The Catch

Iva was a normal girl. She loved to read. She had two best friends, Brook, and Gia. Iva was a Christian. She went to church every Sunday. Learning about God was her favorite day of the week. When an incident tries to break her faith, will she loose grip or stay strong?


1. Iva Morgan

Iva's Faith


           Iva was running. She knew she was dreaming, but couldn't wake up. Someone was chasing her. Her breath was  heavy and the footsteps behind her sounded like mans. She looked behind her to check to see who it was. She couldn't see. The figure was wearing a dark coat and grey boots. She tripped on a low branch and tumbled down. She felt unbearable pain in her shin. She screamed for help. She felt like she was screaming for hours when her alarm clock went off her favorite One Direction song "Story of My Life".

Iva got up and brushed her teeth. She loved how here little brother picked out the SpongeBob toothpaste. Despite her age, she still liked SpongeBob. After, she brushed her teeth, she headed for her wardrobe. Iva was that kind of girl that have a closet full of clothes, yet could never find anything to wear. She pulled on some light washed jeans and her Kansas State hoodie. She threw her dirty blonde hair into a loose braid and threw some bobby pins in it here and there. She decided on red Converse. She put some Mac concealer on and a light blush her grandma gave to her last Christmas. She curled her Marilyn Monroe eye lashes and put some cheap Dollar General mascara on. She put brown eyeliner on because she knew her blue eyes shined like stars with brown, though she liked black too. She headed down stairs to get some breakfast.

  "Iva, I got to take Hunter to the doctors, I think he might have the flu. Can you walk home after school?" Asked Iva's mother.

            "Sure, can me and my friends stop for ice cream?" Iva asked her mom already knowing the answer.

            "Yes, I left ten dollars on the counter. Have a great day at school. Share God's word."

            " Okay! Thanks!" Iva said and headed for school.






       Iva threw her Math and Social Studies book into her messy locker. She knew every other kid in the eighth grade's locker looked the same. She felt something on her shoulder, it was Gia. Gia had dark brown curly hair with bright green eyes. She had a models body but yet ate quite a lot.

"Hey, do you know what we have to do in Mrs. Procedure's class?" Gia said joking around. Mrs. Johnson was a strict teacher. She was old but looked younger. She had messy blonde hair and always wore a lot of base. She had this thing she called the "procedure". You had to come in, open your book, open you journal, and write a bunch of words down you can't even say. People in our grade called her Mrs. procedure because she was hated by most people.

"No, I haven't been there. Remember I told you I don't have her until third hour. It's only first. Where's Brook?" Asked Iva.

"Where do you think she is? She is at home getting yelled at for being late just about everyday. I have a detention today. Do you? Even though your like perfect and never get in trouble.?"

"haha, no. But I have to get to Mrs. Knights but I will see you at lunch kay?"

"Okay." Gia said sashaying away. I managed to grab my Geography book out of my crap-hole locker and a notebook that was meant for Math and a blue pen and walk into Geography just when the bell rings. Mostly in class, I get my work done. I spend my extra minutes drawing faces I have no names for. I was a pretty good drawer. Brook taught me all I know about drawing. She was an excellent drawer. Sadly, she wanted to be a singer, not that she's not good at singing. We had last hour, choir, together and she was an alto while I was a soprano. After we sang, our teacher went to her computer and typed. She didn't spend much time watching us. She was that kind of teacher where kids could be dying and she wouldn't notice. I loved her the most. :)
















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