Addison has been the school nobody since high school started. It's not her fault being the shadow of her popular identical brother Aiden. Addison doesn't get bullied to her surprise. Addison is smart, beautiful, talented and humble but no one has ever noticed her. Addison spends her days in class doing her work, at lunch eating alone in the library and at home studying. Addison spends her time in her room as her busy parents travel the world because of work and Aidens parties. As loneliness caves the teenager in one of Aidens friends finally notice her. And makes her life happy again. Will she finally open her personality up for the world to see or will the secrets, gossip and pain shoot her down back to her shell?


2. B


Location: Outside My Room.

The staring eyes that dagger straight through me makes me regret this decision. I stand as still as statue. I man approaches me looking real drunk.

"Come with me." The man struggles to say.

"What." I mumble.

"Follow me. I know a spot we can chill."


"Why not?"

I look left and right and decide why not? I start to follow him passing the drunk teens on the floor. Why would you drink this early in your life. We finally reach a place and it's a closet room.

"I want to kiss you."


"Stop saying what it's rude."


He grabs me into his arms as my legs fall from the ground. What's happening? This is going so fast! I start to scream as we head towards the small room.

"Ashton stop!" Screams a voice.

He presses his alcohol lips open mine. My first kiss. And it's not what I expected. I feel muscle arms rip me out of the grip of Ashton. As he sighs.

"Your are no fun!" Screams Ashton.

The willing of my tears start to explode my face. The person takes me outside of my house and we rest next to each other.

"Are you okay?" Asks the boy.

"No I'm Addison."

"Haha good one."

"But seriously are you okay?" Asks the boy again.

"I'm frighten.. He scared me.. What would he have done if I.."

"He wouldn't have done anything like that only kiss you I promise."

"I'm so scared."

"Don't be he's drunk he would never act like that In real life."

"Well I'm scared of drunk people then."

"Haha. So Addison what school you go to?"

"The gifted and talented school."



"I go there too!"

"I thought I've seen you before.."

"I've never seen you.. That's impossible your are beautiful."

My cheeks start to burst hot red as his eyes cools me down.

"I'm Liam. We should hang out at school."


"We should hang out some time."

"Oh okay. That's cool..."

"Super duper! Here's my number so call me maybe?"

"Okay. Hehe."

Liam grabs a piece of paper and pen out if his pants pocket. He starts writing numbers and hands it to me. We sit in silence admiring the moon, stars and the sky. I start to notice a flying object falling across the huge sky.

"Make a wish." Says Liam.

I close my eyes and wish.

I wish that I will be noticed by everyone at school. I wish that they would like me.. I wish I wasn't my brothers shadow. I wish.. I could be me.

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