Fate is Just a Four Lettered Word

Gut feeling's. People tend to never go by them in this day and age. What they go by is their hormone's, desire's, and need's. Fate. Another word people don't think too much of either. Will Fate put these teenager's on the chopping block only to be slaughtered like pig's? Fuck yeah he will. But he give's them a few little warning's ahead of time, but do they think clearly about them and stop? No. Watch them pay the price as they are torn limb by limb on their little "adventure dare" hear their plead's, and cries and feel the gore. Let the blood spill and the fun begin, shall we?

You have no idea what you're getting you're selves into.

This will be Rated [R] due to strong violence, language and gore.


5. Three Warnings Your Out

Slowly pacing down the hallway, Libby and Andrew steadily walk behind Zoei. Keeping their ear's open they both quickly turn around as they hear faint footstep's behind them. Andrew grab's Zoei, and quickly turn's her around, "What the hel-!" Andrew put's his finger up to her lip's shushing her. She hear's the foot step's, widening her eye's she take's step's back along with Andrew and Libby. Pointing to the door's, they all rush over to the nearest metal door, trying to slide them open. "Their locked." Libby hoarsely whisper's as she begin's rattling the door. Pulling her along, they start running away from the footstep's. Suddenly Libby slow's down, resisting Andrew's grip. "Libby, we have to run." Andrew softly whisper's with a hint of urgency in his voice. Turning around with a curious face, she stand's in the center of the hall. Andrew and Zoei both give each other an anxious look, taking in a deep breath they stand next to Libby. 

Staring down the hallway, they see a black figure moving toward's them slowly. Gulping loudly, Andrew and Zoei slide back a few inches. Libby pull's out her cellphone, opening the app for a light, she shines at the person. Andrew slightly open's his mouth, Zoei turn's her head in confusion. "Abby?" 

Tear's streaming down her face, she sniffles and wipes them away. Opening her eyes wide, she open's her arm's and run's toward's them, embracing them in a hug. "oh my god!" Abby nearly shout's as she begin's to shake. Letting them go, she wipes away even more tear's. "Abby, what the hell happen? Where's Ari, and the others?" Andrew anxiously ask's standing in front of her, staring her in the eye's. Crossing her arm's Abby look's down at her feet, shaking her head. "I got lost, their were so many twist and turn's, I got left behind. I tried calling out for them, but no one came. So I tried to find my way back. The elevator was broken, so I came to look for you guy's. I was calling out Libby's name." Zoei look's over Libby to see her giving Abby a light smile. "I did hear you, that's why I stopped. But I'm glad you found us." Abby nod's her head giving them a bright smile.

"C'mon, then. We should keep going then." Zoei say's as she begin's walking. Looking at the ceiling she notices two sign's hanging up. Pointing at the sign's Andrew read's them, "Cafeteria ahead and Security Guard's Office on the right." Everyone breathes out a sigh of relief, looking ahead of them they see a faded red door nearly on the corner of the hallway before it split's into two different direction's. Gathering in front of the door, Andrew slowly reaches out for the door knob. Grabbing hold of it, he slowly turn's the knob pushing it open. They all peer inside the pitch black room. Taking a step inside, Andrew put's his hand on the wall, searching for a light switch. Feeling the switch, he flip's it on.

The light bulb's flicker on, barely shining a greenish blue light. Looking around the room, they see a few table's scattered around, paper's, test tube's, chair's in the corner, a large rectangular window and on the right of the room the wall covered with small blank t.v. screen's. 

Everyone walk's standing near the tables in the center of the room, closing the door behind her Zoei walk's up to the television screen's. Staring at the desk underneath the monitor's, she crouches down and look's under the desk moving a fire extinguisher out the way she crawl's under. She easily see's a small red button, pressing it the monitor's turn on. A few of the screen's begin to show static, while the other's show a visual of several area's in the underground facility. Andrew and Abby both stand next to Zoei examining the monitor's with her. "Maybe we can find Jasmin, or Ari?" Abby say's as she peer's closer to the black and white screen's. 

Libby begin's walking around the table's glancing at the scattered remain's of paper left on them. Pulling up a chair, she begin's shuffling through the paper's. Reading through them she see's the company name, "Precision Horizon's, 'Today's Dream's are Tomorrow's Reality'." Libby softly say's to herself. Shaking her head she bawl's up the paper and tosses it over her shoulder. Shuffling through more paper's, a laminated one catches her eye's. Putting down the other sheet's, she begin's reading over the paper..





FEBRUARY 15, 1975

                          Dear Dr. Salalila, 

I have sent this to inform you that Precision Horizon will be shut down within the next 24-hour's. Due to a severe accident resulting in the death's of dozen's of faculty in you're department. We will have you're entire faculty escorted out and have them report to D.C. for questioning on the incident. We will have Delta Six a USS unit help you're faculty member's evacuate the facility as quickly and safely as possible. All main exit's will be closed off to stop the creature's from wrecking havoc above. If anyone is still inside the facility by noon tomorrow will be locked in, we hope to see you in D.C. Dr. Do not let them hold you back, let them go. We here at Umbrella Corporation thank you for you're dedication and support to our cause.


                                                                                               Umbrella Corporation


Putting down the letter, Libby begin's to softly talk to herself, "What the hell went on down here?" She call's over Andrew handing him the letter. After reading it through, he frown's scratching the back of his head. Turning around he call's over Zoei and Abby. They both hold the letter reading over, while Andrew and Libby fish through more of the letter's. 

Setting down the letter, Zoei put's a hand on her hip. "What the hell went on down here?" Looking up from the table, Andrew shrug's his shoulder, "What I don't get is why these letter's were even in here. Was this Dr. hiding in here, or watching everyone through the monitor's to make sure everyone got out of here?" Rubbing his eye's Andrew slides away a sheet of paper, picking up a photo. Covering his mouth, he scrunches up his face. "This is sick." Andrew spit's out. Handing the photo to Abby she examine's it, shaking her head she set's it down on the table. 

Zoei and Libby huddle over it, examining it closely. A photo of a naked bald man strapped to a metal table, strap's around his chest, leg's and neck restraining him. Blood oozing down off the side's, the man's flesh decayed and some muscle, his eyes lid's gone, pupil's red. Massive sized wart's growing around his chest, and leg's. And four doctor's, with three of their faces scratched off, around the naked man facing the camera and one doctor bending over the naked man with a needle in his hand. 

"Jesus Christ. The fuck? Is this what they were fucking doing down here?" Zoei anxiously ask's as she stare's at Andrew. Ignoring her, he stares at the bottom corner of the photo. Pointing at it, five names are written and three smeared off in blood. Reading over the last two, "Castiel Salalila and Austyn Yang. That must be Dr. Salalila." Libby say's pointing to the man with the needle. "And Dr. Yang must be.." Abby point's to the shortest man in the group of doctor's in the back. 

"Why were their faces scratched off on the picture? Do you think someone was after these doctor's or something?" Abby ask's as she shuffles through more and more paper's with Libby. Grabbing another letter she read's it outloud with everyone around her. 




FEBRUARY 15, 1975

                                  Dr. Salalila, 

This is an urgent message to not go anywhere near the Experiment's on the bottom floor, since the evacuation they have been locked inside their holding cell's. We have no idea how long the door's will hold them back. Please, you and Dr. Yang are the last doctor's to make it out, you don't have much time to evacuate! They won't die of starvation so they will be here forever. Our only way to keep them from ever being released is to keep this facility locked down, till we have permission to properly destroy the facilty. It may take up to year's to do such a thing. Hurry Dr. you have an hour before everything is locked down, may god with you. 

                                                                          - Dr. Ramirez


Zoei walk's back over to the screen's. Opening small drawer's, she shuffles through the pen's, pencil's and two walkie talkie's. Shaking her head she pushes them in, putting her hand's over the side's of the desk, the left side of the desk shift's out a little over the side. Frowning Zoei slides it to the side more, revealing a secret compartment. Andrew stand's beside her watching, a small handle sticking out pop's up. Grabbing the handle Zoei pull's the handle up to reveal a large red button with a red and yellow stripped tape beside it reading, 'DO NOT PUSH EMERGENCY USE ONLY'

"Whoa, we shouldn't mess with his shit." Zoei calmly say's sliding the lid closed she walk's away toward's the desk sitting down on the table looking through more paper's. Andrew eye's the desk, twirling his finger's he take's a step toward's the desk. Putting his hand's on desk, he slide's it open. 

Suddenly everyone stop's moving, keeping quiet they all glance at each other then toward's the door. "Do you guy's hear that?" Libby softly whisper's, everyone nod's their head. Getting up from the table Zoei slowly walk's to the window, peeking through she is barely able to see anything. They hear a faint voice outside in the hallway, Andrew frown's as he step's closer toward's the door. "Is that..?" 

They suddenly hear a loud obnoxious laugh, Andrew's eye's widen "That was Jasmin laughing!" He shout's running toward's the door. He quickly open's it, passing by him he see's Jasmin walking alongside Brandi. "Jasmin!" Andrew scream's, they both quickly stop and turn around. Jasmin cover's her mouth with her eye's wide, "Andrew, what the hell are you doing down here?" She quickly rushes toward's him, embracing him in a hug. Brandi scoff's as she shake's her head crossing her arm's she walk's toward's them. "We came looking for you, why the hell did you come down here?!" Andrew scream's as he pull's her into another hug. 

"Get in here, we found some crazy shit about this place." Pulling her by her arm's, she frown's as she ask's "We?" Stepping into the room, she see's Zoei, Libby and Abby watching them at the table's. Jasmin cover's her mouth as she let's out a chuckle, turning around she fan's herself as she turn's red. Brandi stand's at the door, leaning against it looking at everyone. Andrew notices her giving everyone a disgusted look. "We came down here to because that bitch back their," Jasmin point's back at Brandi smirking, "she dared me to see who could last the longest. She's a sick bitch, at first I wasn't even talking to her. But after a while we started making small talk and ended up having a bit in common. Like about how much we fucking hate that one teacher Mr. Thatcher? And how much we love Dwayne Johnson." 

Everyone shake's their head in annoyance, "Who are these people?" Jasmin whisper's in Andrew's ear. He briefly introduces them to each other, when trying to talk to Brandi she sternly say's, "Fuck off."

Shrugging her off Andrew show's Jasmin the letter and photo of the diseased man. "Oh shit." Brandi peaking interest stand's by Jasmin away from everyone else, taking the photo away from Andrew, she look's it over. "Bitch" Andrew mutter's under his breath. Walking away from her Andrew stand's next to Zoei and Libby at the monitor's, "She's a dick hole." Zoei say's chuckling with Libby. Andrew laugh's nodding his head. Brandi overhearing them put's the photo down and stand's behind them, coughing loudly she get's Libby and Andrew to turn around. Zoei keeping still smirk's as Brandi cough's loudly again. 

Turning around Zoei crosses her arm's, with an eye brow up. Brandi give's her an evil glare, taking a step toward's Zoei she stand's within a few inches from her. "What the fuck did you say hoe?" Libby's eye's widen in shock, walking backward's away from them she stand's beside Abby by the table. Andrew gulp's loudly, but standing still. "I said you're such a dick hole." Abby and Jasmin both chuckle. "Do you want me beat the hell outta you're stupid lesbian ass?" Brandi warn's her as she pop's her knuckles. 

Zoei chuckles as she shakes her head, "Have you ever been cunt punted before, bitch?" Brandi frown's in confusion, shaking her head she scoff's. Andrew quickly interupt's them pointing at the screen's. Zoei take's her attention from Brandi and faces the screen's. "It's Ari and the girls!" Jasmin, Abby, and Libby scurry toward's them. Huddling around the screen's, in the far left top corner of the screen's they see Ari and the girl's wandering down the narrow hallway tripping over cart's, gurney's, and little object's. Zoei look's under the screen to see a sign that say's,'Experiment Zone'. Zoei sigh's as she leans in closer to the screen, "Their in the part of the facility where they used the people to experiment on." Abby and Jasmin both squint, "How do you know?" 

Pointing at the sign, Libby look's back at the photo on the table. Walking toward's it, she grab's the photo and hold's it up to her face. Folding it up she places it in her back pocket. "We need to go after them, that place isn't safe!" Handing the letter to them, they huddle around Andrew reading the letter. Brandi shake's her head, "Why should we help that fag. Let him get eaten or whatever. C'mon Jasmin, let's go." Walking away from them, she glances back at her standing around the group. Everyone stare's at Jasmin to see her shaking her head no. Brandi scoff's and flips the bird at her. 

Walking out of the room, Brandi begin's walking back toward's the elevator. Zoei and Jasmin take a few step's toward's the door, "C'mon we need to go after them. The faster we do this, the easier it will be to find the staircase back up." Jasmin say's, everyone nod's their head. Andrew stop's at the door behind everyone, eyeing the desk he check's the hallway to see everyone walking ahead of him. Creeping toward's the desk, he slide's the top over. Pulling the hatch up, he smirk's as he slowly reaches for the button. 

"What are you doing?!" Libby yell's at the door. Andrew jump's, turning to face her his face nearly white. "I was just..uh, listen I can't help myself. I have to press it." Andrew say's as he turn's around putting his back to Libby. Quickly rushing toward's him, she reaches out for his hand. 

"Andrew stop!" He breaths in air and presses down hard on the button. Suddenly a loud blaring alarm begin's ringing throughout the facility. A red spiral light begin's flashing, the intercom turn's. 

"Emergency release button has been activated! Please step away from the door's, they will open momentarily." A robotic lady shout's over the blaring alarm's. Zoei, Jasmin, Abby and Brandi rush in through the door screaming, "What the fuck did you do?!" Huddling around him, they notice the button pressed. Bawling up her fist Zoei lift's up her hand getting ready to punch him when the alarm's stop blaring and faint hissing noise echo's throughout the hall's. 

Lowering her fist, Zoei look's at the screen's. The door's begin to open one by one, steam and smoke flowing out of the room's. Looking at the screen with Ari and the girl's they being looking around them confused. Standing still in front of an open door, they peek into the room. "Run away!" Libby scream's at the screen. "They don't know what's happening! We need to help them!" Abby scream's as she start's dashing for the door. Brandi widen's her eyes in fear, she quickly grab's Abby and yank's her to the ground. "What the fu-!" Brandi cover's her mouth. Pointing to the window, Abby's eyes widen in fear. 

Everyone let's out a gasp, as they see something standing in front of the window watching them. Brandi slowly closes the door, and put's her back against it watching the window. Everyone stay's completely still. Abby crawling toward's the window, covering her mouth in disgust. 

A naked woman, her breast skin peeled off, her left arm torn off. Dried up flaky tissue, her face nearly torn off, the woman slowly raises her right arm to see it have only claw's for finger's. Her mouth sewn up, stomach torn open. 

Abby crawl's away from the window, she lean's her forehead on the table panting. Libby glances back at the screen, "Where's Ari? They aren't there and I can't see them on any of the screen's?!" She quietly shout's. Zoei put's a finger up, signaling her to wait. 

"We've got our own shit to deal with."



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