American Boy

Ariana visits America with her mum and sister, when she meets the love of her life...


3. constant chat

I went up to our hotel room and got changed. My mum took us to the shops and out for something to eat.

"Who was that boy you was talking to Ariana?" Asked mum curiously.

"No one" I said.

Then, I got a text. From JOSH! It said:

'Hey Ariana, it's Josh. Wanna hang out some time?'

I was so happy!

As we walked around the shops, I was constantly on my phone, texting him.

"Ariana, is that phone superglued to your hand or something?" Said mum.

*i didn't reply*

Then we went to sit down and have something to eat. I was still texting.

"Ariana, what do you want to eat?" Asked mum.

*i didn't answer*


*i still didn't answer*

"ARIANA" she said angrily as she grabbed my phone from me.

"MUM GET OFF" I shouted.

"Well answer me when I'm talking to you!!" She said.


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