Fate is Just a Four Lettered Word

Gut feeling's. People tend to never go by them in this day and age. What they go by is their hormone's, desire's, and need's. Fate. Another word people don't think too much of either. Will Fate put these teenager's on the chopping block only to be slaughtered like pig's? Fuck yeah he will. But he give's them a few little warning's ahead of time, but do they think clearly about them and stop? No. Watch them pay the price as they are torn limb by limb on their little "adventure dare" hear their plead's, and cries and feel the gore. Let the blood spill and the fun begin, shall we?

You have no idea what you're getting you're selves into.

This will be Rated [R] due to strong violence, language and gore.


3. Brace Yourselves!




Looking up at the grey sky through the window Joana let's out a growl, "This rain is not letting up. If they cancel the goddamn party, I'm gonna be soo pissed!" Joana bark's out as she put's her feet up on the dashboard. Glancing at her Ari notices her without her seat belt on, "You should really put on you're seat belt, with all this heavy rain it's really dangerous."

Joana roll's her eye's, "Please, you're like the safest driver I know you're like driving Ms. Daisy." Abby burst's into laughter. Giving them both an offender glare, "Hey! It's better to be safe than sorry. Would you rather have you're ass thrown out the window?" Shrugging her shoulder's, she slump's down in her seat. Abby tap's Ari's shoulder, "Ari, how much longer till we get to her house?" A small smile form's at the corner of his lips, "We're here." Pointing ahead of them to a small two story house ahead of them. Pulling up into the driveway, he park's next to another car. Taking off his seat belt he open's the door and step's out.

"Wait! Are we getting out?!" Joana call's out for him, groaning she open's her door along with Abby and chase after him. Running through the rain, they stop at the door with a little roof over head. Knocking on the door, a few second's pass before they hear loud footstep's coming down the stair's. Quickly opening the door they see a somewhat heavy girl, "Helicia!" Ari call's out for her, both embracing each other in a hug. Abby cough's loudly, Helicia notices them as she releases Ari.

"Sorry! Come in! Are you guy's cold? Just toss you're jacket's to the side." Abby nod's her head, pulling off her jacket she tosses it onto a small stool. Walking down the hall, they step into a living where two girl's are sitting on the couch talking. They quickly notice their presence, getting up they rush over to Ari giving him a small hug. "Ari, it's been awhile man, what's up?" Zoei chuckles as she pat's his back. "Been great, better now since I've left this awful place."

"Ari, omg it's been soooo long!" Libby squeals as she hug's him, attempting to lift him up she gives up. Patting her head, she crosses her arm's and begin's pouting, "You know I hate it when you do that, just because I'm short gives no reason mister!" She pounces on his back and start's poking the back of his head. 

Groaning in annoyance, "And you still know how to annoy me. Off woman!" He drop's her onto the couch, giggling to herself she swing's her leg's up into the air humming tunes to herself. Joana give's Libby an odd look, Zoei chuckles as she put's a hand in her pocket. 

"So, should we get going?" Zoei ask's as she give's Joana a seductive wink, gulping loudly Joana take's a step behind Ari. Helicia raises her finger, "We cannot fit inside you're tiny ass jeep Ari. These two fatasses," pointing at Zoei and Libby, "will crush me." Abby let's out an uncontrollable laugh. "Hey! We aren't fat! We are like friggin stick's, you're the fatso!" Libby squeal's as leap's up onto the ground, attempting to jump on Helicia, she moves out of the way only to have Libby pounce on top of Abby. Dropping her to the ground, everyone burst into laughter. 

Groaning in pain, Abby shoves Libby to the side hitting her head against the table leg. Letting out a small yelp, she start's rubbing the back of her head. 

"Let's get going, we're gonna be late. We'll just go in my car, c'mon slut's." Zoei call's out as she start's walking toward's the door. Ari help's up Abby and Libby from the ground. Walking toward's the door, Abby grab's her jacket from the stool. Walking out into the rain Zoei unlock's her door and sit's in it along with Zoei. Helicia put's her hand's around her mouth and start's yelling up the stair's, "Dad! I'm running away ugly!" Giggling to herself she hear's her dad scream back down at her, "Dammit Helicia stop calling me ugly! It hurt's!" 

Laughing to themselves, Helicia lock's the front door. "Just follow us to the party. Tell Zoei to be careful the road's are slippery." Ari warn's her as he unlock's his Jeep. "Alright mom!"

They all step into the vehicles igniting their vehicles they both reverse and drive off. Joana put's her feet back on the dashboard humming a song to herself. Abby casually pulling out her phone, updating her FaceBook. 

Joana glances at Ari a few time's, noticing her twirling her finger's, "What is it Jo?" Sighing to him he stop's at a red light. Joana turn's in her seat to face him, Abby glancing up from her phone curiously. "Ari, you remember when you told me the very few detail's about when you hated it here, other than the fact that you felt like you were slowly dying, boring, and just felt too morbid?" Nodding his head, "Yeah, what about it?" 

"Well since we're here, do you mind me telling me, well us the real reason?" Joana softly ask's as Abby lean's in froward anxiously awaiting his reply. Sighing to himself he check's the signal light. "Well are you sure, you wanna know?" 

They both eagerly nod their head's quickly, "Yeah!" They both say at the same time. Leaning in even closer, Ari sit's back against the seat remembering his time in Mineral Well's. Closing his eyes, the event's come flooding in mind thought's. 




Picture Day. That's when I noticed the student's snickering and laughing at me behind my back. I hadn't had a haircut in sometime and still wasn't able to get new clothes for school. I was the poor gay kid, that everyone hated and wished were gone. 

"Smile please." The photographer said with a boring tone, sitting their with a huge smile on my face sitting on the most uncomfortable stool ever made, with the worst outfit an over sized flaming red jacket and sweat's and no haircut. Snapping the picture, he lazily told me to get out of the way. Not thinking too much about his attitude, I stepped out of the library and passed the long line of people. Smiling at everyone giving me the dirtiest look, still not thinking too much of it till I over heard a group of girl's talking about me, "Ugh! That fag need's to cut his hair. Look at it, it's so disgusting does even wash it." Agreeing with her, they all started pointing at me pointing out everything wrong with me. 

I felt a little twinge at my chest, hurt. Letting it slide, I kept walking as they talked more and more about me. 




P.E. was probably the worst because the classes were separated between boy's and girl's, so I was stuck with the animals. That's where I got the beating's, that's where I was physically damaged. Always avoiding the locker room, alway's trying to be with the coach even though he knew nothing about what was going on, or so I thought. 

"Hey fag!" Two boy's yelled as they walked over to me, walking up to me they punched me in the gut. Gasping for air, they both sat me down on the bleacher on each side of me with a hand on each shoulder. "So, whatcha been up to lately? Sucking dick you piece of shit?" Laughing to themselves they both high five each and then slapped me across the face on each side. Face red, stomach aching they both got up and yanked me on my feet. Grabbing the back of my neck, "Get the hell out my sight you disgusting piece of shit." Shoving me hard forward, I got my foot caught under the chair, tumbling down to the bottom. 

With no one in the gym, Kendall began to laugh uncontrollably grabbing at his side's. Attempting to get on all four's, I coudn't my rib's were aching to much and my left shoulder felt like it was broken, I couldn't move. And every time I tried to get away, the pain would stop me. 

Perry looking around for anyone to walk into the gym, didn't see one soul walked down the step's, "Hey, man are you alright. My bad! Let me help you up." Reaching the bottom, he grabbed my shoulder which resulted in me yelling in pain. Getting on my feet, Kendall jumped from the last step kicking the back of my leg. Perry turning me to face him, he punched me in the gut again. Not letting me fall, he shoved me to the ground. Laying their in agonizing pain, they both began laughing even louder. High fiving again they both walked away calling me 'fag' and 'bitch'

I tried to get up, but I couldn't I was hurting too much. I crawled into a ball until coach yelled at me to get up off the ground and to 'stop acting like a girl'. Which continued throughout the year, the beating's. And yet..no one noticed. 




Walking through the hall's of this dreadful school was kinda the worst part of my day. I heard the snicker's, laugh's, name calling.

"Ugh, their's that kid again."

"It's that fag."

People would ram their shoulder's into me, causing me to drop everything and everyone would still walk on all my stuff and kicking it around. 

"Get off the ground idiot!"

Some of them would even pretend to 'trip' over me, just so they could kick me. 

"Watch where you're going!?" They would yell when I would get in their way, shoving me into locker's, wall's, or even into other people just so they could get on my case. 

"Don't fucking touch me!" 

Only to be tossed around the hallway, by everyone. No one came to my rescue, I was all alone. Even with Helicia, I still felt like nothing. 




I sat at the back of the class, no one dared trying to talk to me. I was never partnered with anyone, I was that one kid who never had a partner. People would joke about me, or cough and say something like ''Queer!' and the class would burst into laughter. Teacher's acting like they never heard anything. And when I would try to stand up for myself, I would get in trouble for talking or saying harsh words. No protection.




The first time I even thought about suicide was when I was in the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror asking myself why this was happening to me. Wondering how much more I could take before I snapped hurting myself or other's. Would I take the gun from my parent's room and end these student's lives for making mines worse, or take myself out. Would that be best? Then of course, Perry would have walked into the empty bathroom with me. 

"Well, well what do I have here. Little fairy." Chuckling to himself he slowly begin's to take step's toward's me. Taking step's away from him, I bumped into the sink. Shaken up I started to panic and look around me for anything to use as a weapon. Standing within an inch of me, I could feel his warm breath breathing against my neck. I couldn't move, I didn't know what was happening. He grabbed my face and kissed me, I didn't know what to think my mind was spiraling with so many thought's. 

As he was grabbing my ass, the door opened and he quickly shoved me into the mirror. I slammed the back of my head into the mirror, nearly shattering it. Another male student walked in with a confused look, he saw me on the ground and shook his head, "What the hell's happening here?" Perry began to wipe away at his lips, "This queer kissed me!" 

The other male student looked at me with a shocked look, quickly turning into an angered disgusted glare he trudged towards me. Grabbing me by the neck he punched me across the face two times, and then slammed by head back against the mirror shattering it completely. 

I could feel the blood oozing down the back of my head and down my shirt. Slowly falling to the ground, I watched him spit at me and grab Perry, they both walked out without even giving me a second glance. I sat their for god know's how long, just sitting their with glass all over me and around me, staring at the door. It wasn't until I heard the final bell, did I notice I sat their all day and no one even came looking for me. 



Opening his eye's again, he glances up at the red light to see it turn green. Hitting the gas pedal, he quickly turns onto the highway. Looking to his side to see Joana looking at her feet with a disturbed look. 

"Jo?" Slowly turning to face him, she give's him a warm smile. Putting her hand over his, she softly squeezes it. Suddenly feeling two arm's wrap around him from behind, he hear's Abby softly sniffling. "It's fine, why are you two crying? I've forgiven them for everything, no grudges." Smiling at them both, he chuckles, "You both said you wanted to know. Idiot's. Hey! It's fine, both of you need to stop acting so depressed, if anything I should be the one depressed." 

Joana nod's her head, turning to face him she gives him a hug. "Eww, gross! Get off of me fungus!" Ari squeal's as he tries to pry her away from him. Abby and Joana both let out a laugh as they try to hug him even more. Turning up the volume to max, Ari roll's down their window's while in continues to rain. "Burn" by Ellie Goulding begin's to play. Screaming out the lyric's,

We, we don't have to worry about nothing

Cause we got the fire, and we're burning one of a something

They, they gonna see us from outer space, outer space

Light it up, like we're the star's of the human race, human race

Looking into his rear view mirror, Ari see's a car pass by Zoei's car. Driving next to them, Ari see's the four door car packed with five guy's blasting their music, screaming and hollering at him and the girl's. The guy in the passenger seat wink's at Ari, widening his eyes in nervousness Ari look's back ahead to the road. 

The guy in the back stick's half his body out of the car screaming at Abby, "Hey baby! Come ride with us!" Blowing kisses and whistling at her. Giving Joana a devious smirk, she tap's Ari on the shoulder, "Pull up close to them, I got an idea!" Ari and Joana give her an anxious look, "Are you sure?" 

Nodding her head, she sticks out half her body and reaches out for the guy, pulling up close to each other. They both grab onto each other and start making out. We quickly hear Zoei's car honking loudly, "You are such a whore!" Joana squeal's as she let's out a laugh. 

"Okay, Abby get you're ass in here." Holding up a finger signaling him to wait, he sigh's. Suddenly they all hear a loud POP. The guy's car begin's to shake and lose control. Joana quickly yank's Abby back into the Jeep. The guys start shouting, instead of slowing down they begin to speed up. Ari notices their two front tires are popped. Suddenly everything begin's to move in slow motion as the guy's car makes a sharp turn to the left then to the right ramming into them from the side. 

Everyone scream's as the car hit's Ari's door, ramming them to the side and off the road flipping over and over. The shattered glass and mud hitting them all in the face, Abby rolling and hitting the glass being tossed around like a rag doll. The guy's car lift's up from the back and land's on the roof, gas leaking onto the ground and quickly scattering around the vehicle. 

Flipping one last time on it's side and drop's upside down, everything begin's to go dark as they hear the faint cries of Zoei, Libby and Helicia. Blacking in and out, Ari barely manages to see Joana throw herself out the Jeep. Looking up at himself still strapped in to his seatbelt, he slowly unbuckles himself and drops on the ground. Crunching on the glass still inside the Jeep he begin's to shake as he notices the blood on his hands and they few pieces of glass in them. Looking around the inside of the Jeep, he see's Joana slowly trying to get up. Looking in the back seat, he doesn't see Abby. Sniffing the air, he smell's smoke and gas in the air. 

Crawling out of the Jeep next to Joana, he see's a shard of glass in her rib's. "Jo..are you alright?" Groaning in pain, her shaky hand's touch the shard of glass and begin's to pull it out. Screaming out in pain, she pulls it out and tosses it to the side. 

Continuing to rain they both slowly get up, using each other and the Jeep to get up. Walking around the Jeep they see Helica, Zoei and Libby helping the guy's out of burning car. Joana and Ari both make their way toward's them. Already pulling out the second guy from the back seat, Ari and Joana make it to the burning vehicle. 

"Ari! Joana! Thank god, you two are alive! Go to my car, we're gonna help them!" Zoei quickly point's to her car a few feet away on the side of the road. Ari shakily put's his hand on Helicia's shoulder, "Helicia, get Zoei and pull the.." stopping to catch his breath he begins panting, "bring the car closer." 

Nodding her head, she and Zoei make there way to her car. Libby begin's to attempt to calm down the two men, "We were in a fucking accident. My parent's are gonna kill me." One of the teen's says to himself. 

Ari slowly crouches down to the guy in the passenger seat, he reaches out for Ari with pleading eyes. "Please help me." Nodding his head Ari grab's his arm's and attempt's to pull him out, Joana grab's Ari's rib's only to let out a scream. 

"I'm sorry!" Joana apologizes quickly, shaking his hand at her Joana grab's the guy's other arm. Pulling him out onto the grass, a smile appear's on his face "My names Austyn. Nice to meet you cutie." Shaking his head at him, Ari groan's as he rub's his head. Looking at his hand's he see's even more blood. Austyn slowly get's up and crouches down to his friend. Seeing the car pull up behind them Zoei and Helicia walk back toward's the burning turned over car. "Abby's dead! She's in the grass fucking dead!"

Suddenly the car explodes sending Ari, Joana soaring back and slamming onto the hood of Zoei's car. The two men quickly tower over Libby, covering her. The scrap of metal soar's towards them piercing the two men through the chest. Blood soaking their shirt's they both fall back and land on the pieces, ripping through their chest even deeper. Libby with her eye's wide open in fear, she slowly began crawling backward's. 

Joana hear's the faint cries of someone screaming loudly. Opening them slightly she see's Helica and Zoei over Austyn trying to put out the fire all over his body burning him. Sliding off the hood, she look's back at Ari to see him rolling on his side with blood flowing off the hood. 

Feeling dizzy, she blink's a few time's to see the star night sky. Looking around she realizes she fainted. Turning to her side Joana see's Austyn staring at her, dead. His flesh burned, and black. The smell of burning flesh fill her nostril's, getting on all four's she begin's to throw up. "Joana!" Helicia and Zoei rush toward's her, helping her up Helicia accidentally grab's her rib's letting out a cry she shoves her away. Bending over in pain, her vision begin's to blur. "Helicia! Check on Ari, I'll stay here with Joana!" Zoei say's to Helicia, Helicia nods her head as she rushes over to him.

Closing her eye's, Joana quickly open's them again as another explosion is heard. Shrapnel soaring in every direction, piercing Zoei in the back of head dropping her instantly. Helicia sliced in half, blood squirting out. 

The engine falling from the sky and landing on Ari, popping him. Libby let's out a blood curdling scream. Slowly lifting herself up Joana see's the rim of a tire in her chest, blood oozing out. Laying back down Joana closes her eye's, feeling the gust of wind brush against her face. 

"Joana! Wake up!" Opening her eyes quickly Joana scream's. Looking around she see's Ari and Abby giving her an anxious stare. Continuing to drive Ari, turns down the volume. "What the hell were you dreaming about?" Ari nervously ask's as he look's between her and the road. 

Joana check's her body, looking behind them she see's Zoei's car still following them on the highway. "Thank god. It was..just a bad dream." Joana lightly smiles as she closes her eyes and leans back against the seat. 

"Ari!" Abby shriek's out in horror. Ari gasp's as another car on the other lane rams through the railing, speeding towards them. The bright headlights flash over his eye's, Ari gasp's as he freezes up. Suddenly in his head he instantly hear's the cries of people screaming and crying. He stares blankly at the coming car, Joana open's up her eyes to see the car smash into the driver's door. 




Erm..well what did you think? Something happen with Ari, he froze up when the headlights blinded him, I wonder why? Hmmm...

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that crazy final destination type dream! xD <3 Their will plenty more gore, when they actually attend the party. This was just to show you that this WILL be a gory horror story.

..that is..if they make it to the party alive >:D


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