Addison has been the school nobody since high school started. It's not her fault being the shadow of her popular identical brother Aiden. Addison doesn't get bullied to her surprise. Addison is smart, beautiful, talented and humble but no one has ever noticed her. Addison spends her days in class doing her work, at lunch eating alone in the library and at home studying. Addison spends her time in her room as her busy parents travel the world because of work and Aidens parties. As loneliness caves the teenager in one of Aidens friends finally notice her. And makes her life happy again. Will she finally open her personality up for the world to see or will the secrets, gossip and pain shoot her down back to her shell?


3. C


Location: My Room.

I open my door as slight as possible. Hangover teenagers grown and moan. I step out of my room and admire my brothers stupidity. I carefully shuffle my way passed the bodies of passed out people. I reach my kitchen and grab a large plastic bag. I bend over and pick up all the red cups and bottles I could see. It takes up too 2 hours to clean inside. No one helping me at all. Too hangover to try. I throw the rubbish in the bin and return to my safe haven.

Location: My Bathroom.

I have myself a quick shower. Not going to let a wandering sheep accidentally wonder into my bathroom. I finish and wrapped myself in a towel. I quickly get dressed into my usual outfit. Jeans, sweatshirt and converses. I walk into my room and put on a pair of glasses. These ones aren't broken. My favourite ones did but I can buy another. I look at the lock broken from Harry. What did he do to that girl... I hope she's fine.

I spend my time watching tv. F.R.I.E.N.D.S just makes me pity myself even more. Why don't I have friends? Why do I stay in my boring room? Why don't I go out and make friends? Because I don't have friends. I stay in my room to stay away from the outside world. I don't go out to make friends because no one notices me. BANG! The outburst of sound makes me jump. I ignore is but it won't stop.

"Addison I'll break it again." Warns Harry.

"I'm coming." I mumble.

I carry myself towards the door. Twist the door handle and a sick Harry stands there hovering over me.

"Can I come in?" Asks Harry.

"Yeah okay." I accept.

Harry slowly makes his way into my room and falls onto my bed. I close my door and roll my eyes. He never comes into my room. The only time he did was last night when that drunk girl and him barged in. I shut my door and turn around.

"Harry what do you want?" I ask whispering.

"I'm tried I needed a bed." Says Harry.

"Why my bed?" I ask.

"It's comfy. I remember from last night." Smirks Harry.

That memory from my mind makes the atmosphere cold. I sit on my chair opposite my bed and play my music. Little Mix knows how to make me feel. I look up as Harry snores away. Last night gives me shivers down my back. Him, that girl, Ashton.... Liam. Ashton creeps me the hell out and Liam. He's such a cutie.. I have his number! Oh my gosh I should text him. This could be my chance to have a friend.. What am I saying. You can never get friends. Could be nice to try. I open my phone and go to messages. Hmm where did I put the slip of paper.. Oh. It's in the pillow that Harry is lying on.. Great.

I tiptoe to Harry as he sleeps. I rethink these actions. What will his reaction be? I slowly move his head as the curls from his head flip of the pillow. I reach in to the pillow searching through the unknown. I can feel it. I go in deeper in the pillow case as I feel a hand on my wrist.

"What are you doing?" Asks Harry.

"Um um..."

"Spit it out."

"I have something in that pillow I need."


Harry sits up fixing his curls. He reaches into my stupid hiding spot and pulls the paper slip out.

"Liam Payne huh?"

"Yeah... I met him last night."

"You guys a thing?"

"No just friends."

"Oh cool here."

Harry passes me the slip as I go to grab it. He pulls it back and gives me a serious look.

"Don't hide something in a pillow case ever again."

"I won't.."

"Promise me."

"I promise."

He passes me the paper and I run to my chair. I type the number on my keyboard. What should I say? I'm so scared.. What if he doesn't like me! I don't know. He seems nice. I type the word hey and think about what might happen. We could become best friends. He might hate me. He might love me. We might become lovers.. I don't know. Come on brain let's step out if our comfort zone and do this! I send the message as I wait. He starts typing as my heart pumps.

Liam Payne: Hey is this Addison?

Me: No this is okay

Dammit why did I do that

Liam Payne: Funny! :) Me and some friends are going ice skating if you would like to come?

Me: Are you alright?

Liam Payne: I'm great.

Me: Are you sure?

Liam Payne: Whats this gotta do with ice skating? If you don't like me it's cool :)

Me: NO NO! I want to come its just no ones asked me to go out with them before

Liam Payne: It's fine :) your brother is coming so you can go with him :) I hope to see you there!

Me: You will

Liam Payne: I Got to go help my mum.. But seeya soon :)

Me: totally

Oh gosh Addison! He asked you to go ice skating! Wait. With Aiden and people. This isn't going to end well. But whatever I can get to know Liam then have at least one friend. But I can't wear this! I run towards my closet and throw clothes everywhere. I found it. I start to strip as I feel a pair of eyes on me.

"Um Addy." Says Harry

I squeal and return my clothes in its place. I look down shameful.

"Addy I got to go. Cya you around." Farewells Harry.

I continue to look at the floor. As I feel the present of Harry's mouth around my right ear.

"Don't be ashamed you are beautiful." He whispers.

What's more strange? Harry seeing me in my underwear or him telling me I'm beautiful? Both. Start to spin around and replace the current clothes with the dress I was planning to wear. White lace with white converse and a white rose ring... This outfit makes me look pretty.. Is that a good thing I hope. I walk outside and see the drunk teens have flooded away. Good. I walk towards Aidens room and knock on it softly. He opens it and looks pampered.

"Hey Addy what you want?"

"Um Liam invited me to go ice skating?"


"Liam. Liam Payne?"

"Don't know who that is sis sorry."

I look down and turn around what's going on?

"Addy wait I know what your talking about. He texted me."

"Aiden don't do that to me!"

"You like him?"

"I might finally get a friend so course I like him."

"Hehe be ready in 15 we will be leaving then."

"Okay bye."

"And you look great." Complements Aiden.

I smile then Walk to the kitchen and eat a bowl of cereal. I see Aiden walking towards me and I know it's time. We walk to his car and set of to ice staking. All I can think I this is too overwhelming. Harry seeing me, Harry calling me beautiful, Liam saving me from Ashton, Liam asking me to hang out, Ashton kissing me.. Too much. What is happening to me!

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