The New Girl Vibe

Emily moved from California to Florida with her parents and her older brother. They moved to be closer to her brother who was attending college in Florida, but also to get used to a new lifestyle. Emily thought it would be more peaceful than California, because to be honest California has a lot of stuck up sluts. Whatever she thought was quickly proven wrong.

Blake is your typical hot ass quarterback. He may seem like a normal quarterback to you, but apparently history follows you everywhere. Blake is a cocky, arrogant football players. Let's be honest what football player isn't cocky? His mom died of cancer when he was 5 years old, his dad doesn't seem to be around anymore. Blake may be rich but wouldn't you want to have a parent to talk to?

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5. Carnival (Part 1)

The New Girl Vibe

Chapter 5

Carnival (Part 1)

Emily's POV

"Wake up!" someone exclaimed shaking me. I groaned and turned to face the other side. Suddenly my curtains were ripped open and light was shining on my face. I pulled my blanket over my face. "Get up and go change or I will get Shane to strip you until your completely naked and throw you in the shower," the girly voice stated and you could hear she was being serious. 

"I'm up," I said snapping my eyes open. I saw the view of a happy Amelia and a disappointing Shane. I looked at Shane with a confused expression. 

"Man I don't get to strip her," he muttered leaving my room. I rolled my eyes. 

"Perve!" I shouted. 

"You love it!" he shouted back. 

"I actually don't," I responded. I heard laughter so it was probably the others. "Why are you guys in my home?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Carnival!" Amelia exclaimed throwing an outfit at me. It was a skirt and a blouse to match it. I groaned and got up to go take a quick shower. Carnivals are an allnight thing, so we will probably be there until like night. I put on my outfit and came out of the restroom to see all the girls in my room. They all had makeup in their hands.

"Oh please no," I said shaking my head. Why did I have makeup in the first place? I barely use it. Oh yeah my dear mother bought it for me, so I can be pretty. Her words not mine.

"Oh yes," Millie said with a smirk on her face.

Holly instantly grabbed me and sat me down, tying me to the chair. I glared at them through the whole thing except when they did my eyeshadow, no need to get poked in the eye. "You know if you guys said please, I would have just sat down like a normal person instead of being tied down," I said bluntly.

"Where's the fun in that?" Eve asked with a wink.

"Here's a leather bag I found in your closet, it matches your shoes, so bring it and where this necklace," Millie said as Amelia handed me the supplies. I nodded and put on the necklace, I threw my leather bag on my shoulder, so they would be happy already.

"Perfection!" they all squealed.

Why am I friends with them again? I shrugged and we all went downstairs to see the boys, who were playing video games in the living room with Andrew. Holly clapped her hands. "Time to go!" she announced. The guys eyes snapped at me, and I started to feel very uncomfortable. I don't really where skirts and this must be a new thing.

"Sis, what happened to you?" Andrew asked me laughing as he saw my outfit. I stuck my tongue at him childishly.

"What's Blake doing here?" Amelia asked raising an eyebrow.

"We invited him," Shane said like it was obivious. Amelia went to smack him on the back of the head and glared at Blake. Wow Amelia must not like Blake.

"Andrew is coming with us," Chase said with his mouthful of oreos. I rolled my eyes at his gesture and looked at Andrew who was waiting in the living room.

"Pair up!" Holly shouted.

Before I know it, Amelia and Andrew were paired up, Holly and Shane, Eve and Chase, Millie and Chance, then there was Blake who had a smirk playing on his lips. I gave Amelia the I-will-get-you-later look. I went over to Blake and he put his arm around me.

"Well looks like everyone has a partner, so you will have to spend alone time with them for thirty minutes in a car until the carnival," Amelia said really fast before dragging Andrew to his car. I swear the girls had an obsession over my brother, it's starting to creep me out, but I wouldn't mind having one of them as my sister-in-law.

Everyone started exiting the house to go to their cars. Blake dragged me to his car and opened the passenger door. I rolled my eyes. "How generous," I muttered before getting in. I heard him laugh before going around the car to his seat. He started the engine and went ahead of everyone to the carnival. 

"Dude stick to the limit!" I told him as we zoomed into the streets. I swear we almost hit a dog back there.

"You're a street racer and you telling me to slow down?" he asked raising an eyebrow looking at me with an amused looked on his face. I rolled my eyes.

"I may be a street racer, but at least Im more caution to the surroundings," I said with a flat tone. He rolled his eyes. "I do not need to end up in the hospital because you are wreckless at driving," I said as he went faster. I should be happy because then I would spend less time with him alone, but then I would have to wait for the others to catch up. Knowing Andrew he would probably try to go ahead of Blake like it was a race.

"Don't worry Miss Peachy," he said with a smirk.

"Miss Peachy? My name is Emily!" I said with a scowl on my face.

"I know," he said looking at my expression. "You should be mad more often, it's cute for you," he said before turning back to the road. I could feel the blush slowly appearing on my cheeks and my heart skipped a beat. What is happening to me? He's suppose to be my enemy.

'He was nothing but nice to you since you got here' my inner thoughts told me. I sighed and decided one night of being nice to him wouldn't hurt.....maybe.

"We're here," he said as he parked in front of an amusement park. I looked at awe struck, I haven't been to a carnival for a while. It's nice to finally go to one after a few years. When I saw the drop tower, I instantly began to miss Valerie and the crew. We would always go on the drop tower as many times as we can to see who would throw up first.

"Why are you sad?" Blake asked me scanning my face. I looked up and gave him a fake smile. "No reason," I replied. He gave me the bullshit look. "I miss home," I said with a sigh.

"How can you move from San Diego? It's a great city," he replied with a smile. 

"Mom, work, Andrew," I replied and gave him the dont-ask-anymore-questions look. He got the message and was silent. Not an awkward silence but a comforting silence. I looked into the distance to see more cars approaching, probably everyone.

Andrew's car parked right next to Blake and Amelia got out. "You guys got here fast," she stated giving us a nod. 

"No you guys are just slow," I said jokingly. She stuck her tongue out and Andrew came out of his car. 

"Let's go buy tickets," he said. I nodded in agreement while Amelia hooked her arm through Andrew. I raised an eyebrow at her and she quickly unhook looking away. I looked at Andrew and he didn't say anything but had a worried expression on his face. He kept walking toward the ticket booth with Amelia tailing behind him. I followed him with the others and we got some tickets then went in.

"Which ride should we...?" Amelia started but got cut off by Andrew and me.

"DROP TOWER!" my brother and I both shouted at the same time. I gave him a high five and looked back everyone. Millie looked scared as she eyed the tower.

"It's not as scary as it looks," I said with a reassuring smile. She nodded offering me a small smile. We headed toward the ride which did not have a long line since it was still pretty early. We handed our tickets and got in. Blake sat next to me while Andrew sat across from me with Amelia.

"If you are scared, you can hold on to my hand," Andrew said to Amelia. She nodded holding his hand. Awwww! Andrew was being a gentleman or he wants to get laid tonight. He better not take my best friend's virginity..if she was a virgin.

"Same goes for you," Blake whispered in my ear. I nodded and smirked.

Florida's drop towers were weird. Usually people sit surrounding it, well it does here to but they face outwards. We were facing each other while we were in a gate. Andrew and I started bouncing in excitement so this was a traditional thing. I don't know if we will keep tradition but maybe we can get everybody to try to do our tradition.

"3...2....1 Blast off," the announcer said as we shot up slowly in the air. Amelia was clunging onto Andrew's arm for her life. I held onto Blake's hand because me being a girl of course I would scream. 

We dropped.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Amelia and I both screamed on the top of our lungs. I can hear the other girls scream as well while the guys were "WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!"

After a few more drops we were off that ride. I let go of Blake's arm and got off the ride along with all the other passengers. "We're you scared back there? You clung onto my arm pretty hard," Blake asked with a smirk. 

"Im a girl what do you expect?" I asked with a laugh. "Everyone," I said getting the attention of our group. "Back in San Diego, Andrew and I with a bunch of our friends would go on drop tower repeatedly until someone throws up. I was wondering if we can do that here as tradition?" I asked more than stated nervously.

"It wasn't that bad so Im up for it," Holly said with a smile. 

"Me too"



Everyone said as we walked to the line again and got on the ride.


Surprisingly Chance was the first to throw up and we all laughed at him. In return of our minutes of laughter, we bought him his lunch, while the rest of us paid for our own.

"If I knew I was gonna get a free lunch, I would have threw up way before the fifth ride," Chance said as he ate his lunch. Millie being Millie took his fries and ate them while Chance put on a huge a smirk. "Naughty Millie, you must be punished." They started to get into a heated makeout, I wasn't gonna say anything and just turn around, but Chase being Chance's twin ruin their moment of making out in the middle of a carnival in public where everyone can see you.

"Get a room, oh wait Chance you might wanna hide your Justin Bieber poster, Millie might judge you," Chase said causing all of us to laugh even Millie. Chance turned bright red and looked like he was gonna kill his twin right there right now.

"Wow there tiger, if you were gay, you should have just told us," Eve stated laughing when Chance launched at Chase into a headlock.

"Let go of each other before we get kicked out," Amelia demanded. I laughed as they obeyed her command, oh looks like I found the queen of the group.

Were there speakers in a carnival? I think so since someone announced something and started to play music. They were playing 'Grind on Me' by Pretty Ricky. A lot of people around started grinding on each other. All the girls looked at each other and smirked, we got up but not dragging the guys along us, and grind on each other. While the guys were watching, looking impressed, jealous, or lust.

'Baby grind on me
Relax your mind take your time on me
Let me get deeper shorty ride on me
Now come and sex me till your body gets weak
With slow grindin'
Baby grind on me (Sloww griind)
Relax your mind take your time on me (Sloww griind)
Let me get deeper shorty ride on me (Sloww griind)
Now come and sex me till your body gets weak (Sloww griind)
With slow grindin' babe'

We dropped down low at the end of the chorus causing the guys to look impressed and jealous. I couldn't help but laugh at their expressions as they were watching us. Some guys who were in the carnival stopped to watch what we were doing and giving us wolf whistles.

'Lay on your back let me rub this cream on ya baby
Slow motion 'bout to put this thing on ya baby
Starin' in yo eyes
'Bout to lick them thighs
Got you hypnotized
Do you feel the vibe?
Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh
Starin' in yo eyes
'Bout to lick them thighs
Got you hypnotized
Do you feel the vibe?

Step One: You're kissin' on me
Step Two: Girl, I'm caressin' your body
Step Three: Now I'm lickin' off the whipped cream
Step Four: And oooh you're grindin' on me'

By completing our plan, we dragged our partners in, so they would stop scowling at the girls their girl was grinding with. I couldn't help but feel slutty but it was fun. When the song was over, we all sat back on our spots.

"Man you guys were there dancing on each other for more than half the song and only danced on us for like 30 seconds," Shane complained. The girls high fived each other and gave the guys a smirk. Andrew gave us a smirk and I gave him a confused look.

"Let's make this day interesting," he started off grabbing everyone's attention. "Each gender cannot touch the other gender at all or flirt with them until the end of the day. Whichever gender loses has to kiss the other person for thirty seconds in front of the whole school during lunch."

"You don't go to our school though," I pointed out to him. 

"I don't but I can stop by during your lunchtime," he said with a shrug. "So you guys wanna do this challenge or pussy out?" he asked giving everyone a challenging look. "Hands in if you are in," he stated putting his hand in the middle of the table. I took the challenge and put my hand over his, then all the guys, and the girls did too.

"By the way if you are a couple, meaning Millie and Chance, if one of you two loses you have to skinny dip in front of all of us," he said with a smirk. Millie gasped and Chance gave him a hard glare. Millie gave us a determined look and nodded, she walked away from Chance and stood by me the whole time.


Author's Note:

A challenge o: 

This is only part 1 for this chapter so chapter 6 will be part 2 of the carnival. If you have any ideas for the book feel free to message me and I can somehow put that into my plans for this book.



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