Fate is Just a Four Lettered Word

Gut feeling's. People tend to never go by them in this day and age. What they go by is their hormone's, desire's, and need's. Fate. Another word people don't think too much of either. Will Fate put these teenager's on the chopping block only to be slaughtered like pig's? Fuck yeah he will. But he give's them a few little warning's ahead of time, but do they think clearly about them and stop? No. Watch them pay the price as they are torn limb by limb on their little "adventure dare" hear their plead's, and cries and feel the gore. Let the blood spill and the fun begin, shall we?

You have no idea what you're getting you're selves into.

This will be Rated [R] due to strong violence, language and gore.


8. No Doubting

"Mom, Dad! Stop fighting! You're scaring Neida and Mark!" Ari shouts from the back seat. His father look's back at him from the drivers seat and holds his hand up to him, "Stay out of this. Cover there ears." 

        His Father immediately turns back to his wife, "I told you that we can pay the bill this week! We have just enough to pay for the rent!"

"Yeah, but if you wouldn't spend so much damn money on shit that we don't need or can afford then we wouldn't be living like this!" His wife spits back at him as she shakes her head in annoyance. Ari's father turns back to the road and looks forward at the clear highway. Drops of rain begin to tap against the windshield, Ari sighs as he leans his head against the window. 

      Ari's mother gasps loudly as she points forward, "Jesus! Watch out! Cuidado!" 



"Ari, wake up!" He suddenly opens his eyes wide as he jerks himself up screaming, "AMA! APA!" Clinging to Joana, a tear slides down his cheek as he looks around the cafeteria to see Helicia and Van frowning in confusion. Joana coughs as she looks down at Ari to see him lightly shaking, she immediately starts rubbing his back. "It's okay Ari, its okay."

       Joana sighs as she looks Ari in the face, giving him a concerned look, "Why did you call out for you're mom and dad? Are you okay?" 

      Ari gulps loudly as he closes his eyes hard, thoughts of his mothers screaming echoing in his head. "It's fine. I just had a nightmare." Ari calms his breathing as he releases his grip on Joana. They both slowly get up, she lightly smiles at him as he wipes away the tear. 

     Metal rattling is heard echoing throughout the vent they came out of. Everyone's head turns to face it, "We need to get out of here, what if it's one of those things?!" Van walks to the double doors that are barricaded and begins knocking the items to the side. 

"The door's clear, we can go!" She shouts as she opens them up wide. Joana's eyes open wide as she points down the hall to a creature running towards Van. "Close the door!!" Helicia wraps her arms around Vans waist and hurls her back, Joana immediately slams the doors shut on the creatures. Ari then grabs the handles and pushes them as the creature begins pushing the door. Ari looks down at the handles and see's a lock, he quickly turns it making a clicking noise.

      Everyone steps back from the door as the creature continues banging on the door, "What are we gonna do?" Helicia ask's as she wipes away the beads of sweat dripping down her forehead. Joana and Ari glances at each other then to the vent as they hear the metal rattling echoing louder. 

"What ever comes through that vent, we kill it then go back through the vent and retrace our steps to find Andrew and Jasmin." Joana says as she picks up a shard of glass. Everyone stands close to each other as they stare at the open vent, suddenly they see something hard drop onto the ground. Helicia and Van hold there breaths as they gulp loudly. 

"Ouch! Shit, that fucking hurt!" 

     Joana's face drops as she frowns, "Andrew?", she quietly says aloud. Andrew groans in pain as he rolls onto his stomach, slowly getting on all fours he stands tall and see's Joana and the others watching him in shock. "Joe?" 

"Andrew!" Joana cries out as she sprints towards him, jumping into a hug she begins crying on his shoulder. "I'm so fucking happy to see you!" 

     The double doors behind them suddenly crack, Ari gasps as he and Van sprint for the door. Slamming there bodies against it to push it back, they feel the creature slamming itself into the door. Andrew looks up at the vent and whistles after a few seconds Libby and Abby leap down to the floor. Joana smiles at the sight of them, Brandi then jumps down. Joana groans as she shakes her head. 

"Guys!" Van screams as she continues pushing against the doors. Libby, Abby, Andrew and Joana run to their aid, and help push. Helicia and Brandi stand back and watch anxiously. Helicia frowns as she slightly opens her mouth, "Where's Zoei?!" 

     Libby gasps as she looks back at Helicia, "She was behind me!"

     The banging on the doors subsides, everyone's breathing slows down as they step back from the double doors. Helicia hears something rattling through the vents behind them, "That's probably her!" She runs to the vent and stands underneath it, "Zoei! Can you hear me?!" 

"I think it's gone. We should barricade this door back up." Ari suggests as he sits in a chair. Abby nods her head as she helps Van and Joana barricade the door again. Libby jogs towards Helicia, "Is she answering you?" 

     Helicia shakes her head no. "ZOEI." 

     Abby, Van and Joana step back from the barricaded doors. Joana lets out a breath of air as she wipes away sweat dripping down her chin. Ari lightly taps Joana on her shoulder, "Yeah Ari?" 

"Where's Jasmin?" 

     Joana glances around the room and frowns, "Wheres Jasmin!" She shouts to Andrew from across the room. His mouth slightly drops as he glances at Abby, she shakes her head. He let's out a sigh, "She's dead." He whispers to himself. 

"What did you say? Where is she?!" Joana ask's again as she walks towards him. He open's his mouth again, but get's cut off when they hear Helicia scream. Everyone turns in her direction to see a creature on top of her, trying to snap it's teeth into her throat. Libby smacks it in the face with a table leg, causing it fall to the side. Helicia takes the moment to roll out of the way and quickly crawls away as tears stream down her face. Joana grabs the shard of glass from her pocket, holding it up in defence. Everyone cautiously draws closer to each other as the creature eyes each of them closely. Libby and Andrew pick up a chair, using it for defence. 

 "Vamos a matar este idiota." Abby says as Ari and Joana nod their heads in agreement. The creature eyes Abby as it slowly gets up from the floor. "We'll distract it!" Ari says as he and Abby runs to its right. They both abruptly stop as the creature gets on all fours and crawls towards them. Everyone's eyes widen in fear as they creature leaps into the air and grabs Abby by the face and slams her down onto the ground.


Ari gasps as the creature grabs his face and flings him to the side, slamming his back to the wall. "Ari!"

       Helicia screams as the creature begins crawling towards her, she quickly picks up a chair and throws it, completely missing the monster. As it's about to leap onto her Andrew steps in and hits it with the chair. causing the creature to hit the ground hard. Joana and Libby begin slamming down broken off table legs on it. The creature spins on its side and kicks Libby in her stomach sending her onto her back on the floor. The creature swiftly stands tall and elbows Joana across her face, causing her to stumble back into Helicia. The shard of glass drops from her hands, 

"Ugh!" Joana cries out as she lightly touches her nose and retracts it from the sudden shock of pain. Andrew sneaks up behind the creature and wraps his arms around it to keep it from moving, Brandi quickly picks up the shard of glass and stabs it in the ribs. The creature screeches, startling Andrew, he loosens his grip. The creature takes the chance to headbutt him. 

    Andrew falls onto his back while grabbing at his nose. The creature then walks towards Brandi, grabbing her by the neck it lifts her up. The creatures head begins to slowly split down the middle, it's head splits into two revealing long sharp teeth along its flaps. Brandi mouth drops as she attempts to loosen it's grasp around her throat. 

"Let her go!" Helicia slams a chair to it's back, it lets Brandi go. She immediately begins coughing loudly as she backs away from the creature, who is kneeling down on one knee. It's two flaps join together again forming it's head again. 

      The creature swiftly turns around, slicing deep into Helicia's thigh. She lets out a loud scream as she falls to the side. Abby and Ari jump on it's back, Abby wraps an arm around its throat trying to to suffocate it. While Ari attempts to pull out the shard of glass still lodged into it's ribs. 

"Van! Help us!" Ari cries out as he has his hand on the shard of glass. Van's eyes widen in fear as she steps back bumping into the wall. She looks around the room to see everyone injured. "VAN!" 

    She quickly jerks her head up to see the creature grab Abby's ankle and pulls her under it and up, leaving her to hang upside down in its hand. It's grabs her ankle with the other hand and swings her to the side, causing her to slam into the barricaded door. Everything topples over her, as she tries to get up. 

"Abby!" Ari cries out in shock. The creature then leaps up and slams down on its back with Ari still on. Ari cries out in pain as the air escapes his lungs he begins wheezing for air. He attempts to crawl away but the creature looks down at him and sticks out a finger. A sharp claw slides out, it presses it down at the top of Ari's back and slides down, leaving behind a trail of blood. 

      Ari shrieks out in pain as the monster stops midway down. Joana and Libby watch in horror as they see the creature lick Ari's blood off its claw. 

      Abby throws off some chairs from her, blood begins dripping out her nose. Her hand begins to shake as she catches a few drops on the palm of her hands. "Watch out!" Joana cries out. Abby looks up to see the creature standing in front of her, looking down at her. It grabs her by the throat and lifts her up, leaving her feet dangling over the ground. It's claws slide out the tips of its fingers, "Abby!" Ari cries out as he looks up to see the fear in her eyes. Abby and Ari's eyes meet, a small smile forms at the corner of her lips as a a tear slides down past her lips. 


     The creature digs it's claws and hand inside Abby's ribs. Abby screams out in pain as blood gushes out her mouth ribs. Andrew quickly slams a table leg on the side of it's head, hitting it's temple. The creature drops to the side dead. Abby falls back as Andrew reaches out for her. He catches her in his arms and slowly lowers her body down to the floor. 

      Everyone stunned watches as Abby begins gasping for air. Ari's mouth slightly opened and eyes wide watches as Abby's eyes begin fluttering. 

"Somebody help me!" Andrew screams out as he rests Abby's body down and begins unbuttoning his button up shirt. As he takes it off he wraps it around Abby's sides. Joana quickly helps up Ari, as they make there way towards Abby. 

"She's losing too much blood!" Andrew cries out as he puts pressure on the wound, his button up shirt soaks up the blood, but more continues to gush out. 

      Libby and Helicia back away and lean against the wall, trying to block out the images of Abby's wounds and the blood. Van slides down to the ground and looks down at her shaky hands. "I didn't do anything." She softly says in disbelief. 

     Joana eases Ari down in front of Abby and Andrew, Abby shakily turns her head to face him. "Abby...I'm so sorry." He says in between gasps, he tries to hold back the tears. 

"It's okay Ari. I'm not afraid. I'm ready." Abby softly says aloud, Ari gasps in shock. Suddenly he rememebers his mother saying the same exact words to him. Tears begins streaming down his face as he embraces Abby in a hug. Abby slightly groans in pain, but smiles from his warmth. "You're so warm." 

     Ari feels Abby's body fall. "Abby?" He calls out for her. He gets no reply. He lets her go and looks at her face to see her eyes closed with a small smile still on her face. Everyone gasps from behind him, when they realize what happen. 


     Ari gulps loudly as he stands up and turns around to face everyone. Andrew looks up at him, who is still kneeled down next to Abby. "I can't do this anymore....." Ari cries out in pain. 

    Everyone frowns in confusion, almost nervous waiting for his answer. 

"Live anymore." 




God damn, that was such an incredible chapter. I loved it. But tbh, I nearly teared up when I was writing Abby's death. I almost got a lump in my throat a few times when she was dying. This is gonna be tough story to write, I can already feel it. I hope you all enjoyed the chapter. 



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