The Final Horcrux

The Battle of Hogwarts is over, Voldmort is gone … or is he? As Harry, Ron and Hermione go to complete their seventh year at Hogwarts, Harry's scar begins to pain again. They missed an unknown Horcrux, one Albus Dumbledore didn't take into account. Voldemort is building up power every second, and the trio go on the biggest and most dangerous journey yet to discover the final Horcrux. In addition to this, on their travels, they meet another tree people searching for the same thing. One of the girls has red hair and hazel eyes, she is Lucy Lily Evans, Harry's twin. The six team up alone to face a battle that will go down in history against magics worst enemy. Will they succeed?
Both the Muggle and the wizarding world hang in the balance, only the known is safe, and only the known is tolerable. The fate of magic is in their hands.
(C) Copyright



 "It's something to do with the Chamber of Secrets - though not necessarily in it."

 They had just let loose to McGonagall a thorough explanation on what had happened and that they were back because it was a false alarm - although that wasn't the case. They were currently conferring the matter in the Gryffindor common room.

 "How do you know this?" Harry wondered sceptically.

 "Visions," Lucy confessed ashamedly . "It's a ghost or something, which is tricky because you can't destroy something that's dead."

 A ghost, to do with the Chamber of Secrets?, Harry thought. Oh no.

 "I think the Horcrux is," Harry forced the words out. "Moaning Myrtle."


 They were in History of Magic classroom, ignoring Professor Binns droned voice and dreary teaching, conversing how they were to destroy it.

 "I can see why Voldemort would pick Myrtle to be a Horcrux, but I'm still wondering how to destroy it." Hermione contradicted thoughtfully.

 "What I'm wondering is how Voldemort made a ghost into a Horcrux in the first place, and how his soul could be split into eight pieces? Wouldn't that push it to it's limits?" wondered Ron.

 "I have no idea," Lucy replied before Harry could. 

 "Wait," Susanna protested. "We need to confirm that it is Myrtle first."

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