The two friends

Harry was my best friend. We would always stay up all night talking about things we had in common. We had eachother's number. I was there for him and he was there for me. We were so close that peolpe had started calling us boy friend and girl friend. to me, I was kinda glad. Because i thought of him as my boyfriend. But i just kept that thought to myself. Ever since he left for the X factor. my life has felt completeyly hopless. Will Natalie Jackson ever find him? If she does,will there friend ship still last?


1. Flashback*

"Harry! wanna play Tag?" i say in my tiny 6 year old voice. "Sure! who's it?" harry says (Sametime) "I'll be it! hahaha you can be it!" we both say. ~Ten years~ "Allie! come here!" Harry yells "Hey ma! im going out with Harold! be back soon!" i say. all we did was go to the park. then walk around the block. then back here. ~16 years old~ "Harold! i missed you! where you been?!" i say falling into a hug. "Hey Allie..." he says "Whats wrong harry?" "Im...Moving away...Im going to England." because my dad's job." "Wait?! y-your kidding,Right?" ... "Harry?" "Good bye Natalie Jackson." i promise i will skype you and text you everyday! as long as i live! I start to tear up. "No Harry! you cant leave!" "Im sorry. i will never forget you!" we pull eachother into a long big hug. we look eye to eye and...we kissed. "Good bye. harry have fun" i turn around as they drive away. i walk into the house and slam my door and cry!. No one can comfort me like harry did.Oh. how i miss My Best friend
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