The Final Horcrux

The Battle of Hogwarts is over, Voldmort is gone … or is he? As Harry, Ron and Hermione go to complete their seventh year at Hogwarts, Harry's scar begins to pain again. They missed an unknown Horcrux, one Albus Dumbledore didn't take into account. Voldemort is building up power every second, and the trio go on the biggest and most dangerous journey yet to discover the final Horcrux. In addition to this, on their travels, they meet another tree people searching for the same thing. One of the girls has red hair and hazel eyes, she is Lucy Lily Evans, Harry's twin. The six team up alone to face a battle that will go down in history against magics worst enemy. Will they succeed?
Both the Muggle and the wizarding world hang in the balance, only the known is safe, and only the known is tolerable. The fate of magic is in their hands.
(C) Copyright



 Harry hadn't thought it possible that Hogwarts Castle could look more beautiful, more magnificent. He had been wrong.

 In the golden beam of sunlight splashing onto the colossal building, the castle looked like a palace. In the silvery thin ray of moonlight at night, the castle would light up the night with its gleaming, blinding white bricks. The castle had the same, tower-like shape, although was far larger. It was intimidating and welcoming at the same time. I'm home, Harry thought.

 Harry, Ron and Hermione scrambled off the train, Neville, Ginny and Luna close behind, Lucy Evans following them. Harry bumped into a looming figure. He squinted his eyes and saw a beetle-eyed giant of a man with a bushy,tangled beard. It was Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, half-giant - and Harry's friend. Despite having just turned eighteen, Harry threw himself at Hagrid contently in a huge bear hug, then, realizing what he was doing, backed up sheepishly, his cheeks burning scarlet.

 Professor Flitwick (Deputy Headmaster) lead the whole school into the Entrance hall, apart from the first years, and  into the Great Hall. Harry proceeded to marvel at the castle as he followed the sea of students into the immense hall. 

 He seated himself between Ron and Hermione at the Gryffindor table and across from Ginny. He began searching, paranoid, for Lucy, scanning the Hall with his eyes. No sign of her.

 "Who are you looking for?" Ginny shot at him heatedly through gritted teeth.

 "No-one,"  he responded too quickly. Ginny raised her eyebrows pryingly. "Oh, fine. Lucy Evans. There's just, something about her ..." he trailed off, continuing his search. He heard Ginny's hand clench into a menacing fist. 

 "Something about her, eh? What is it? She's prettier than me?" Ginny looked on the verge of tears.

 "No,no,no!" Harry assured her frantically. He wasn't losing his girlfriend now. "No, she just, looks really familiar, like I've seen her before. I don't feel that way about her." Ginny relaxed slightly, pointing near the staff table.

 "Well, your looking in the wrong place, she's over there," she noted intelligibly. Harry gazed at the staff table and saw Lucy, her animated, hazel eyes swimming in excitement. 

 "Everyone!" Minerva McGonagall yelled, silencing the audience in one demanding word. "The first student to be sorted is a seventh year, who recently joined Hogwarts." She indicated to Lucy who waved shyly, approaching the stool elegantly. The placed herself upon it and the hat fell over her eyebrows, leaving slits for her to see through. Harry stared fixedly at her as the hat made it's decision. 

 "Ah, your brother is in Gryffindor, your parents Lily and James were, too.. but that doesn't affect anything, no. Ah, you'll do good in ... GRYFFINDOR!" it concluded grandly. She smiled widely and traipsed to the table, to the only empty seat: next to Ginny.

 Lily and James, her parents? Who was her brother? Unanswerable, impossible questions swarmed through Harry's mind about this girl. During the sorting he planted his questions on Lucy, curiosity beating politeness.

 "Well, I grew up in an orphanage: my parents were killed by some man." She shrugged, not realizing the fatal coincidence.

 "Who's your brother?" he demanded, processing her previous answer in his head.

 "What's with the Spanish Quiz?" asked Hermione questioningly. 

 "Yeah, what's up?" caressed Ron. 

 There was an uncomfortable silence.

 "Well?" Ginny stipulated intolerantly. Harry turned to Lucy.

 "Lucy," he began, forcing the words out; "I think I'm your brother."

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