Fate is Just a Four Lettered Word

Gut feeling's. People tend to never go by them in this day and age. What they go by is their hormone's, desire's, and need's. Fate. Another word people don't think too much of either. Will Fate put these teenager's on the chopping block only to be slaughtered like pig's? Fuck yeah he will. But he give's them a few little warning's ahead of time, but do they think clearly about them and stop? No. Watch them pay the price as they are torn limb by limb on their little "adventure dare" hear their plead's, and cries and feel the gore. Let the blood spill and the fun begin, shall we?

You have no idea what you're getting you're selves into.

This will be Rated [R] due to strong violence, language and gore.


2. Foul Play



Flashes of lightning illuminate the dark and grey rainy night, echo's of thunder trembling the ground. Ari begin's to twist and turn in his bed groaning, little word's slipping through his lip's. "Mommy. Dad." Echoing through his head, a loud cry of pain and a pair of white headlight's blind him jolting him awake. Breathing in quickly, bead's of sweat drip down his forehead and neck. Hearing rain drop's hit against the window, his breath begin's to slow down. Looking to the right out the window, the dark and grey cloud's lingering over the early morning sky. Rubbing away the little eye crust from his eye's, he unwrap's himself from the blanket, sitting up he examines his room. Empty. Looking to his left an empty bed, with nothing but a pillow on it, a lump in his throat begin's to form. Clearing his throat, he wipes away at his eye's again. Looking away, he slide's off his bed. Slowly stepping onto the ground, he put's on sandals. Trudging toward's the door across from him, opening the door he step's into his empty white bathroom. Grabbing a towel from underneath the sink, and tossing it onto the counter he turns on the shower. Feeling the water for a moment to warm up, he step's in.

Stepping out and drying himself himself off. He walk's back out and heads for his bed. Looking under his bed, he pull's out a bag with an outfit inside. Pulling out a pair of blue slim skinny jean's, boxer brief's and a v-neck white t-shirt shirt and a red sleeveless sweater. Slowly dressing himself he step's back into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Stepping out, he quickly stop's. Sniffing the air, "Bacon? Egg?" Looking toward's the door on his right, his heart beat begin's to quicken. "Dad?" He whisper's out loud. Catching his breath, a small forms at the corner of his lip's he quickly open's the door and peek's out into the hallway to the kitchen with their lights on. An even bigger smile begin's to form on him, "Dad!?" He quickly dashes for the kitchen, stopping in front of the kitchen someone has their back to him at the stove, with the food sizzling. The person slowly turns around, Ari's smile drop's as he notices Joana glancing at him with a puzzling look. Another lump in his throat begin's to form in his throat, Joana smiles at him and waves, "Good morning!"

Taking a step back, Ari give's her a hurt smile. Joana realizes the hurt and takes a step toward's him, "Ari? What's going on?" Giving him a concerned stare, Ari look's down at the ground, "Th-...they left early to get their vacation starting early. I just uh..chose to stay." Ari cough's, covering his mouth he look's up at Joana to see her slowly nodding her head.

"Oh, well that just suck's ass. I'm glad you didn't go with them. When did they leave?" Joana step's back into the kitchen toward's the popping bacon. Gulping to himself, Ari begin's to twirl his finger's together looking around the room, his eye's landing on Joana staring at him with the pan in hand giving him a weird stare with an eye brow up.

"They left about a week ago. I'm leaving early Sunday morning, so it should be...just fine." Ari lightly smile's as he takes a step toward's Joana, grabbing a plate from a shelf, he set's it down. She pour's the bacon and egg's mixed together onto a plate. Grabbing a loaf of bread from the pantry they both walk towards the living room table with two cups of coffee already their steaming. Smiling to himself he glances at Joana to see her giggling. Sitting down they, begin to eat after a few minutes their plate is completely empty, mug's of coffee nearly gone and bread completely eaten.

Leaning back against the couch, Joana smiles as she turns to face Ari. Taking his hand, he raises an eyebrow as he turns to face her.

"I'm sorry about kinda scaring you this morning. I know it's really early, but I just wanted us to spend as much time together before you leave for the summer." Joana lightly chuckles as she sips some coffee. Ari nod's as he let's out a laugh, "I was actually gonna ask you about that! How in the hell did you get in my house?"

Joana's face brighten's up as she lift's up her hand's with a key in them next to her head, "You're mom gave me a spare key a long time ago. Told me to use it whenever I needed to." Ari slowly nod's his head, "But I never did of course, well until now. For a special occasion, but walking here was a pain in the ass with all the damn rain." Bawling up her fist, she fist pump's the air. Her sweater roll's down, revealing her arm bruised. Letting out a gasp, she quickly lower's her arm's hiding them in her sleeves. Ari's mouth barely open, staring at her arm look's up at her shocked.

"Jo, is it happening again?" Scooting away from him, Joana quickly get's up grabbing the plates and mug's and walking into the kitchen. Following behind her, she dump's the dishes into the sink. Leaning over the sink, Ari hug's her from the back. Joana begin's to tremble as tear's drip into the sink. Sobbing to herself, she turn's around and hug's Ari back. "When did it start happening again?"

Rubbing her back, she begin's to let out shaky breath's, "It started..Monday. He's been drinking again. I don't know how much I can take this time, Ari." Joana let's out in between pant's, she dig's her head deep into Ari's chest letting out loud cries. Rubbing the back of her head, "Let it out, let it all out." He softly hum's as a tear escapes him eye. She begin's to scream into his chest, pounding on the ground.


5:30 A.M.


Laying their motionless in Ari's lap on the kitchen floor, Joana sniffle's as she look's up at him. "Ari, should we go?" Looking down at her with a concerning face, "Are you up for it?" Nodding her head she lightly smiles as she wipes away the few lingering tear's. Getting up off of him, they both stand up. Giving her one last hug, she smiles brightly. "I love you Jo."

"I love you too, c'mon, we need to get going." Releasing each other, they both walk toward's the door. Ari quickly stop's and put's on his Converse. Opening the door, they step into the rain dashing for Ari's four door Yellow Jeep, they both hop in. Starting the ignition, he speed's out the driveway and onto the road. 

"Jo, I don't know why, but I got this really bad gut feeling, I feel like something's gonna happen. It doesn't feel right." Joana tap's her shoulder, shrugging her shoulder's, "Maybe it's the food we had. Tummy ache or something, it's probably nothing. Don't worry about it." 

Nodding his head, he turn's on the radio and continues to drive.


5:59 A.M.


Pulling into the school lot, they both let a sigh, "Can you believe it? Its gonna be our last year of high school then we'll be thrown into the real world with no directions or guide on what to do next, it'll be our choice our life." Joana smiles nervously as she opens the door and quickly runs for the front of the school doors. Following behind her, they both shove the doors open. Nearly dripping wet, they both laugh as they look at their reflection in a glass frames to their left and right. Looking straight ahead of them to another pair of double doors, they make their way down the empty white hallway.

Walking through them, they immediately notice Jasmin, Andrew and Van at the far end of the near empty cafeteria. Walking towards the, Jasmin notices them and begins to hackle pointing at them. Andrew and Van turn to stare at them, chuckling to themselves they both shake their heads. Walking up to the tablet they both sit down across from everyone with a smile on their faces. "I called my friends yesterday and they said they would come! So this afternoon, me and Jo are gonna go pick'em up." Joana smiles as she nods her head.

Jasmin's eyes widen in excitement, "What are they like?!" She quickly claps her hands together as she wiggles in her chair.

"Well they act almost like you guy's except more, shall I say...calm? Plus Helicia's says and does the most funniest stuff!" Ari chuckles to himself, Van smiles as she nearly dives over the table with her hands under her chin holding her head up, "Are any of them Asian!? I need more Asian friends!" Jasmin scrunches up her face confused, "Really Van?"

Van shrugs her shoulders, "What? I do! Are they?" Everyone peer's at Ari chuckling, "No, but they are short!" Joana and Andrew let out laugh as Van's jaw drops, "Ari, you racist bastard!" She scoffs slapping him on the back of the head. "Ow!" Rubbing his head, Ari glances down at Joana fumbling with her sleeves, trying to pull them down. Lowering his hand he set's his hand over hers, looking up him he shakes his head slowly at her. Andrew frowns as he nudges Van's ribs. Nodding her head she crosses her arms, "Whats going on with you two?" Ari and Joana quickly look back up to see them staring at them anxiously.

"No-nothing, just cold." Joana slightly smiles as she continues to fumble with her sleeves. Jasmin scoffs shaking her head, "We know you two are hiding something from us. Joana you're biting you're lip way more than usual and Ari you keep sighing. Somethings up, what is it?" Jasmin glares at them, Joana begins to tremble in her seat. Jasmin, Andrew and Van quickly get up from their seat and walk around the table, embracing her in a group hug. "It's happening again, isn't it?" Van anxiously asks, Joana nods her head. "Is it your mom or dad?" Andrew asks between clenched teeth, and fist bawled up.

"Dad..he's been drinking again. Last night, he got pissed off that my mom spilt his beer. He went after her then tries to go after my little brother, but I got in the way." Cutting herself off, as her cries echo throughout her thought's and her little brother begging his dad to stop. "Then early this morning, when my mom didn't make his breakfast, he hit her again, came into my room and dragged me out of bed by my arm's. I just had to leave." 

Andrew begin's to pant as he hug's Joana tighter. "That's why you came to my house so early, to get away." Ari softly say's as he turn's to face Joana. 

A few student's on the other side of the cafeteria begin to whisper to each pointing at the group hug, some begin giggling to each other. Jasmin removes herself from the group, over hearing the chattering from the student's, "What the fuck are you all laughing at?!" Her nostril's begin to flare, taking a step toward's them Ari quickly wrap's his arms around her holding her back. 

"Jasmin, don't do it. You can't let them get to you, just leave it be." He softly whisper's in her ear. Scoffing, she glares at the student's continuing to giggle to themselves. Scratching her teeth together, "Fine." She nearly yell's between clenched teeth. Sitting back down, Van and Andrew both sit on the table around Joana. 

Suddenly, the intercom comes on, "If Ari Gonzalez is here on campus, please report to the main office. You have a visitor, please report to the office." Everyone glance's at Ari with a questioning look. Shrugging his shoulder's, he get's up from his seat. 

"Do you want me to go with you?" Joana softly ask's as she wipes away tear's. Ari smile's lightly shaking his head, "No, it's fine. You just sit their and relax. I'll be back soon." Nodding her head, she turn's to face Andrew. Turning away from them, he slowly make's his way to the door. 

'Who the hell is visiting me? I don't have any family close to me, Tia Olga? No. She wouldn't go the distance for me, no one would. I'm at a lost.' Opening the cafeteria door's open, he turn's to the right and begin's walking. Hearing footstep's ahead, he suddenly hear's girl's giggling to themselves. Brandi and her group of Barbies round the corner toward's him, looking up from their magazine's they take a quickly glance at him and begin to laugh loudly. Brandi shakes her head at him, "So it's the faggot, where's you're fat ass friend, is she in the bathroom cutting herself again? Oh wait no, she doesn't do that kinda shit anymore, if I remember clearly she started actually bruising herself now." Brandi along with the rest of her group begin to laugh even more. 

Bawling up his fist, he bite's down hard on his tongue, trembling in anger the girl's take a few step's toward's him. Poking him in the chest, Brandi lift's his chin up "God, just being around you makes me feel so dirty and sinful, ugh just the fuck away from me you disease infected fag!" Brandi shoves Ari away, slamming his back into a doorknob, groaning in pain he slides to the ground. 

"Hey! What the hell are you doing to him!?" Someone shout's at the end of the hallway, slowly looking up he see's another guy running toward's him. Brandi scoff's, "Ugh, it's another fag. Let's go before they turn us lesbian!" Brandi and her pose give them disgusted look's as they quickly walk away. The student stick's out his hand for Ari to take, slowly grabbing for it he get's up. Rubbing his back, he give's the boy a slight smile. 

"Thank you. You didn't have to help me.." The boy shakes his head, "Trust me, I wanted to help. I can't stand those bitches. Don't let what she said get to you." 

Ari nod's his head, "I never do." The boy nod's his head smiling. Ari lightly smiles and walks away from him, the boy let's out a small gasp and quickly catches up to him. Walking next to Ari, he stick's his hand out "My names Jason, but some people call me Jake, nice to meet you uhh.." Taking his hand shaking it, "Ari, my names Ari."

Smiling brightly he chuckles, "So uh, are you going to that end of the year party tonight?" Ari give's him a quick glance, "Yeah. You?" 

"I have a reason to go now, see ya later tonight?" Jason give's him a wink as they part way's. Ari stand's their watching him walk away, looking at his ass he chuckles. "Nice ass." Jason quickly turn's around to catch Ari staring at him. "I heard you!" 

Ari's eye's widen in fear, he quickly turn's on his heel walking away fast. Chuckling to himself Jason round's another corner out of sight. 

Stepping past the open office door's, he see's the lady at the desk pointing to his left. Looking around he notices a girl with long hair down to her waist, standing in front of a soda machine. 'Is that..'

"Abby, is that you?" The long haired girl quickly turn's around smiling brightly. Ari's jaw drop's as his eyes widen in shock. 

"Ari!" Abby squeal's as she reaches out for him, ramming into him she lift's hi and spin's. The lady at the front desk, shushes them. "It's too damn early, go somewhere else please!" Setting him back down laughing to themselves, they both walk out of the office. "What the hell are you doing here Abbi? I thought you and you're family moved to Puerto Rico?!"

They both begin walking back toward's the cafeteria, "We did actually, but after my mom passed away a few months ago my dad thought it would be like best if we had a little vacation. Soo, being my dad he decided that we could go back to the states and basically cross country the southern states. We've been standing about a week in each state." She smiles brightly as she rub's her hand's together. 

"But how did you even find my school?" 

"I just looked it up on Google map's, my dad wasn't too thrilled about here, but I told him you were worth trusting. So he dropped me off and told me to call whenever I wanted to head out." She pulls out a cell phone and lightly shakes it, winking at Ari he let's out a chuckle. "Well, we're actually going to a party tonight, you wanna come with us?" 

Abby's eyes widen in excitement as she jump's into the air,"Of course! I would love to! Ya tu sabes!" They both begin laughing, opening the double door's Ari stop's and glances back behind him to notice Brandi and her group staring at him with a devious smirk. Stepping into the cafeteria, Joana and Andrew immediately notice them walk in. They both quickly get up and walk up to them. Van and Jasmin both turn their head's watching.

"Jo, Andrew this is my friend Abby she's visiting from Puerto Rico. She's gonna come with us to the party tonight." Joana smiles cheerfully, "That's great! The more the merrier I guess." Shaking hand's they both let out a chuckle. Turning to face Andrew, Ari notices him in a daze staring at her. Nudging him, he shakes his head and stick's out his hand. Taking it with both hand's Abby wink's at him. 

Walking back to the table, Abby introduces herself to Jasmin and Van, both greeting her back just as sincerely, as their all settling down the bell ring's loudly. Startling Abby she nearly jump's outta her seat. 

Everyone begin's to laugh as she adjust's herself, everyone get's up grabbing their bag's. "Guess we'll see you tonight then Abby. It was nice meeting you." Van smiles brightly as she give's Abbi a hug. Andrew cough's as he nod's his head at her, winking back at him his face goes white and cheek's red. Jasmin laugh's as she take's his arm and begin's walking away waving back at us. 

"Hey! Wait up for me!" Van waves her arm's around as she catches up to them. Turning back to face Abby, "So, Jo? You wanna just skip the last day and hang out with Abby. We can drive around or something? Then after we'll just hang out at my house till we have to go for everyone else." Giving her a big grin, she nod's her head. 

"Hell yeah, let's go!" Walking out of the cafeteria, they all step out into the rain. Looking up at the sky, lightning flashes across the sky. 

"Ari!" Looking ahead of him, he see's Abbi and Joana at the Jeep waiting. "Sorry!" Running to the Jeep, he quickly unlocks the door's. Getting inside, he ignite's the Jeep and quickly speed's off. 

Stopping at a red light, they all notice a man on the corner with a laminated sign saying, 'YOU'VE BEEN WARNED, YOUR END IS NEAR'




Opening the front door Ari, Joana and Abby come rushing in laughing with two bag's in each of their hand's, dripping wet they all set down their bags and head into the kitchen. Ari skip's into the living room, turning on the t.v. and PS3. Grabbing his controller he quickly clicks the 'Music Unlimited' app. 

"Guy's, get everything we need out so that we can start cooking. I'm freaking starving!" Abby and Joana quickly nod their head as they pull out pan's and spatulas, grabbing the ingredient's from the bag's they pile everything on the counter. "I'm gonna make the blueberry pancakes!" Joana shout's as she grabs a tub of Blueberries from the fridge. Abby giggles as she pull's out peanut butter & Jelly, "I'm gonna make the PB&J's!"

Ari grabs the t.v. remote control and turns the volume on MAX, the song "The Hardest Mistakes" by I See Star's ft. Cassadee Pope begin's to play. Joana and Abbi let out a squeal as they begin singing and getting their cooking station's ready. 

So many reason's to live

I need to to let them show

I've made the hardest mistakes

I need to let them go


They all begin dancing around, laughing and screaming the lyric's.


I'll be their with you till the end's upon us

When out eyes collide, I know you well

You're stare see's directly through me


Joana flips on the stove and set's the pan on it, slicing a half stick of butter. Ari grabs the box of pancakes batter and dump's it inside a cup, adding water and the blueberries he quickly mixes it while dancing in place. 


Let you're self go 

This is the only time to feel alive

This bring's me out to you and I'll say


Abbi pulls out the last loaf of bread from the pantry and begins slathering PB & J all over the slices. Ari hand's the batter to Joana, dumping doses of the batter into the pan, she uses the spatula as a microphone


I'll scream it till my heart comes out of my chest

And leave it to the music to transcend the rest

This life is just a perfect fit


Moving the spatula away from her lip's, toward's Ari and Abbi they both begin screaming into the spatula


So many reasons to live 

I need to let them show

I've made the hardest mistakes

I need to let them go


Turning off the stove, Joana plop's the last pancake onto a plate full of them. Abby smiling eagerly pick's her plate full of sandwiches, Ari quickly grabs the Caprisun juice box from the counter. Carrying everything to the couch they all set everything out and begin munching. 

"Damn, this is so damn good!" Joana groan's in pleasure as she takes another bite of her sandwich. Abby let's out a chuckle as she takes a big bite of a pancake. Moaning in pleasure, she laugh's as she drop's a piece of the pancake on her. 

"Okay, so today when I was on my way to the office I met this guy and his name's Jason." Joana and Abby both glance at each other winking then back to Ari. 

"And we'll he asked me if I was going to the party tonight, I said Yes of course. And said that he would meet me their." Joana and Abby both let out an 'Awwe' in unison. "But! He caught me checking out his fucking ass! Omg, it was soo embarrassing! I wanted to die!" Ari yells as he cover's his face in shame. Abby and Joana laugh as they lightly push his shoulder. 

"You're such a dork! You would get caught too!" Abby shout's as she takes another bite. Ari nod's his head behind his hand's, laughing. "I know, I know! But he has a cute ass, his light brown hair, his cute little face, he was kinda short and dressed casual. I couldn't help it, he was hot for a white boy." Ari chuckles. Joana casually check's her cell and opens her mouth quickly.

"Oh shit, it's 4:30. Shouldn't we go pick up you're friend's?" Ari quickly check's his watch, opening his mouth wide he quickly get's up and grab's the plates. "Are you guy's done eating?" They both nod their head's, Ari trashes the food. Joana and Abby both give him a concerned look. 

"Hey, it's alright what's the rush?" 

"It's take's forever to get to Mineral Well's, like an hour. We need to get going, now. So we can make it back in time for the start of the party." Nodding their head's they both get up and all walk out the door, locking the door behind him. They all dash through the rain and into the Jeep. 

Pulling their seatbelt's over their shoulder's, Ari quickly ignite's the vehicle. Roaring the engine to life, he quickly speed's out the driveway. 

"I still have that bad guy feeling, Jo." Abby hunches forward turning to look at Ari. "Bad gut feeling's are not to be taken lightly, Ari! You know that! Hasn't you're mother taught you that, you how paranoid Hispanic families are about this kinda shit?" 

Joana nod's her head in agreement, "She's right about that, but he shouldn't worry! It's no big deal, it's probably from the food." Giving her a quick glare, he shakes his head. "You said that this morning, and the man holding that damn sign didn't make thing's any better!" 

"Anything could happen I suppose."




OKAY? What did you guy's think, did I drag it out tooooo much? Did I lose you toward's the end? You're probably wondering where all the HORROR is. Well before the HORROR, you MUST have character development, so that when a character dies gruesomely you feel a pinch of hurt for them. But have no fear, next chapter should FLIP thing's around. ;D You'll get it when you read the next chapter. -.-


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