More then this

Emma has just moved to a new apartment in London, She doesn't know anybody there..Untill a tall greened eye boy with brown curly hair met her and her whole life changed.........


2. Chapter 2: Leaving

Everyone was asleep so I just left to go to go to the airport. When i got to the airport, I went to the airplane and sat down, a guy with curly brown hair and green eyes came up to me and sat down

"Hey, My name is Harry, Can i have your number , love?" He asked/told me

"Uh, My name is Emma and sure," I said

"Give me you phone so i can put my number in it, heres mine," He told you

You guys switched back and you saw that he put is contact name as Harry<3, you put your as Emma. You saw that he changed it to Emma <3


I know its short but ill make longer chapters

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