Julia is dating Justin Bieber and they are not the best at relationships. Justin can be abusive and cruel to Julia but some days he can be so sweet and kind. Julia and Justin don't know what's coming they're way that could change they're lives and relationship forever.


2. love and struggles

||Julia p.o.v.||

I stopped crying and tried to avoid him when I past him walking up the steps. Some days I liked him and some days I love him sometimes he was a complete douche, I quickly went to the bedroom and got dressed.

||Justin p.o.v||

I walked up to our bedroom and stood in the doorway and walked up to her "I'm sorry for what happend." I said putting my hands around her waist. I really loved her and didn't want to lose her she was the best thing that happend to me, just meeting her. Sometimes she could be difficult and that's what got me angry.

||Julia p.o.v||

I smile a bit and wrap my arms around his neck. "I love you too." I said kissing his soft lips. I forgot about everything that happend about fifteen minutes ago. I knew he was being honest he was sorry and we may struggle threw our relationship but it's worth it. Or is it?


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