starting all over again (sequel to you said you loved me you lied an niall horan love story)

hello my lovelys im back well for this story if you havent read you said you loved me you lied my niall horan love story you wont get it but if you have your in the right spot. well anyways after izzy told niall she was pregneat a 2 time with his child he got very excited but on this path them to have someone pops out of know where and begeans trying to take izzy from the boys they boy is ashton irwin. they are on another tour and the boys invited 5sos and of course they have never meet niall and harrys girlfriend but since isabella is pregneat ashton finds many ways for isabella to lose her baby but its hard for him to do it so the boys are playing a game and ashton trips on an "accednet" which cuase a ver pist off niall to go off on ashton but can she stop them from fighting and on the way make ashton do an un forgiveable thing


17. we meet again

~~Isabella's POV

Sydney and Lizzy were at school and Ashton was in the studio. I told him I was going to the store and he told me to be careful. as I was walking through in isle. My cart came in contact with someone else. " oh my I'm massively sorry" I said picking up everything that feel out of the cart. I looked up to see Megan and Harry. " Isabella" Harry said. as I nodded. he pulle me into a death hug. " be careful" I said as he pulled back. " why?" he asked. " I'm pregnant " I replied as he stood shock. Just then Louis Liam zayn and Niall walked down the isle. " nice seeing ya " I said turning around when someone grabed my arm.

They spun me around and my hair flew In my face. the moved my hair out of my face and I came in contact with baby blue eyes. " I-Isabella " the person said. " h-hi Niall " I said as he fainted. " please don't tell him he saw me." I said as everyone looked confused. "I'm sorry but I'm not a horan or a Tomlinson no more I'm and Irwin and my family is 5sos " I said. " he really did brain wash you " Harry said. " no he showed me the meaning of true love and if Niall loved me he would have came for me but he didn't so I gusse he isn't my true love I left for five minutes after me and Ashton got in a fight he came after me in 2 seconds. Niall never did that so you can call it whatever but I am not Isabella Maria Tomlinson/ Horan I am Isabella Maria Irwin so good day to you" I said and walked away.

Later that day

Niall's POV

" So he brain washed her " I shouted. " no the question is mate why did you never look for my sister Niall" Louis said. " because she's right I wasn't in love with her anymore I was in love with Marissa. the more she was gone the more I was happy. then when I got with Marissa I couldn't love her like I love izzy". I said as Louis just glared. " in this case you don't deserve to get her back. you deserve to look at her and the girls and see how happy they are and live with pain like I do so welcome to hell mate cuz your not leaving "

" I'm going to get her back and I will".i shouted. " we'll you won't she's pregnant " Harry shouted . as I looked shocked.

End of book 2

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