Break away

"Why can I just breakaway from this world?"

This is what Emily Ross thinks,she lives in the year 2113. 1,000 years ago is the year that she wants to see a boy that she dreams about.But how is she going to get to him?


1. Prologe

* hannah's dream*


I was standing in the field that is going to be my home in 1000 years from this day. "Who are you?" I heard from behind me. I jumped "AHH! WTF you don't just do that to a girl!"I screamed to the boy. "S-sorry I didn't mean to do that,my name is -"


I woke up from my dream. "WHAT THE FUCK!? I WAS BOUT TO KNOW HIS NAME!"I yelled to no one. I shook my head and went to take a shower.When I finished,I changed into skinny jeans and a crop top, and walked to school.

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