starting all over again (sequel to you said you loved me you lied an niall horan love story)

hello my lovelys im back well for this story if you havent read you said you loved me you lied my niall horan love story you wont get it but if you have your in the right spot. well anyways after izzy told niall she was pregneat a 2 time with his child he got very excited but on this path them to have someone pops out of know where and begeans trying to take izzy from the boys they boy is ashton irwin. they are on another tour and the boys invited 5sos and of course they have never meet niall and harrys girlfriend but since isabella is pregneat ashton finds many ways for isabella to lose her baby but its hard for him to do it so the boys are playing a game and ashton trips on an "accednet" which cuase a ver pist off niall to go off on ashton but can she stop them from fighting and on the way make ashton do an un forgiveable thing


16. how can some one be so evil but sweet?

                                                                    Ashton's P.O.V

             I watched as izzy played with her girls outside. I made her dye her hair and she got piercings. it's also been a year and the girls are 5. Izzy's old band replaced her and she started a new band. her names still Isabella but her last name changed to Irwin.

               She looke up and noticed me staring and blushed a bit. Niall gave up on looking for Izzy and has a new wife her names Marissa. the girls call me dad and Izzy dosent mind. I have changed since izzy agreed to date me. 5sos is still together and know Isabella is with me except for the one direction gang. she still talks to Megan and makes her swear to never to Niall anything.

      She lost nails baby not to long after goin through depression. But she dosent say I kidnapped her anymore.I watched as she walked up the stairs to the house with the girls who pulled on her jeans. "come on let's do it again mommy" they said. "I'm tired" she said to them. " hey let's play hide and seek if I find you guys you have to hmmm say I'm the best dad in the world" I said with a smirk.

            The two little Irish. Girls smirked back. " and if you don't find us you have to make us cookies and order pizza". Lizzy said as Sydney her sister high fives her. " you are manipulative children arnt you." I said as Lizzy smiled. " dont blame us were just like mum" she said. as izzy role her eyes. " this is between you and your dad not me" she said walkin inside.

                                                                Later that day

                                                                           Izzy's P.O.V.

                                    I got tired of playing with the girls and I knew why. exactly why. I was pregneat with Ashton child. of course I missed Niall but he never came for me. The girls know that Ashton isn't thier really father but they love Ashton cuz he's been there for them. " You owe us cookies and pizza " Sydney said as Ashton groaned. "I know I know where the heck did you guys hide?" he complained. ". In your closet" Lizzy said. " I looked there" he said as Lizzy and Sydney smirked. " yeah but you didn't look on the top shelf" she said.

                               I giggled as Ashton playfully glared at me. " Ok girls go up to your room me and your dad will make the cookies and order the pizza. And I'll see if jake can bring over mkayla so she can stay the night" I said as the girls smiled. "but you have to clean your room to earn it got me" I said as they nodded and ran upstairs.

                Ashton smiled and helped me up. He kissed my cheek and I opened the fridge. " hey ash do you think we'd have room for another little kid running around " I asked him. " we have plenty of room why love thinking you wanna have another baby" he asked as I handed him the pack of cookie dough. " No because I am pregnant " I said as he turned around he was smiling. Big and his dimples were showing. " really " He said as I nodded. " That's wonderful you know after a while when I wanted you to have my child so bad I gave up on it and didn't want it much but then you said yes to marrying me and everything and I was hoping one day you would have my child and look the day has comes" he said a little sadly. " I won't leave you " I said as he smiled. " you won't " he asked. " what's the point in leaving Niall has a wife and a new daughter that he adopted and he belives we are dead and never came for us so what the point of leaving someone who has proven to me he loves me and would search the world" I said to him." Niall has done the same " Ashton said. "yeah but he didn't come did he " I said as Ashton shook his head no. "ok then mr. Irwin your worthy" I said kissing his cheek.

                                                                                   Nall's POV

"                         What are you doing " I shouted at Marissa. Who was throwing away pictures of  me and Isabella and my little girls. " I'm your wife now honey you need to get rid of theses." she simply said as I caught her wrist "Megan " I shouted as Megan walked in. " yes Niall" she said. " Take Marissa back to her brother and tell him were getting a divorce she's gone to far. " I said As Megan saw the trash back. " you bitch you know no one is aloud in this room except for me and the guys" she shouted. " she's dead what do you care" Marissa shouted. " she's not dead she's fine and happy ok." Megan shouted as Marissa walked out throwing her ring on the ground and taken are daughter well her's basically.

                    " She's what " I said. " alive her and Ashton are married And thier in love Niall that's why I didn't tell you " Megan said . " But" I said. " you never went to look for her Niall how do you suppose she waits for you it's been a year you wouldn't even recognise her on the street Niall she's not a horan anymore she's an Irwin so you need to deal with it"  she sais and walked down the stairs

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