starting all over again (sequel to you said you loved me you lied an niall horan love story)

hello my lovelys im back well for this story if you havent read you said you loved me you lied my niall horan love story you wont get it but if you have your in the right spot. well anyways after izzy told niall she was pregneat a 2 time with his child he got very excited but on this path them to have someone pops out of know where and begeans trying to take izzy from the boys they boy is ashton irwin. they are on another tour and the boys invited 5sos and of course they have never meet niall and harrys girlfriend but since isabella is pregneat ashton finds many ways for isabella to lose her baby but its hard for him to do it so the boys are playing a game and ashton trips on an "accednet" which cuase a ver pist off niall to go off on ashton but can she stop them from fighting and on the way make ashton do an un forgiveable thing


1. on tour with the lads and 5sos

                         megans pov

                     mew and izzy are playing with the babaies when the boys walked in and niall sat next to izzy "how are my four princess"  he asked she smiled "great" and she was getting up when luke helped her up. "thx lukie" she said smiling at him he laughed "your welcome mum" he said and she smakked hi arm "dont call me that i did not give birth to you" she said "no but your old enough to be my mother" she turned around and began to laugh "luke im  20 you 17 the point is is that i must hadd you when i was 2 or 3" she said walking out and luke left "im still gonna call you mum you keep us in line mum"  he said  to her we heard  her laugh  "ok sweets" she said and then luke walked back in and niall just laughed "great you joined the family son" niall said as he pickd up little lizzy and handed her to luke she giggled wshen she saw him. "you think lukes funny huh sweets" i said to her she smiled "hey im not that funny" she looked stright at him and smiled. i started laughing "looks like someone likes you luke" i said and walked away

                 isabellas pov

                 "hey izzy" i heard i turned around to see Ashton. "hey ash" i said and walked a littl further to see if he was following me and he is he always is "um ash not to be rude or anything but why are you following me" i said as i turned around "to make sure you dont get hurt my fans or something" he said i looked at him wired "thats what i have my husband for and secirity guards and right now your sorta creeping me out" i said as he placed his hand on my waist. then niall started walking down the hall "hey what are you doing" niall said as he came and grabed me away "i wanna know the same mr lenning in with eyes closed and pukered lips im married to your friend dont mess with me" i said walking away.

                   nialls pov

                  "im waiting for an answer" i said and ashton  said "she came on to me mate" i laughed "lad i have know my wife for 3 years and she dosnt start things why because im hers and she dosnt give a damn about anyone else so come up with a better excuse next time and if i see you hitting on or tey ing to snog my wife again lad ill make sure you guys go back to the U.K. got me" i said he nodded and i walked away to hear izzy tralking to someone.i opend the door to see her talking to daniel "sorry to bruge in guys" i said walking close to izzy and daniel smiled "hey ni how have you been havent seen you since the wedding" daniel said "im good and you lad" i said "same here good" well i must go must go back ill see you guys soon yeah" we both nodded and he disapeared and izzy smiled at me and i smiled back

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