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Emma has just moved to a new apartment in London, She doesn't know anybody there..Untill a tall greened eye boy with brown curly hair met her and her whole life changed.........


23. bake off!!

Emma's POV

We all started, the girls team will defiantly win because we are making Niall's ABSOLUTE favorite meal Buffalo chicken wings. Me and Perrie were cooking the chicken and Miranda and Eleanor were making the buffalo sauce. I hope we win.

Harry POV

We were making fish ad chips, I hope he likes it. We needed eggs but I couldn't find them in the fridge. I looked over and Emma and Perrie were using it so I walked over there professional.

"Excuse me Miss, can I have 2 eggs please?" I asked

"I don't know, Can you?" She said giggling

"Well if don't mind Ill grab two eggs," i said

I put a song on it was Happily by you know who One Direction. Everyone started to sing along to the song. We started to jam out to the song.

Eleanor POV

"Emma, I don't know what I am doing." I said

"Keep doing what your doing now shhh they will think that we are gonna quit." Emma said

I never say this but I wish Harry was on our team because he was a good cool, He knew everything about cooking. We were almost done we have to do like 2 or 3 things to do.

~10 minute later~

Emmas POV

We were done and now Niall is judging Harrys team fish and chips, We are totally win by the way Niall's face looks. He was onto our buffalo chicken wings.

Nialls POV

I tasted the boys food an I just finished the girls buffalo chickens wings. It so good

"I am going to pick..........THE GIRLS TEAM!!!!!!!!"

"YAYYYYY!!!!!!" The girls said

"You picked them because your girlfriend is on that team,". Liam said

"Thats part of it," i said


The winner of the contest is DeaiBO2 you get to be Liams girlfriend Congratulations!!! Ill update more tomorrow!

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