starting all over again (sequel to you said you loved me you lied an niall horan love story)

hello my lovelys im back well for this story if you havent read you said you loved me you lied my niall horan love story you wont get it but if you have your in the right spot. well anyways after izzy told niall she was pregneat a 2 time with his child he got very excited but on this path them to have someone pops out of know where and begeans trying to take izzy from the boys they boy is ashton irwin. they are on another tour and the boys invited 5sos and of course they have never meet niall and harrys girlfriend but since isabella is pregneat ashton finds many ways for isabella to lose her baby but its hard for him to do it so the boys are playing a game and ashton trips on an "accednet" which cuase a ver pist off niall to go off on ashton but can she stop them from fighting and on the way make ashton do an un forgiveable thing


10. AFTER THEY finished the game on 1dday

                                                        Niall's Pov

                "let go cheek on our girls in the phone booth" i said as Louis and Zayn raced towards the phone booth knocking it down as the two girls laughed in side."dang you Zayn look what you did my sister is probely hurt."Louis growled and opened the door."come my ladies" he said "we would but unfortantaly were stuck" I heard Isabella say and laugh as Louis made a face.Me and Harry raced towards there and triped and fell in on top of our girls."now I have a niall on me I really stuck now" she said smileing at me and I laughed a little."come on you know you like it" I whispered in her ear" she punched my shoulder. "oww you hit me " she smiled "then don't say what you said to me in my ear Horan" she said "hey your a Horan to love " I said laughing she smiled as Louis got me off of her and held out a hand. She took it and got up.her shirt went up a little and it showed a bruise al our eyes widen "how how did you do that" I asked pointing to her asked  where there was a really huge bruise." I got it when slamed the door and it my back against the wall and it looks worse then I thought" she said and smiled slightly. I smiled back "after this your going to lay down" I said she smiled her very cute smile "lookie there mr. horan taken really good care of my sister and his wife" Louis said and Niall smiled."ok guys I mean girls how was the track" . Louis asked then laughed "sorry be around these wiredios all day you lose track" He said

                          "the track was wonderful" izzy said I smiled and kissed her cheek "how about you megan " harry asked "it was wonderful " she said "ok boys what was your favorite track" Louis asked."um lou im your sister not your brother" Izzy said as I busted out laughing."You sure " he asked "positive or niall would be gay" she said. smileing "im hundred precent my wife is a girl" he said "yeah you would know" Harry said "gosh shut up and my favorit track from midnight memorise is through the dark and you and I " she  said smileing "mine is half a heart and you and I " megan said "great cuz the people at home are gonna hear you and I and im gonna escort my beatiul wife back stage so she can lay down" I said as we went off and I tokk izzy back stage to lay down

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