The Mystery that Is my Life

Look, I’m gonna skip right to the chase okay? No stupid introductions no “Hi, my name is…” Got it? Cool. I guess you could say I’m on the run but I’d like to think it’s a bit more interesting than that. It’s more like this is a secret only you get to hear. This is the part where you jump up and down with joy by the way. No? Okay. Well it’s the life they don’t know about and I’d like to keep it that way. SO that means puny human life form, keep your big mouth shut. Now this is extremely confusing even for me so just go with it. I’m Elizabeth, just Elizabeth. I’m 6,939 days old in Earth years, so nine-teen basically. But I lost count of my real age a while ago. I've got long wavy light purple hair. A lip piercing, several tattoos and gray eyes brimmed with green and some flecks of the jade color near my pupils. That’s all you need to know for now. I shall now spill my deepest darkest memories onto these pages. I hope you enjoy the mystery that is my life.


4. The Note

The wind blows harshly, whipping my clothes in a hundred different directions, as I make my way through the crowded streets. My hands are like ice, my face numb with cold. It has to be at least 20 degrees out here. I probably should have grabbed a coat, but I know I will be sweating pretty soon. I let my feet carry me away, as my body falls in sync with my everyday routine. The streets are as crowded as ever and I am constantly being jabbed in the gut or pushed to the side. Everyone is in a rush to get to work or to be on time to their first class. Some drag a small child behind them, ready to drop them off at a daycare where they will play mindless games and enjoy the company of their drooling comrades. All these people are oblivious to what is going on around them but I am not. I see the world that lies just beneath this one. I see the flecks of grey everywhere. I see the men clad in armor, large guns strapped to their sides. I see the fear beneath every persons mask, I feel their guilt and see their greatest desires. Some of them just wish to win the lottery and become famous others desire a certain human to be in their bed. Some just want the day to end so they can go back to sleep. It is very interesting seeing everyone live in sync with one another yet they are all so different. I know it is rude of me to invade their minds but what they don’t know won’t harm them. My feet come to a stop and I am jolted out of my thoughts. Just like every other day the men and women around me come to a halt. I am nowhere near the same as them, but they won’t say a thing abut it. My purple hair doesn’t match their neatly combed brown hair, my black clothes doesn’t resemble their blue suits and red ties. I just wave at them, smile broadly and they all look down quickly and scurry away. I thought so. My presence hear scares them and I love it.  I stand before the tallest building in New York; the Empire State Building. Yup, that’s where I work. I am about to step into the revolving doors when I am pulled back. My breath catches in my throat, my heart beats rapidly. I swing my arm back and feel my elbow connect with a jaw. I quickly turn around ready to launch a second attack when I see the familiar face of my “boy friend” Landon. 
“Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you” I plead for forgiveness. 
“I can tell.” He shouts back at me.
 See, we’re not really dating. I hate his guts and he hates mine, but we pretend to be in love to please the boss. Who just so happens to be this idiots father, so if I want to keep my job and not blow my cover I got to suck it up. 
“Just hold my hand, so we can get this shit over with” he hisses harshly.
 I take hold of his hand giving it a hard squeeze. He grunts out in pain and I smirk. 
“Don’t scare me like that again, asshole” I say in mock high pitched sweet voice.
 We walk in and immediately everyone’s eyes are on us. We walk to my office and he lets go of my hand. We are about to part ways when I hear the deep rumble of Mr. Matthews aka Landon’s dad yell.
 “What kind of goodbye is that? Give her a kiss, c’mon be gentlemen.”
 Ugh I groan internally. Mr. Matthews is large man and by large I mean huge. He’s 6 feet 3 and weighs like 300 pounds. He’s got salt and pepper hair and something about his ice blue eyes scares the living crap out of me. I swear he sees right through me yet he forces his son on to me. The man is up to something. 
 “Sorry Dad” I hear him mumble in reply before leaning in and placing a kiss on my lips. I press hard into the kiss, making sure my piercing leaves a mark. When he pulls away I see annoyance burn in his eyes. 
“Bye babe” he says coldly before turning away with his dad on his trail.
 I turn the handle to my door, giggling lightly. I push it open slowly, letting it creak and groan in response. I hesitantly step in and turn on the lights. I know as soon as I sit in that desk that the real work will begin. A note, written in neat letters, is taped to my chair. It reads
“Level 0, 8 pm. Don’t be late.” 


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