?"

A strange but familiar voice said. I was hoping It wasn't who I thought it was.

" It's fine really I'm okay."

I said reassuring him. he reached out his hand to help me up and I took it. Right as our eyes met I knew it was the person I was dreading the most to see.

Fear took over me my anxiety starting to taking control over me and suddenly my breathing became short. I dropped to the ground gasping for air, my chest burning.

All I remember was hearing him scream help


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