Fate is Just a Four Lettered Word

Gut feeling's. People tend to never go by them in this day and age. What they go by is their hormone's, desire's, and need's. Fate. Another word people don't think too much of either. Will Fate put these teenager's on the chopping block only to be slaughtered like pig's? Fuck yeah he will. But he give's them a few little warning's ahead of time, but do they think clearly about them and stop? No. Watch them pay the price as they are torn limb by limb on their little "adventure dare" hear their plead's, and cries and feel the gore. Let the blood spill and the fun begin, shall we?

You have no idea what you're getting you're selves into.

This will be Rated [R] due to strong violence, language and gore.


4. Impact



Opening his eye's ever so slowly, Ari look's around to see the inside of his Jeep trashed and wet from the rain continuing to fall and the occasional crash of thunder rumbling the ground. Looking down he see's the ceiling of the car covered in mud and glass. A slight ringing in his left ear, he glances to his left to see his door indented in toward's him. Slowly unbuckling himself, he slam's down onto the ground rattling the Jeep. Crunching on some glass, he look's to the passenger seat to see Joana hanging upside down.

Peeking into the back seat he see's Abby laying on her back, her face with minor cut's. Groaning in pain, Abby frown's turning on her side she groggily open's her eyes to see Ari staring at her. They both hear a slight moan escape from Joana's lip's, turning toward's her they see her looking around. "What happ-?" Cutting her self off, she realizes the situation. Unbuckling herself, she slam's back down onto the ground. They all hear faint scream's over the loud rain and thunder, crawling out of the window's they all shakily stand up to see the car that hit them on it's side in the middle of the highway. 

Looking around Ari see's Zoei's car in the grass with the front of the car slightly indented. Walking toward's her car they see everyone still in the vehicle. Ari peek's through the driver's window to see Zoei's head on the steering wheel unconscious, Joana open's the passenger door to see Libby leaning back in her seat with a small purple bruise on her forehead. Checking the back seat to see Helicia staring off, Joana wave's her hand's in front of Helicia's face.

She blink's a few time's before glancing at Joana. She begin's to shake uncontrollably as tear's begin to fall. "W-we hi-hit the back of the fucking car that rammed into you guy's." Helicia barely manges to mumble out as she look's at Ari. "And then you guy's fucking rolled off the side of the road! I didn't know what to do, I thought you guy's were dead. I tried to wake up Libby and Zoei but they wouldn't wake up. I was panicking!" Helicia shout's out as she look's down at her shaky hand's. Joana begin's to rub Libby's forehead, groaning Libby slightly open's her eye's. 

"Are we dead?"

Joana shakes her head, Libby breathes out a sigh of relief as she look's over at Zoei. Lifting up her head from the steering wheel she look's around the car to see Ari at her side and Libby and Joana on the other side of her watching her. "What the fuck happen?"

Glancing out the window she see's the car on it's side and the Jeep turned over upside down, panting she put's her forehead back on to the wheel. "I have the worst headache. Where's Abby?" Abby slowly walk's out from behind the car and stands next to Ari, "Right here. Nothing else is damaged on the car, just the front of it is dented."

They suddenly hear someone yelling out, looking at the car on it's side they see a man pulling himself out the back window. Ari and Joana quickly rush over to him, helping him out the window he begin's to sob. "I'm so sorry! I closed my eyes for a split second! Please tell me I didn't kill anybody! Please!" The man scream's out as he look's around to see the Jeep upside down. 

Pulling him out he lay's on his stomach panting, blood mixing in with the rushing rain. "No one's dead, thankfully. Just don't move, my Jeep has an car accident detector, so the paramedic's should be on the way." Ari calmly say's as he sit's himself down in the grass. Joana and Abby both sit down next to him, suddenly they hear car tires screeching and people yelling. People passing by stop and quickly get out rushing over to them asking them question's, people pulling out the cell phones taking photo's and screaming into it about a car accident. 

In the distance they hear siren's blaring closer and closer, the paramedic's quickly move the people out the way. They quickly make there way toward's Ari, Abby and Joana. Looking at the carnage the three men look down at Ari, Joana and Abby with a shocked look, "Holy shit! How are you three even breathing!? A Jeep that totaled would have killed anyone!"

One paramedic crouches down next to the man asking him to stay still as he began to dig into his bag. Another paramedic rushes over to Zoei's car. The paramedic with Ari ask's them to stand up and walk with him to the truck. "My names Derrick, what are you're guy's names?" 

The three of them answer him, he nod's his head and begin's to check them for any injuries. Standing their still he examine's them scoffing each time he doesn't seem to find anything broken or torn up on their body. "Jesus Christ, you three were in that Jeep right?" Joana nod's her head slowly. 

"Their's nothing wrong with you guy's just a few cut's and bruises." Joana shakes her head, "Do we have to go to the Hospital?" She softly ask's as she look's up at the rainy sky. Thinking to himself he shakes his head, "No, you don't have to. But I would like it if you guy's did, just to make sure nothing's wrong." Abby shakes her head quickly, "We can't. We're still late besides, like you said nothing's wrong." Walking away Ari grab's her arm, holding her back. Looking back at him surprised with a frown. 

"Ari?" He look's down at his feet sighing to himself, "Let's go to the hospital. No party." Abby and Joana both give him a confused glare. "What do you mean 'no party'?!" Joana ask's as Abby scoff's. Ari crosses his arm's shaking his head, "This is all just starting to get really...odd. The bad dream's me and Joana had, this huge bad gut feeling, the man with that fucking sign, now this! These are sign's, maybe keeping us from going to this party! Something bad's going to happen, I can feel it." Derrick widen's his eyes as he take's a few step's away from the group. Joana and Abby both let out an annoying sigh. 

"Ari, all of this is just coincidence or something, you can't be afraid of a few thing's like this." Abby say's back as she point's at the Jeep, Ari's eyes widen in shock. "We were in an accident!"

"By a man that fell asleep, not some car without someone driving it trying to stop us, Ari please. Just stop." Abby say's shaking her head, Ari frown's bawling up his fist. Joana step's in between Abby and Ari.

Zoei and Libby both walk up behind them. "Hey, you guy's alright?" Joana look's back and nod's her head. Looking over Zoei's shoulder she see's Helicia still in the back seat of the car and the paramedic with the other man. 

Suddenly Joana feel's a vibration in her pocket, pulling out her cracked iPhone she see's Andrew calling her. Answering the phone she step's inside the back of the Ambulance truck. "Andrew? What is it?" Breathing in quickly he begin's panting, "Jo, it's Jasmin!" Joana's eyes widen in fear, Ari notices her reaction stepping up to Joana he listen's carefully. "What's wrong with Jasmin?" 

Andrew begin's panting even more, "You know how much we hate Brandi, right? Well Van, Jasmin and I were just chilling around having a few drink's when Brandi decided to pick a fight with Jasmin. They started to really go at it, I couldn't hear everything over the music and people around us hollering. I saw Brandi give Jasmin a fucked up smile while she was telling her something, and Jasmin nodded her head. And so they both walked away, me and Van tried to follow them but we lost them downstair's." Andrew begin's to pant even more, Van then takes the phone away from him.

"What the hell are they both doing?! Have you found them yet!?" Joana anxiously ask's. 

Van begin's talking into the phone, "No, but we heard Brandi's friend talking about them going to that god damn abandoned place in the wood's!" Ari's eyes widen in fear as he stare's at Joana.

"We need you're help Jo! Hurry up and get here!" Van quickly hang's up the phone, Joana slowly moves the phone from her ear. Ari gulp's as he and Joana both look back at Zoei to see her giving them a concerning look. Jumping out the back, they both stand in front of Zoei, "What's wrong? What happen?" Zoei curiously ask's. 

"It's our friend, she's in trouble and we need you to drive us to the party now." Zoei glances at Libby then back to Ari and Joana. Nodding her head, they breathe of a sigh of relief. They all quickly walk back to Zoei's car without Derrick realizing their gone. Hopping inside the vehicle. Helicia give's everyone a confused look, "Where are we going?" Piling into the back seat, with Abby and Ari squishing Helicia in the middle and Joana in Ari's lap. "We're going to the party." Helicia's eyes widen in confusion. "Oh god."




Slowly driving down a dirt bumpy road in the dark wood's and the sky clear of rain cloud's. They all scan everywhere looking for anything, but only find tree's on each side of them. "So this abandoned place is actually some kind of underground building that was used to test chemical's on people and animal's for a cure to cancer?" Zoei slowly ask's trying to figure out the detail's.

Ari and Joana nod their head's, "And they shut down the place because some of these people actually mutated into some kind of monster that nearly killed everyone down there, but were locked down there over forty year's ago." Joana confirm's as she crosses her arm's, nodding their head's everyone let's out a sigh. 

"And that's where Jasmin and this Brandi chick are going. Great. So how are we going to find them? Is their some kind of trail to it?" Helicia curiously ask. 

"It's actually at the back of the house of where the party's at, in the wood's their's this clear path that lead's straight to some kind of shed type building that lead's down to it. They used it as a way to escape. And their's a flight of stair's that lead up also close by." Ari say's as his face brighten's up by a bright light on their right. Looking at the direction, they see a huge two story house lighted up all around by two light tower's on the roof of the house. Outside a large yard with a driveway full of car's on the lawn, side of the road and driveway. People out and about dancing, talking around the car's, porch. Pulling up behind a car, they all quickly exit the car and rush inside the house.

Walking up the three step's onto the porch they all go through the open door into the living room packed with people dancing and grinding on each other, looking at the corner they see a DJ with his equipment jamming. The house completely without any furniture, they head into the next room where the dining room is to see even more people their sitting around smoking weed.

A girl giggles to herself as a guy snort's a white substance from her flat stomach. Walking past them all into the kitchen they see people lounging around eating and drinking beer. Peering out the window into the back they see the backyard almost full with student's dancing around a pool full of people splashing in it. Chairs and tables set up all around it, they see Van and Andrew standing toward's the back near the wood's talking to each other. 

"I see them!" Ari shout's, they all quickly follow him out the back door in the kitchen, past the pool partier's. "Van! Andrew!" Joana shout's, they both immediately notice her. Meeting each other halfway, Andrew notices the bruises and cut's on them. "What the hell happen to you guy's!?" 

"It's a long story, we'll tell you later! Where's Jasmin?!" Ari shout's over the music, Andrew and Van both glance at each other then back behind them. Ari and everyone else's eyes wander into the wood's, finally realizing why they all widen their eye's in fear. "She already went down!? Why the fuck didn't you guy's stop her!" Andrew and Van both take a step back, "We saw her going into the wood's with Brandi from the second floor, when we made it to the elevator they were already going down. But Brandi's friend's said they were going to the very bottom to see who could last the longest." 

Joana and Libby both let out a scoff, "She's a fucking idiot, alway's trying to prove something. The both of them." Andrew spit's out as he shakes his head. "We need to go after her. We don't have any service out here so we can't call her. We are just gonna go after her." Joana and Abby both nod their head's. 

Ari put's a hand on Helicia's and Zoei's shoulder, "You guy's don't have to go with us, she's our friend and our responsibility. You guy's just go home, we've got this." Giving the three of them a small smile, he put's his back to them and begin's walking away with the other's. "Wait!" Zoei call's out for him, turning around the three of them stand in front of him. "We're gonna go." Libby say's giving him a small smile. 

Looking at them, he nod's his head. Letting them all go in front of him, Ari begin's walking at the back of everyone until he hear's someone cry out for him. Looking back at the house, he see's Jason running toward's him with a huge smile plastered on his face. 

"Ari! What's up, I didn't think I'd see you tonight. Where you headed to?" Jason ask's as he peer's behind Ari to see Joana standing their waiting. "We're gonna go to that abandoned place to get a friend, she went down their-" Cutting himself off, "Wait, why am I telling you this? I have to go." Ari scratches the back of his head as he chuckles. Noticing Ari's busted lip bleeding, Jason takes a step toward's him grabbing his chin Jason softly wip's away the blood smeared on his lip's.

Giving Jason a goofy smile, Joana slap's Ari in the back of the head, rubbing his head he look's back at her and notices her watching him eagerly. "Oh right" Looking back at Jason, "Jason, I've really got to go. I'll talk to you as soon as I can." Ari smiles lightly as he walks backward's away from Jason, turning on his heel he walk's beside Joana into the wood's. 

Meeting up with everyone at a small shed, they all step inside the broken down door to see a metal plated door with a fence for wall's around the elevator and a button pointing down close to it. Ari presses the button.

Everyone begin's to shake, shattering their teeth they all cross their arm's trying to heat themselves up from the wet chilly air. Suddenly the ground tremble's alittle, the metal plated door's open wide to show another metal gated door with claw mark's on it, they slowly slide the door open to the side. Staring at the mark's everyone anxiously step's into the elevator and slides the gates shut, looking at the several dozen's of button's with number on them everyonelet's out a gasp.

"Jesus, this place must be fucking huge. It has 100 floor's below us!" Andrew shout's flabbergasted. "They said she was on the very bottom, so we go to the very first floor..number one." Joana softly say's as she presses the very bottom button labeled '1'.

The elevator rattles abit before descending down, Ari see's Jason for a split second in front of the path giving him a shocked look. "Jason!" Ari call's out for him, but doesn't hear a reply from him back. Jason standing their watching the elevator go down, his mouth slightly open he takes a few step's back. "What the hell are you doing Ari?" 

All the number's begin to shine as they pass it, 100...95...85. Zoei pull's out her cellphone, "No service. Great." Everyone else, beside's Ari check's their phone saying they have no signal nor service. After a few minute's everyone sit's down, looking up at the barely lite bulb. Andrew and Van both look at each other softly speaking into each other's ear nodding. "Ari, Jo Abby?" They all turn their head's to face Andrew. "Yeah?"

"What happen to you three, you look like you were in a fight or accident?" Van curiously ask's, they all chuckle. Joana and Ari face Andrew and Van, "We were in a car accident. That's why we didn't bring Ari's Jeep, it was completely totalled!" Joana shout's excitedly. 

"What!? Tell us everything!" Andrew and Van both lean in closer to them, listening attentively. "Well Joana had just woken up screaming from a bad dream when....."




The elevator come's to a stop, the door's spark as they open wide to a slightly dark hallway. Water dripping from broken pipes from the ceiling, splashing against the ground echoing throughout the hall. Everyone gulp's loudly, Ari take's a step out of the elevator but stop's as he feel's a slight gust of wind rise up his back. Slightly shaking from the sensation, he suddenly take's in a whiff of a dead smell. Quickly covering his mouth and nose, he take's a few step's back bumping into Joana. She immediately cover's her mouth and nose as well, along with everyone else. "What the fuck is that smell!?" 

"It's smell's like dead animal." Zoei scoff's as she shakes her head in disgust.  She take's a few step's out of the elevator and barely see's anything from the dim lighted bulb's over head in the hall's. Everyone else slowly peer's out of the elevator following Zoei they all walk down the hallway calling out for Jasmin. Ari stop's next to a closed door, taking a step toward's it he hear's a faint growl. Grabbing the knob he tries to open it, but doesn't. "Locked." Stepping away from the door, he continues walking behind everyone. As they pass more locked metal door's, the growl's grow louder. Stopping at a two hallways going left and right, everyone stop's. "Which way should we go?" Libby anxiously ask's. 

Everyone look's back at Ari and Joana, "I think we should...split up." Everyone's eyes widen in shock, "Ari! Do you know what happen's when people split up the fucking scary movies!? They die!" Helicia shout's as she slap's him in the back of the head. Rubbing it, he gives her a frown. "I think that if we do split up, we'll be able to find them faster. Beside's if we're not outta here before sunrise, we'll be arrested. This place is Private Property, they send a few police officer's down here every day to sweep the entire fucking place." Ari say's as he shakes his head. 

"We'll that would of been nice to know before hand, wouldn't it Ari!" Helicia shout's again, attempting to slap him again he catches her hand. Throwing it to her side, he shakes his head. "Listen I'm going right, if you wanna follow. You can." He begin's walking right, with Joana, Helicia, Abby and Van following behind him. 

Zoei, Libby and Andrew watch them from the back fade away into the dark, Zoei turns back to face Andrew and Libby. "I know Ari isn't gonna like this, but let's go back up and get help. We can't be down here without anyone knowing." They both nod their head's.

Running back to the elevator, they all step inside and close the door. Pushing the ABOVE button for the very top, the elevator make's an odd screech before spark's spark out above them. Crouching down they all look above them to see a small fire burning on the ceiling. "Shit, get out!" Zoei shout's as they all crawl out of the elevator. Looking back, they see smoke exiting the elevator. "I guess we're going to the left." Andrew growl's as he trudges back down the hallway with Zoei and Libby on each side of him. 

Stopping at the two split hallway's, they all take in a deep breath as they walk to the left. "I'm so fucking scared. Why didn't we just follow them?" Libby anxiously ask's as she glances back. Zoei and Andrew both shake their head's, "We just have to suck it up, beside's we all decided to come down here to look for Jasmin. So that's what we're gonna do." Andrew say's as he glances at the many metal door's with scratches on them as they pass them. Libby sigh's as she shake's her head. 

"We're gonna freaking die." Libby pout's as she lower's her head. 




Sooo what did you think? :3 Now shit's gonna go DOWN! O_O Get ready cause they all should of listened to Ari when he tried to warn them all to not go down! Now everyone's going to suffer as they fight to survive. >:)

<3 xoxo 

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