The two friends

Harry was my best friend. We would always stay up all night talking about things we had in common. We had eachother's number. I was there for him and he was there for me. We were so close that peolpe had started calling us boy friend and girl friend. to me, I was kinda glad. Because i thought of him as my boyfriend. But i just kept that thought to myself. Ever since he left for the X factor. my life has felt completeyly hopless. Will Natalie Jackson ever find him? If she does,will there friend ship still last?


3. Getting together

Harry was famous now and i really wanted to see him. The perfect idea came to me. Go to his concerts. "Dammit! when is his concert!" i say in fustration. "All this thinking is making my head hurt." I tried popping in some pills to make it feel better. But all that did was make me fall asleep. *Dream* "Harry? is that-" "Babe,i've been gone waay to long!" "Babe? when did harry stat calling me babe?" He picks me up Bridal style. "Harry?! what are you doing?!" "We are husband and wife. you said you wanted a child so here you go." Basically,Harry and i make out. truth be told,i loved it. "Harry! we arent together. we were friends." "What the hell are you talking about?!"...Look at this picture. o wedding. if you want to break up we can" end of dream! "Woah! what the fuck? I really need help. "Lord,only you can help me" i say,wanting to just die!
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