You Don't Really Know Me ( Oli Sykes Fanfic )

Hannah Snowdon is in the band Drowning My Demons. She has worked her whole life to get away from her severe bulling in high school and now she just wants to forget the past. But what happens when a certain enemy appears in her life again and changes everything?


1. Flashbacks




* A/N I know Hannah snowdon isn't in a band but pretend she is ok. Continue reading*

  Hannah's Pov

*Flash Back*

I was walking down the halls of the hell hole called school when I suddenly felt myself trip over something and fall face first on the white tiled floor.

" Why don't you look where your going next time bitch?!"

My personal bully Oliver said as he stood over me.

"Why don't you get hit by a fucking car asshole"

I said to myself but soon regretted it as Oliver's foot went back then struck me in the side.

I groaned in pain wondering why this had to happen to me. I mean I had never met Oliver in my life, then when I show up for the first day of school and say the wrong thing and I get the shit beaten and shouted at me for the rest of my high school life.

" Why do you do this to me? "

I said with pain clear in my voice, I really wanted to know

Suddenly he squatted down, his face looking straight at mine.

" You know exactly why bitch, think back to the first day of school, what YOU did to me"

He whispered harshly, then he snarled at me and spit in my face. He got up and walked away with his other douchebag friends.

The first day of school at Leeds high?
I remember walking into the building just like any normal person would do. I went to my classes as normal then made my way to lunch.

As I exited the lunch line I slammed into the devil himself aka Oliver, dumping my entire tray of food on him.


He yelled at me. I couldn't help but laugh because it was so funny to see him mad.

" No need to get butt hurt about it, just call mommy so she can bring you clothes."

I mocked back at him, probably not the best damn thing to do. But everyone laughed.

" She told you mate! "

One of his asshole friends said.

" Shut up dumbass "

Oli said with clear annoyance in his voice. He walked up to me and leaned down to my ear.

" From this day on, I will make your life a living hell bitch you messed with the wrong guy."

He whispered to me with pure hatred in his voice. Fear trembled down my spine and throughout my whole body, but I covered it up with a brave face.

He walked out the cafeteria, his trail of friends following him. The rest of the day my classes were terrible due to Oli being in every single one.

Since that day my life has never been the same.

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