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Emma has just moved to a new apartment in London, She doesn't know anybody there..Untill a tall greened eye boy with brown curly hair met her and her whole life changed.........


18. Vacation!?!?!

  I woke up without Harry, I went to the bathroom and saw Harry getting ready he never gets up this early.

"Why are you up this early?" I asked

"Why are you up this early?" He said as he was doing his hair

"I asked you first!" I giggled

"We are going somewhere for two weeks," He said, 'now why are you awake"

"I don't know, Where are going? I asked

"It starts with a H and ends with a I,"

"Is it....uh....Oh My God Is it Hawaii!!"

"Yup, Is it OK if the boys come two and perrie and El,"
"Yea its fine, Im gonna go pack,"

I was all excited then I remember that Niall has a Girlfriend is he going with Miranda?

"Hey Harry Is Miranda going to?" I Yelled

"If she wants to!"

I called Niall to see if Miranda is going,

~On the phone~

"Hey its Emma, Does Miranda want to go to Hawaii with all of us?

"Yea she does she is packing,"

"Ok thanks bye,"

We started to pack and we headed to the airport to go to Hawaii, it is going to be a lot of fun. I get to spend more time with Harry and all my friends!


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