The New Girl Vibe

Emily moved from California to Florida with her parents and her older brother. They moved to be closer to her brother who was attending college in Florida, but also to get used to a new lifestyle. Emily thought it would be more peaceful than California, because to be honest California has a lot of stuck up sluts. Whatever she thought was quickly proven wrong.

Blake is your typical hot ass quarterback. He may seem like a normal quarterback to you, but apparently history follows you everywhere. Blake is a cocky, arrogant football players. Let's be honest what football player isn't cocky? His mom died of cancer when he was 5 years old, his dad doesn't seem to be around anymore. Blake may be rich but wouldn't you want to have a parent to talk to?

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2. Florida Swag

The New Girl Vibe

Chapter 2

Emily's POV

"Trevor baby, I'm pregnant," Valerie said looking at the floor with me hugging her for support. Trevor's mouth dropped down and looked at Valerie with eyes of anger, confusion,

"We had sex?" he stated more like questioned. She nodded slowly.

"It's my baby?" he asked.

"Yes," she said closing her eyes letting tears fall.

"IM GONNA BE A BABY DADDY!" he shouted hugging her then me and surprisingly hugged Andrew too. I looked at him confused. Andrew looked at Trevor like he was the guy who gave him fake Justin Bieber tickets. (Not True!)

"Trevor..You are scaring me," Valerie said slowly and calmly. I couldn't help but burst out laughing and soon enough Andrew joined me in the nice laughter that filled the air.

I sobered up, looking up at Trevor and Valerie. Trevor looked like he was a girl on Christmas who just got a Barbie Doll. Valerie looks like she just saw an alien and was deciding if it was real or fake. Yeah those were not the best examples but that's how I am gonna explain it.

"Valerie I love you, will you marry me?" Trevor asked getting on one knee. I raised an eyebrow at him and he gave her a loving smile. Valerie looked scared, confused, happy, and I don't know awkward Im guessing?

"Don't you think we are too young to get marreid?" she asked looking at him with the look that said you better say yes before I kick your balls.

"I know, but then if we promsie each other now that we get married, we will be together for the baby," Trevor said giving her a hug and kissed her on the cheek. I couldn't help but 'Awww' at the gesture. Andrew looked like he was gonna hurl. 

"Let's date and see how it works, but I hate to break it to you, but what will our parents say?" she asked looking more worried than she was when she had to tell Trevor. I gave her a reassuring look while Trevor was in deep thinking.

"What if we make up a story? Pretend you got raped in a dark alley and your rapist didn't use a fucking condom because he's a fucking retard. I being the gentleman I am decided to be the baby daddy because I love you dearly and we will be going out. I saved you from the guy when I came out of Walmart from tampon shopping for my sister," he finished proudly at his creation of his story in only five minutes. I facepalmed my face while Valerie gave him the are-you-stupid look. Andrew shook his head and laughed.

"You go tampon shopping for you sister?" was all Valerie asked after that stupid story. I burst out laughing when I saw the look on her face. She had a teasing but mischief look on her face.

"I am gonna be the godmother right?" I asked raising an eyebrow. Trevor and Valerie looked at each other and shrugged like it was no big deal. 

"If its a guy, I need to teach him how to play football," Andrew stated and gave Trevor a pointed look. 

"Alright," Trevor said rolling his eyes

"Home now! We need to catch our flight to Florida!" my mom shouted into the phone before hanging up. I rolled my eyes at how commanding she was being. I gave them the its-time look and they quickly understood. Valerie gave me a big hug and so did Trevor. We ended up being on the floor like a dog pile.....don't ask why.

"I can't believe you are moving to Florida," Valerie said as her eyes started to water. I gave her a smile and gave her one last hug.

"We will visit and be here for the birth of the Trevor Jr," I said with a teasing tone when I said Trevor Jr. She rolled her eyes and gave out a laugh. Trevor gave me another hug before telling his goodbyes to Andrew. Valerie and I waited for Trevor and Andrew to finish having their moments. All of a sudden.............

Trevor burst into tears.

"This is interesting.." Valerie said slowly. I nodded in agreement, we never saw Trevor cry before.

"Andrew take care of yourself," he said dramatically. "Emily make sure you be safe and use protection in Florida," he said giving us both a hug and wiping off his tears. 

"We will miss you Trevor, we will miss you Valerie," I said speaking for Andrew and me while Andrew nodded in agreement. I gave Valerie and Trevor a sad smile before we headed back home to see everything packed and ready.

"Andrew, Emily, we will ship your race cars to Florida and it will be in Florida next week," my dad told us eyeing our vechicles. I nodded and got into my parents' car to head to the airport.

We hopped off the plane of LAX with my dream and cardigan, welcome to the land of fame, excess. Whoa! Am I gonna fit in?.................................

What the hell am I singing? I thought to myself before getting off the place of Miami. We quickly got our bags and headed to catch a taxi to our new house. On the drive to our house, Andrew was singing 'I'll be your superman'

'She said she's looking for somebody

To come around and save her
She sick of love taking her heart
And giving her danger
Don't want love, but just maybe
Someone to embrace bad as she is
I just might have to take her up on her offer

She don't really need a comittment
She don't really need relationship
All she wants is somebody to play with
Baby to play with cause I'll be there faster
Than a speeding bullet

If you want someone to come take you high
Then girl I'll be your superman 
Girl if you ever feel like touching the sky
Then girl I'll be your superman

She need a love that's stronger than a locomotive
Jump over buildings to catch her whenever she falling
Don't wanna be trapped with somebody to have fun with
Not to fall in love with, Imma go ahead and jump on it

She don't really need a comittment
She don't really need relationship
All she wants is somebody to play with
Baby to play with cause I'll be there faster
Than a speeding bullet

If you want someone to come take you high
Then girl I'll be your superman 
Girl if you ever feel like touching the sky
Then girl I'll be your superman 

Baby one day we'll settle down
But that aint really in the cards for right now
What's gon' happen is whenever she needs me to
I'll come to her rescue, That's how I'll do

If you want someone to come take you high
Then girl I'll be your superman 
Girl if you ever feel like touching the sky
Then girl I'll be your superman 

Here I come to save your life
I'll be your superman 
Here I come to save your life
I'll be your superman' 

I shook my head at the choice of song, but Andrew was a pretty good singer. He could be the next Justin Bieber, but I would never tell him that because he isn't techinally a Belieber. That's why when I was joking about the Justin Bieber ticket thing I had to laugh. When he was finished singing I clapped my hands getting his attention.

"Nice singing bro," I commented with a smile.

"Thanks," he said grinning at me. 

"This is our house?" I asked eye raping every single part of the house. I knew my parents had good pay but I didn't know they could afford something like this. It's like a mansion but a bit smaller, but it's known as just a big hosue.

"Yes sweetie now close your mouth before you catch some flies, same your stomach for lunch," she said with a light laugh. I gave her a smile before racing upstairs to pick a room. Even though Andrew will be in college, it's an hour away from the house, and we still had to set up a room for him, for when he comes home on breaks.

I opened the first door and saw it was a restroom with a Little Mermaid shower curtains. I opened the second room to see a nice big room with a king size bed with an under the sea wall painting theme. I am now in love...........................with this room. I went inside to check out the doors in the room, one was a walk in closet, the second one was a restroom.

"I CALL THIS ROOM!" I shouted to the entire house.

"Honey put your name on the door, so I know it's yours!" my mom called. I had this name tag thing made out of wood that I would have outside my door. I opened my decoration box and quickly found it and hung it on my door. I started to unpack before we had lunch.

I hung some of my clothes and put some clothes in the dressers. I hung my dresses and put them at the end of the rack so it would be easy to find. I put all my shoes on the floor of the closet and opened my box of decorations. I took my Christmas lights and hung it at the perimeter of the room. I know it wasn't Christmas but it was decoration. I put my alarm clock on my bedstand, left my favorite teddy bear on my bed.

I laid my makeup on my vanity mirror shelf and my perfumes. I set my hair accessories in the top shelf of the cabinets. I put my laptop on my study table which was in the corner of the room. I placed my stuffed animals on the window sill. I admired my work before seeing the time was 1:45PM and it was almost time for lunch.

I decided to go check out Andrew's room. I went off to find a sign in front of the door and saw it was across from my room. I went in without knocking and I gasped at the bedroom. "Damn this is a nice room." I muttered under my breathe. It was like my room except it had a regular full body mirror instead of vanity and it had a different theme.

"I know right? Whoever had this room must be a bigger Niners fan than I was," Andrew commented. I nodded in agreement. There was decorations of the Niners at every inch of the walls. No doubt they must love the San Franisco 49ers.

"At least you don't have to decoarte," I said with a light laugh. 

"I know," he said with a smirk before jumping onto his bed to lay down.

"Wanna check out the other rooms?" I asked him. He nodded and got off the bed even though he just laid down. I opened the room next to his and saw it was a baby room. 

"Defintely gonna be my workout room," he commented. We opened the next room to see another restroom for guest. That was all the rooms on his side so I went to my side and opened the doors next to my room. First was a supple closet. Second was a dance studio..Third was a recording studio.

"Mom who did you buy this house from?" I asked.

"It's a secret," she called. I rolled my eyes.

"Wanna meet the neighbors?" my brother asked in suggestion. I gave him a smirk and nodded. We headed out the door and knocked on the door to our right. The door opened to reveal a teenage boy....who loooked very familiar.

"Emily?" he choked out.

"Racer dude?" I asked in surprise.

"I have a name you know," he said rolling his eyes.

"You never told me it," I stated.

"It's Blake," he said proudly. "What are you doing in Florida? I thought you lived in California."

"We moved here and I thought you were a newbie in California, why are you in Florida?" I asked after answering his question. He gave out a sigh.

"I wished I live in California, I was just visiting my brother and his wife," he said with a shrug. Andrew just said a quick good bye before going back home. "I want a rematch."

"When?" I asked with a smirk.

"Tonight," he stated.

"How about next week? My car hasn't even come in yet," I asked crossing my arms. He thought for a minute or two and nodded in agreement. I waved him good bye before going back home while he went back inside.

For a bad boy he was kind of nice.

Author's Note :

Here's chapter two! I am kind of taking my time and writing these chapters to make them kind of long and detailed. Sorry for making the description of her setting up her room long......but of well you could have skipped it or skimmed through it.

Thanks for everyone who comments and votes, it makes me happy when I see someone praise my books in comments or by message.

This book will be preread by some of my friends, so it will be slow on publishing. Sorry! 



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