Rhea a normal girl loved to skate more than anything. But her small village and vile ex boyfriend hold her back until she's blown away by Kane and everything starts to change will she be loved and live her dream with drastic pasts and frantic events.


4. Her petite 5ft 3 figure.

Mid afternoon when the sun was dying down and it was becoming a little dark, I was sitting on this old wooden bench it was grainy and wearing away but it aloud me to see everything and everyone in the main town. I was pleasantly enjoying myself until a girl I did not know approached me and looked me up and down she was so tall, defiantly 5ft 10. She wasn't like rhea a petite 5ft 3 figure.

"So, you're Kane." She said, " who are you?" I tried to speak as politely as possible as I gritted my teeth together. "Come with me.." She curled her finger and I followed her like a lost puppy, confused and not too sure what she wanted. My mind was else where. She took me to a under bridge and pushed her lips on mine and that is when my mind lit up to where I was and what this girl was doing to me. "Get off me-! Who are you!" I pushed her off me and shifted my body as far away as I could. "I'm Maria, a friend of rheas, she's told me all about you... That you're ugly, and annoying and that accent is driving her crazy!" She couldn't of said that could she? "But you're so not, trust me" she carried on in a whisper luring closer to me unbuttoning my shirt one by one. I felt like crying which is very rare to me. This feeling isn't normal and the more upset I got the more vulnerable I became and this Maria girl took full advantage.


The next morning I decided I scared him off, probably because I couldn't even have one conversation without stuttering or tearing up. It doesn't matter. "Darlin' can you go to the doctors and get my tablets I'm running low" mum handed me a 5 dollar note all crumbled and worn. "Mum you know the price has gone up since last month it's 7 dollars" she started to shake a little " but I don't have the money to pay for it" she looked as if she could burst into tears "I'll find another job" I thought to myself I may even have to move to Fairbanks to get a better paid job but I couldn't afford it I'd be loosing money by doing it.

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