Pokemon X & Y I

In the new region of Kalos our hero Tai finds himself living in an unfamiliar town. He is called upon by the infamous professor Sycamore to set out on a journey with his chosen pokemon. Tai faces not only tough battles but also his personal life gets out of hand.


5. Fossil Hunt

After heading through route five I arrived at Camphier Town, I look around but their is nothing of interest here. I do the last thing on my list and enter the castle. After walking in Shauna stands in front of me and quickly turns, "T!" she yells. "Route seven was blocked by a giant Snorlax and the guy that owns this place went to deal with it...problem is we need a poke flute to get to Amberett Town," I look at her without emotion. After several hours of walking we arrive at Parfum palace, my Torchic evolved into Combusken on the way here as well. We enter through the palace gates and a middle aged man walks up to me and offers me the poke flute if I can beat him in battle. I leave the battle to Shaunda and after a few minutes he gives us the flute and we walk away.

When we arrive back the man plays the flute and the Snorlax moves up the mountain. Shaunda and me split up and I continue on down the road. After two hours I arrive close to Amberett Town, All my friends wait up ahead except Shauna.

"T!" they yell.

"Hey Tai I wanna battle, me and you vs Trevor and Tierno," I nod.

We throw our pokemon out and they spare a little, after a good ten minutes the pokemon finish and we win flawlessly. We talk briefly then I carry on.

Just outside the gate of Amberett Town Serena calls me. "Tai!" I turn around and stop. "Quick lets get going quick they need help with fossils" we run into the town. We walk into the lab and the people explain how pokemon that are fossils can be brought back with their machines.

"Listen kids, we have a scientist out in glitter cave and he needs help he has been there for days" the scientist says.

"Alright me and Serena will head out to the cave and get your scientist back" I say.

"Thank you, a Ryhorn is required to get there...you must ride the stubborn thing" the scientist says. We arrive finally at the cave it is a very uneventful journey and then when we enter the cave it is even more uneventful.

Halfway through the cave a fashionable man wearing red throws out a Houndour. "Listen kid we are going to make the world fear us and you and your little friend are going to have trouble if you don't leave," we giggle at his ridiculous hairstyle.

"Tai go ahead I got this clown" she says giggling. I walk ahead another member stands before me and throuhs out a Houndour. I throw out Pikachu and they begin to battle. Pikachu finishes the battle with a iron tail and I continue on. But as soon as I turn the corner two people stand.

"Kid does team Flare have news for you...two on one is going to get you killed," I look at them angrily.

"That's ok because we fight together," I turn and Serena throws out her Fletchling. The battle commences.

"Go Charmander!" I yell throwing the pokeball.

"Charmander use smokescreen followed by flamethrower" I say.

"Fletchling use razor wind" Serena says.

"What is happening?" yells one of the enemies. When the smoke clears they had lost and we walk past them. The scientist is held up in a corner.

"Hello children, help me leave?" the man says.

"Sure" I say.

"Here I got two fossils, the jaw and snail fossil, pick one," I take the jaw fossil and Serena takes the snail.

"Meet me at the lab and we can resurrect these things," I nod and we leave the cave.

We arrive back at the lab and the scientist gives us a pokeball each.

"Tai this is your Tyrunt" I smile and nod. Serena grabs hers and walks off in a hurry. I watch in confusion and wonder what had happened.

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