Fate is Just a Four Lettered Word

Gut feeling's. People tend to never go by them in this day and age. What they go by is their hormone's, desire's, and need's. Fate. Another word people don't think too much of either. Will Fate put these teenager's on the chopping block only to be slaughtered like pig's? Fuck yeah he will. But he give's them a few little warning's ahead of time, but do they think clearly about them and stop? No. Watch them pay the price as they are torn limb by limb on their little "adventure dare" hear their plead's, and cries and feel the gore. Let the blood spill and the fun begin, shall we?

You have no idea what you're getting you're selves into.

This will be Rated [R] due to strong violence, language and gore.


6. Out Comes the Sun

"Emergency release button has been activated! Please step away from the door's, they will open momentarily." 

Ari and Van look up at the ceiling to see the red lights begin flashing quickly. Helicia and Joana hear the hissing sound as the steam and smoke exit's the opening door's. Their eye's widen as they hear a growl coming from the room's. "What was that?" Van softly ask's as she glances into the pitch black room. Ari tap's the others on the shoulder, signaling them to keep walking. They nod there head's and quietly begin walking down the hall. Helicia glances back to see something shuffling out a room, her eyes widen in fear as she faces forward. "Shit!" Ari curses to himself as they stop in front of a dead end. 

"We need to go back and try to catch up with the other's, we went the wrong way." Ari say's shaking his head in disappointment. Joana puts her arm in front of Ari and Van to keep them from walking, "What is it?" Van anxiously ask's as she looks from Joana to the shadow in front of them. Squinting her eye's she tries to get  a closer look. "Hello?" She call's out. The shadow begin's twitching it's neck. 

"Hello!" Van shouts out, Joana shushes her. "What? He could help us out of here or something?" Van say's as she shakes her head. "Yeah, I don't think he's gonna help us." Joana say's as she lowers her arm. "Well, you kno-." Suddenly the shadow growls as it puts a hand to the wall to the left of it. Bending over the shadow begin's puking out something. Helicia cover's her mouth in disgust. Van look's to the left, she see's a room with a table and chair with the light's barely flickering on and off. 

The shadow get's up and begins walking toward's them, something begin's dipping down it's hand's. "Hello! Can yu-!" Suddenly she cut's herself off as the shadow screeches, it's begin limping toward's them with it's arm's extended out. "He doesn't look the slightest bit friendly!" Helicia screams out as she begins looking around them. "This room, C'mon!" Van shouts out as she run's into the room to her left. Ari and Helicia follow her into the room, Joana stays still staring at the creature. She then see's another shadow trudge out a door. "Jo!" Ari call's out for her, startling her she jog's into the room. Turning to face the doorway she attempt's to close the door. "They won't close." She say's as she holds her breath trying to push the door close. 

The door begin's to move, Ari rushes next to her as they push the door together. The door begin closing more and more, till it finally slams shut. Stepping away from the door they hear a low growl on the other side of the door. Ari and Joana both jump as they hear something banging on the door. "Stop it!" Helicia screams out at the door. The banging becomes louder, the door begin's shaking violently. Everyone's eyes widen in fear as they hear something shout, "Hungry!" 

"We aren't you're fucking food!" Helicia shouts back at the door. They all begin looking around the room, Van glances up at the ceiling to see a large vent. "Up there! Bring that table over here!" She shouts pointing from the vent to the table in the far corner. Ari and Joana rush toward's the table and drag it along underneath the vent. "Get up there Van!" Ari shout's, she nods her head as she jumps up onto the table. Pulling the vent screen out, she throws it to the side and jumps up. Pulling herself up she look's around, peeking back down, "Clear!" 

Joana climbs up on the table and leaps up, Van helps lift her up. Wiggling her feet around she climbs into the through the vent. Ari look's back at Helicia, "It's you're turn!" 

Helicia scoff's, "Ari I can't get up there. I'm too big!" She anxiously screams out as she back's away. Joana peeks her head out from the doorway, "We can help you up, now get you're ass up here now!" She screams at her. Helicia begin's shaking, Ari grabs her hand and lead's her to the table. Crawling on top of it she look's up to see Van and Joana reaching out for her. They both grab her arms as Helicia leaps up, they both grab her arms and attempt to pull her up. Ari get's up on the table and begins pushing her upward's. 

The things begin scratching at the door, as they attempt to pry it open. Ari glances back at it, with one last heave he launches Helicia up. She successfully climbs up into the vent. "Start crawling! I'll get up." Ari say's to Helicia, she nods her head as she passes Joana and Van. Ari leaps up into the air, suddenly the door falls forward. Ari gasp's as he see's the two shadows lunging at him. He let's out a scream as he lifts up his feet, to avoid the shadows grasp. 

"Pull me up!" He screams out as Van and Helicia begin pulling him up. Climbing up through the vent Ari look's down to see the two shadows looking up at them. "Go." He softly say's to Joana and Van. They both nod their heads as they start crawling behind Helicia. 


"Can you guy's see them in the camera's at all anymore?" Libby anxiously ask's as she begin's tapping a finger on the ground. "No, not yet. I really hope there alright." Abby softly say's as she continues looking at each monitor. "What if something bad is happening to them? We should never of fucking separated from them!" Jasmin shouts as she leans her back against the wall. Andrew shushes her, reminding her of the creature still at the window. 

Libby takes a deep breath looking around her head begin's to spin, "I...I need to get out of here. I can't be in here anymore." Libby softly say's to herself as he eye's begin to water up. Libby look's up when she feel's a hand on her shoulder, looking up she see's Jasmin smiling down at her. She sit's down next to her, "We're gonna be fine. We're all gonna get out of this together." Libby sniffles as she wipes away a lingering tear in the corner of her eye. 

Suddenly Zoei gasp's as she points at the door, everyone look's at the door to see the shadow of something standing there. Andrew and Abby both look at the window to see the creature gone. 

"We need to barricade the damn door." Brandi say's as she walks continues sitting down in the corner. Everyone begin's piling tables and chairs against the door. 




Stepping away from the barricaded door Zoei wipes away beads of sweat trailing down her forehead. Pulling out her phone she clicks it on, but it doesn't turn on. Groaning she look's over at Andrew, "What time is it? My phone's dead." She ask's him as she put's the phone back in her pocket. 

Andrew check's his watch, "It's 10:55." Zoei and Libby gasp, "Seriously? It feel's like we've been down here for forever!" Libby shouts, Zoei quickly cover's Libby's mouth shushing her. 

Jasmin suddenly gasp's excitedly, she begin's tapping the monitor calling everyone over. "I saw Ari's face in the vent's. I know I did! There headed toward's the cafeteria." Jasmin let's out a sigh of relief as she look's up from the monitor's. "We need to go get them. But we need something to communicate with each other." Andrew say's as he begin's looking around the desk with Zoei. "Look." Brandi say's holding up two walkie-talkies, she tosses them to him. Andrew catches them, handing one to Zoei she begin's messing with it. "I'm gonna go get them." 

"No. You're not going alone!" Jasmin shout's as she grabs his hand. Abby walks up next to them, "I'll go with him." She say's as she nods her head at Andrew. Jasmin slightly tighten's her grip on his hand, "You better be careful." She whisper's close to him. He nods his head as he embraces her in a hug. Jasmin rest's her head on his shoulder, she let's him go. Zoei walk's up to Andrew, "To get to the Cafeteria you have to sneak past this thing at the window and go all the way straight. When you get to the end, there's gonna be another two hallway leading left and right. Go right and it'll lead you to the Cafeteria." Andrew thanks her. 

Abby and Andrew walk toward's the door, they begin moving the items barricading it out the way. Opening the door they slowly peek out into the empty hallway. Andrew cautiously step's out into the hallway. Abby crouches down as she walks out behind him. Andrew walk's to the corner and peek's to see the creature staring at the window. He waves Abby to go past him toward's the right. She slowly walk's behind it with Andrew behind her. As they make it a few feet from the creature they immediately begin running. 

Andrew turns on the walkie-talkie, pressing down on the button he begin's softly speaking into it, "Hey, can you guy's her me?" Letting go of the button he look's back at Abby to see her looking around the ground. 

"W can hear you." Jasmin replies back softly. Andrew presses the button again, "You said we need to go all the way straight and turn right, right?" 

"Yeah, and then after that-" Libby suddenly cut's her off as she scream out "Where did the thing go?!" 

Andrew and Abby both anxiously glance at each other. "What's happening?" He softly ask's. No one answer's. Bead's of sweat begin trailing down Abby's forehead as she glances back down the hallway. 

"We don't know where the thing went." Jasmin answer's back a few minutes later, her voice shivering. Andrew's eyes widen in fear, "Do you think...it followed us?" He whisper's back. Abby waves her hand at Andrew signaling him to walk into a near empty room. He nods his head and carefully creeps into the room with her. "I don't know. You should hid somewhere just to be safe." 

Andrew and Abby see a bed in the corner of the room, sneaking toward's it they slowly hid underneath it. "We're under a bed. I'll let you know if anything happen's." He tell's her as he set's the device next to him. Abby continues watching the door, she let's out a sigh as she set's her chin on the ground. 


Zoei continues watching the monitor's. Libby glances at the window to see it still clear. Jasmin hold's the walkie-talkie to her side, she glances at Brandi still sitting in the corner of the room cleaning her nail's. Libby makes her way toward's the barricaded door. 

Jasmin set's the walkie down on the desk, she look's up at the monitor's standing next to Zoei. The screen's suddenly begin turning static. They both frown as they smack the side of the monitor's, making it worse. The walkie talkie begin's blaring a loud static ring, startling everyone they all jump. Jasmin pick's up the device and turns it off. The static ring continues blaring. "It won't turn off!" Jasmin shouts over the ringing. Zoei takes the device away from her and presses hard on the off button. Libby cover's her ears with both her hands, "Turn it off!" She shouts out. Brandi races over to them, snatching the device from Zoei she throws it to the ground and begins stomping on it. 

The ringing immediately stop's. everyone look's up at her with there mouths open. They all let out a scream as they hear a loud bang on the door. Everyone look's at the door to see it rattling and the item's barricading it shaking with it. "What is that?" Libby shakily ask's as she steps away from the door. Zoei rushes toward's it and peek's out through the crack in the door. Gasping she immediately step's away from it. "It's there." 

Jasmin look's around the ground and see's a rusty pen, picking it up she holds it to her side. Zoei points to the fire extinguisher, Libby runs over to it and grabs it. She struggles as she lifts it and walks toward's Zoei. Setting it down next to her she lifts it up and walks toward's the window. "If it breaks through, I'm gonna break this window so we can get out." Zoei say's as she leaves a hand on the extinguisher. 

The creature begin's ramming itself into the door, nearly toppling the barricade over. Jasmin rushes towards it and begins pushing back. Libby gulp's loudly as she breathes in air and rushes to the door helping Jasmin. 

Brandi look's at the monitor's to see the screens back to normal. She gasp's as she see's more creature's walking around the hall's. Looking at the door she see's Jasmin and Libby struggling with the door. The barricade begins falling apart. The creature rams itself into the door, jerking Libby onto her back. The creature ram's it's arms through the crack in the door and begins pushing over the barricade. "Break the window!" Jasmin screams out as she stabs the arm with the pen. Zoei lift's up the extinguisher, she shakily throws it at the window. The window rattles as the extinguisher hit's it, Zoei's eyes widen. "it's not fucking glass! It's plastic!" She screams out as she picks up the item again and throws it. 

Libby begin's slamming her fist's into the plastic window, "Where gonna die!" Zoei stop's her. "Stop it. We're going to spray the extinguisher in it's face and then bash it in the head!" Libby stop's, nodding her head she backs away from the window. "Jasmin! Did you hear that?!" Zoei ask's Jasmin. 


Jasmin continues pushing against the remaining barricade stained with the creature's blood. The creature back up to the wall, it's left arm hanging to it's side dripping black blood. It lift's it up and bawl's up it's hand. "I think it's stopped." Jasmin calls out as she see's the creature standing still. Jasmin sighs as she puts her back to the barricade. 

The creature let's out a screech as it ram's on last time into the door. The barricade topples over, jerking Jasmin forward onto the ground, the door's flings open with the creature. Libby screams as Brandi runs into the corner. Zoei lift's up the extinguisher and sprays it in the face, she then attempts to hit it in the head. The creature lift's up its hand and catches the item. Jerking it out off her hand's, it drops it to the ground. Zoei gasp's as the creature hits her in the face, she slams her head into the window. 

Jasmin quickly roll's onto her belly and get's up. Jumping on the creatures back she start's stabbing it in the collar bone. The creature fall's onto it's knee's, Jasmin pull's out the rusty pen and stands back as the blood rushes out it's collar bone. Zoei crawls away from the creature, toward's Libby. "You're bleeding." She softly say's pointing at Zoei's head. "I'm fine. Are you?" Libby nod's her head. The creature slowly get's up, Jasmin kicks it in the back. Falling forward it's head slams into the wall. Putting both hands up on the wall, smearing it's blood on it. 

Zoei grabs the extinguisher and walk's towards the creature spitting out blood. Raising the item, she smacks it on the side of the head. Dropping to the ground the creature begin's groaning in anger, Zoei raises the extinguisher again and slams bashes it down on it's face. Tossing the item to the side, blood begins seeping out it's ear, nose and head. Breathing in hoarsely, Zoei walks over to the others. "We need to get to Andrew now." She say's as she walk's past Jasmin. Looking down at her hands smeared with blood she drop's the bloodied pen. Her hands begin to shake, Zoei puts a hand on her shoulder. "C'mon. We need to go." Jasmin nods her head as she see's Brandi and Libby already walking out the door turning right. 

They both walk beside each, following behind Libby and Brandi. "Are you sure you're alright? You keep bleeding?" Jasmin anxiously ask's Zoei. "Yeah, I'm fine. Are you alright. You looked shooken up after everything. How do you feel?" Jasmin look's down, "I don't know. What we killed used to be a person. We could've killed someone's mother, daughter, sister. She was important to someone once." 

Zoei stop's walking and grab's hold's Jasmin's elbow, "We had no other choice, but to fight back. What we did back there was a fight to survive. Jasmin, we're walking food to these thing's down here. We don't have time to hesitate and think about who they were before they were changed." Zoei releases her. Jasmin crosses her arm's. "How was it so easy for you to kill that woman?" Jasmin anxiously ask's. Zoei let's out a sigh, she sniffles as she look's down. 

"About a year ago, I was walking home from school alone. I normally took the main road to my house, but it was the last day of school and I was excited to get home. So I took a short cut through a rough part of town. As I was walking these two guy's in a car were driving slow next to me. They were whistling and hollering at me to come drive around with them. I told them to leave me alone, but they kept on messing with me. So they drove in front of me, blocking my way, they both got out and tried to shove me in the car. I tried to fight back, but they were too strong. They shoved me in the back seat and drove off. One of the guys was in the back with me and he had a knife to my throat, to keep me from screaming. When we were driving around for a few minutes, I saw the guy with the knife get distracted by another girl walking alone. So I used both my feet to kick the driver's seat forward, I grabbed the knife and held it out. They both kept trying to calm me down, telling me they were messing around with me. Then the guy in the back seat with me started choking me." Zoei gulp's loudly as she rubs her neck, Jasmin then see's two small scar's on the side of her neck. 

"He dug his nails in my neck. My mind was racing I had no idea what to do. It was getting harder for me to breathe so I stabbed him. I didn't know where to so I closed my eyes and just stabbed him. I could feel the pressure on my neck fading. When I opened my eyes I saw his eyes wide open, I could feel the blood flowing down my neck. When I looked down I saw I stabbed him in the heart. The driver started screaming and ran out the car, leaving me with his friend." Zoei begin's walking with Jasmin beside her. "Shit. I'm sorry." Jasmin softly say's. 

Zoei chuckles, "Everyone say's that to me. I don't know why everyone say's 'sorry'." They both begin walking again, keeping quiet. Looking ahead of them they see Brandi and Libby far ahead. "How far did Andrew and Abby exactly go?" Jasmin curiously ask's. Zoei shrug's her shoulder's. 

They both suddenly stop walking when they hear rustling behind them. Jasmin and Zoei slowly turn around to see a shadow in the distance crawling on the side of the wall toward's them. "What the hell?" Jasmin anxiously say's as they both begin walking backward's. "Run!" Zoei screams out as they both turn on there heel's and begin running. Zoei hear's Jasmin scream behind her, widening her eyes she stops and turns around to see Jasmin being dragged back downthe hall by the creature.





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