Pokemon X & Y I

In the new region of Kalos our hero Tai finds himself living in an unfamiliar town. He is called upon by the infamous professor Sycamore to set out on a journey with his chosen pokemon. Tai faces not only tough battles but also his personal life gets out of hand.


2. Intense Training

Santalune City is loud and busy, an annoying band plays at the front of the city, but a nice cafe at the centre. I sit around at the pokemon centre Chestpin and Pikachu chase each other around and speak to each other, I snack on an energy bar and the pokemon look up at me. I hand them a apple each and the chew on it for a little, after a good four minutes they finish and Sierra walks through the door. She takes a seat next to me and crosses her legs.

"Tai...are we being to hard on Shauna...?Am I being to hard on you guys?" I look at Sierra and take a deep breath. "If I tell you straight will you get mad?" she looks at me and then shakes her head side ways.

"You are a little cold and heartless at times...ok all the time, but I think we have been hard on Shauna, Sierra..." she looks at me oddly. "You guys keep calling me Sierra? My name is Serena...don't worry though that is probably my fault that I hadn't said anything earlier," she lets out a slight smile and then puts her hat on her head.

"Sierra...I uh mean Serena, I'm gonna go train for the pokemon gym, might even fill up the pokedex. Do you wanna come with us?" she looks down and then up nodding her head in comfort.

We walk out onto route 22 training on the wild pokemon in the grass. A Fletchling swoops down from a tree and Serena approaches it with her Fennekin, they begin to battle and the Fletchling is badly damaged. Serena throws a pokeball and catches the Fletchling turning around looking at me miserably then quickly letting out a smile and suddenly becomes a big ball of joy. "You gonna name that Fletchling?" I ask putting my hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah I was thinking Twitter it has a backstory that nickname," I look at her oddly and shrug. "Because I used to always be on Twitter and you know Twitter has a bird logo? Do you get it?" I nod and smile. We sit down in the forest listening to the pokemon cry and the tree's sing, I set down a picnic mat and place some food down to eat. The pokemon eat their pokemon treats which is what they basically diet off, me and Serena eat sandwhiches with peanut butter and strawberry jam layered on top. We sit quietly and talk briefly about some things, our four pokemon play running around us for awhile until they get tired and finish their meal.

We get up and shake off the crumbs and continue to train, a few trainers battle me and I instantly beat them. We walk back to Santalune City but a few feet away from the entry three boys who are trying to act like gang bangers come our way. I clutch Serena's arm and pull her back, the boys close in. "What do you morons want?" I say standing my ground. "Listen we do not want any trouble."

"Hehe listen kid we know your type trying to be a tough guy in front of your hot girlfriend, then we kick your ass and rape your girlfriend." I clench my fists and begin to frown, my teeth clench together and my pokemon get furious. "Let's go you and me right now, my Chestpin and Pikachu vs your two best pokemon," I say looking back at Serena who is shaking and cowering but not showing it.

"Tai you don't need to do this" Serena says and I shake my head. "Tai I am being serious we can just go into the city and get help or something," she says holding her leg.

"I'd listen to your friend there kid," he says laughing.

"Fuck you!" I yell.

Chestpin runs in front of me and the boy throws a Pansage out, he smirks and I smirk back. "Pansage, use pound!" he yells. "Chestpin, evade his attack and then use vine whip!" I yell clenching my fist harder. Chestpin jumps into the air and then smacks the Pansage around.

"Pansage grab onto a vine," I shake my head in laughter "Nope, Chestpin pull him into you and use pound and give it everything you got" I say, Chestpin wraps the vines around Pansage and then punches Pansage in the face it goes flying and faints.

"Good work Chestpin, come back and let Pikachu have a go," I say grinning as he throws a Pidgeot out.

"Easy, Pikachu use volt tackle followed by a tail whip!" I point yelling. Pikachu charges at the Pidgeot and rams into it then spins around smashing the Pidgeot in the head with its tail.

"Let's go boys" the guy says running away into the forest.

"Tai that was amazing," I turn around as she leans in and hugs me. "Let's get out of here Tai I don't want to stay a minute longer in this place." she says taking me by the hand and leading me in Santalune.

We go into a pokemon trainer inn and get a room with two beds, we stay the night and I lay in bed thinking about today. After a couple minutes I give in to the darkness.

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