Secret Passage

It isn't just an ordinary house..


2. The First Murder

The waiter came in with a big tray with at least 4 dinners. He reached down, with a nice smile to make guests feel welcome and handed over Lily's meal.

BANG! Everyone's heads twisted and eyes strikes like lightening towards Lily's direction.

She was dead.

Lauren screamed and tears ran the marathon down her face. Beth stood up and ran straight for the bathroom. But when Dave stood up, everyone hushed, he spoke loudly and clear.

"Everyone settle, someone killed Lily and it has to be someone in this house. We have to spit and go in to pairs and make sure we stand by our partners. Men, make sure you protect your partner 100% and Woman, keep a beady eye. Everyone stay safe and meet back here in an hour or if there's emergency then scream"

Everyone's anger cooled and they all had to themselves. They all split up.

Beth was still hidden in the toilets and didn't hear Dave's speech. She put her hands on the sink rim and put her head down in sadness. She didn't want to look at her self in the mirror. They was a repetitive tapping behind her but she never took notice.

Arms wrapped around her. A hand slipped on her mouth to envelop her. She was stuck. Another hand grabbed her by the hair and dragged to a hole in the floor. She fell 14 feet down. Lily was dead and Beth was gone.

Joe didn't know where Beth ran to. So he searched on his own for any clues. He stumbled upon a snooker room. He observed the scene and saw a fierce stuffed bear, faulty lighting and an unwanted smell. He walked in slowly and saw a dirt footprint in-printed into the carpet. He walked closer to it. A button clicked. A trap door opened and down he fell. 3 gone from a total of 7.

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