Bad Boy meets Good Girl !


1. First Day



*Michelle Pov



Michelle you're late for school! My Mom screams. Yess I konw but i don't want to go to school! I screamed back. If you do not wake up then I'll go with two bottles of water in your room and tilt it over you! She yelled. FINE MOM BUT I HATE TO BE THE 'NEW GIRL'! I hissed.


After I had a shower and got dressed myself I went into the kitchen, I took a red apple and then I went to school. When I went in to school everyone has been staring at me. I've heard they have whispered things like: Uhh the new Girl is hot and damn that ass! but I just ignored it and went to the office.

I went into the office and I said hello to Mrs.Watson

May I help you? She asked.

YES! I am new an- she interrupted me

Whats your name? She asked in a strict tone.

My name is Michelle Parker. I said

Ahh I found it here is your Time table Ms.Parker. She said

Thanks! I mumbled under my breath.


I went to my first lesson and I saw that everyone was in class. The teacher saw me and said: You're late Ms. ... uhm whats your name ?

I know I know uhhhm I'm new here and my name is Michelle, Michelle Parker - I said

Oh I see ... well take seat Michelle. she said

I saw two empty seats in the back so i went over there and sit down. After I sat down Mrs.Smith left the room for five minutes because she talked to someone and then she went back in the Classroom. Ugh I hate Biology so I took my IPhone out and listen to Christina Grimmie's song tell my mama.


On the first day of class
You walked into the room
Just a hot little thing
With a bad attitude
And I knew, I knew
I knew you were trouble baby


Then I saw him, and I knew he was trouble. He has ocean blue eyes, brown/blonde hair and Tattoos covered his arms. He walked over to Mrs.Smith and said sorry I'm late. She looked at her watch and said Horan you are 10 minutes too late. And then he walked over to me and I saw this stupid smirk on his face as soon as he saw me. Damn he looks hot.


He leant over to me and whispers in my ear: what's your name princess?

I'm Michelle Parker, and what's your name?

I'm Niall, Niall Horan - he said with a smirk on his face

Nice to meet you Niall... wait why did you say that?

Said waht?

Uhhm how about ... Priness?

Oh thats easy because you're mine - He said

Never in a million years. i said chuckling

oh really? Then why are your cheeks red? He aked with stupid smirk still on his face

Because you are kinda hot - i said with a grin on my face



After that, the bell rang for the next lesson. I walked as fast as i can out of the classroom and then someone yelled my name. I turned around and there he was Niall. He smiles at me and then he came over.


What do you want? I asked him

So you think I'm hot - he teased me

Yeah, got a problem with that?

No, but why aren't you afraid of me? I mean everyone is afraid of me but you don't.

Should I?

YES - He said and thats really loud

Awee this is cute I'm not afraid because I don't even know you the only thing i know about you is your name - I said chuckling

You better be - he said with anger in his voice

Why? I mean it's not like you are the towns bad ass or?

WRONG. I am the towns Bad ass!

My jaw dropped as I heard that.

No way you can't be the towns bad ass! I mean really you scared the shit outta me. - I said in a shocked tone

Awwe this is cute - he said in a baby voice


You are afraid of me - he smirked

N-Noo - i said unsure


Then he did something that I never expected. He grabbed my waist and pushed me closer to him. I was trying to get out of his grip but there was a wall behind me. He kissed me and I was really shocken so I kissed him back. He's licking my bottom lip asking for entrance but I rejected him, he does that again but I rejected him again. Then he squeezed my bum and I gasp and in that moment our tongues moved in sync. It felt like fireworks. After that I pulled away and said: Niall why did you do that?

He was standing there and said smirking: Give me your phone!

N-No - i said

He pushed me against the wall and squeezed my bum again and then he grabbed my Phone and send himself a SMS. He laughed because now he has my number.

Niall? - i asked

Yes princess?

We are 20 minutes late ?

What do you have now?

Uhhhm wait a minute .... Math .. and you?

Same He laughed .. lets go he smiled

We ran to Math class and then Mr.Lloyd said 'why are you both late'

She is new in school and I wanted to show her everything - Niall said

After the math lesson, the school went quickly to an end and I became friends with a lot of people.


*At Home*


Oh hey honey how was your first day? She asked me

Ou uhm I-I found friends and yeaah it was really good - I smiled at her

Oh and honey I am away for to month or longer.

What? Why?

You know I have a new Job and I need to go for two Month to America - she said

So and when do you leaf?

Right now!

Whaaat? But Mommy - I said it with my Baby voice

I'm sorry Hun' I love you. and be careful! and oh I left some money for you I think it's in teh Kitchen - she said

Oh okay thanks Mom and I love you too bye - i said


After my mom left I headed to my room closed the door and watched Disney Movies. I love those Kind of movies.Before I knew it, it was nearly Midnight and I dozed off to sleep.

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