Addison has been the school nobody since high school started. It's not her fault being the shadow of her popular identical brother Aiden. Addison doesn't get bullied to her surprise. Addison is smart, beautiful, talented and humble but no one has ever noticed her. Addison spends her days in class doing her work, at lunch eating alone in the library and at home studying. Addison spends her time in her room as her busy parents travel the world because of work and Aidens parties. As loneliness caves the teenager in one of Aidens friends finally notice her. And makes her life happy again. Will she finally open her personality up for the world to see or will the secrets, gossip and pain shoot her down back to her shell?


4. D


Location: Ice Stake Rink

What's going on... My head is thumping. My heart it's pumping.. My mind is bumping. I am beyond my comfort zone. I step out of Aidens car as my dress sways. Is this too dressy? We walk towards the door and it automatically opens Aiden pays for both of us and we grab some shoes.

"Size?" Asks the counter lady.

"Um 8 please." I polity answer.

She disappears and returns with my shoes. I smile and take the shoes. Aidens a magically already on the rink. He's really fast. I walk towards a seat and switch shoes. I place my converse next to Aidens and struggle my way to the ice. I suck at ice staking. I hope I don't fall. As my feet touch the ice cold floor chills wave their way into me. I see Aiden flirting already. Typical. I turn my head and see Liam with some of his friends. I feel nerves scrim instead of chills. I debate on to leave. Leave this behind me. Forget everything. I spin around as I've decided what I want to do. But something stops me in my tracks.. The speeding children speed pass my sides as one trip me. I feel my legs in the air as my face falls to it's fate. I close my eyes and await the impact. Instead it feels like I'm floating. I'm flying. I open my eyes as I see I'm 7 cm away from the crash. What? I defeated gravity!? No the arms around my waist give it away. Someone has saved me from my near close bloody nose experience. The person twists me around as our eyes lock. His brown eyes make everything peaceful just like his calming grip. Is he a angel? No he's Liam. We stare into each other's eyes as time goes passed. I grow a smile as he does too. Nothing stops us. Even if someone bumped us we continued. I can't understand why we didn't move.

"Yo Mr Lover boy hurry up and come back!" Screams a familiar voice.

Reality ruins our moment as he gently returns me too my feet.

"Who's that fit girl?" Asks the boy again.

Liam moves out of my sight as I realise the boy is Harry. I smile like a idiot as his face looks surprised as hell.

"Um Hey Addy." Says Harry.

"Hey Harry. I see where you were running off too." I giggle.

He starts to blush and smirks. He spins of and skates away. I don't leave contact but I realise I was staring at Harry for too long. Liam touches my shoulders as I turn to him.

"I thought you might have not come."


"I don't know. I should doubt myself."

"Haha yeah."

"You look beautiful as always."

"Hehe thank you Liam. You look pretty as usual."

"Ugh you could say something better!" He laughs.

"Prettys the nicest thing you will receive."

"That's it!"

Liam goes to grab me and I take off. I start to skate really fast. Everyone looks like images disappearing in a second. This feels great. I stretch my arms out as I was In the Titanic. All I need is a Jack. I close my eyes just for a little while. I feel arms around me carrying my body.

"AHHH!" I scream.

I start to kick when I realise I'm wearing skates so I stop.

"Shhh let's go to my friends."

I sit in his arms as my legs hang just off the ground. He is strong! No he's like the hulk. We don't even know each other that much and we are hugging. We arrive to his group of friends and he let's me down.

"Hey dudes dudettes. This is Addison, if you don't notice Aidens sister. Wow are they are identical." Says Liam.

"No dah they are twins if you don't notice." Says Niall.

"Oh haha." He giggles.

"Well Addison you look good!" Shouts Louis.

My cheeks blush. Oh god they are all looking at me.

"Awww she's blushing!" Shouts Niall.

It makes me blush more.

"Stop it she's uncomfortable." Says Harry.

"Shut up Mr Late Night Stands." Snaps Louis.

Harry sighs and looks away. The group goes quiet as a red head walks up. A really familiar red head.

"Hiya I'm Auburn." Says Auburn.

I let out a gasp as I remember her from last night. How could I forget her. The girl Harry helped into my room.. Are they a thing..

"What's wrong??" Asks Auburn.

"Your names beautiful." I blurt out.

"Thanks! Yours is too!" Shouts Auburn.

I let out a grin and think hard. They are a thing of course why else would she be here? I don't know I don't recognise her. Harry skates beside her a kisses her on her lips. My heart parks anchor. My one and only crush. He's had many girlfriends before but I've never seen him kiss someone. My heart ugh my feelings.

"So I got to go doing something with Rebecca." Zayn winks.

"Go my man!" Screams Aiden.

"Cyas! And bye Addy." Farewells Zayn.

"Bye Zayn." I say back.

Okay your doing good!

"Okay I'm going to go skate cya!" Screams Niall.

As he says that everyone leaves Liam and I.

"Wanna come get some food with me?" Asks Liam.

"Okay." I answer.

We sprint to the shop outside the rink. He orders and I wait sitting by a table. As Liam walks towards me he places chips and one chocolate milkshake.

"Hey do you mind sharing a drink? Because I didn't have enough money for both of us?" Asks Liam.

"Yeah it's fine." I say.

We eat some chips sharing the milkshake that has two straws in it. I place my hand to mark it's my chip. I crush it's potato good ness in my mouth and place my lips on the straw. I front of me was Liam's eyes. Staring my souls out. We stare so awkwardly but we don't move.

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