Pokemon X & Y I

In the new region of Kalos our hero Tai finds himself living in an unfamiliar town. He is called upon by the infamous professor Sycamore to set out on a journey with his chosen pokemon. Tai faces not only tough battles but also his personal life gets out of hand.


1. First Days

The sun shines brightly through the gap in my window, I suddenly focus my hearing on the flapping of wings. I open one of my eyes and look at what appears to be our pet pokemon fletchling, I attempt to go back to sleep but it pecks my arm and I wake up rubbing my eyes. I set foot out the bed and look down at my bright blue socks. My striped blue pyjama's match my socks and I notice the smell of my deodorent. I get up and walk down stair the blue carpet brushes against my feet. My mom is humming a tune and as soon as I turn the corner she turns away from the bacon and eggs she is cooking.
"Tai! Your awake you lazy bugger, I want you to go outside and meet the neighbours. I know it's only been a couple days...three to be exact, but I still want you to go meet the other teens."

"Mom I am not going outside this town has no Wi-Fi and half the people are amazingly stupid. Can I not just eat and kick back on pokebook...maybe play some video games?" I smile.

"Tai you are going to go fucking meet the neighbours and that girl...the one you have been avoiding ever since we got here! Now go put on some clothes and get going!" my mom yells stamping her feet and pointing towards the door.

I walk upstairs and get my hair gel, brush and clothes. I spike my hair up to the left and put on my blue hoodie and black tracksuits, my sneakers lay in a corner and I shove them onto my feet. I walk downstairs and hear the girl Shauna singing, I turn back to my mom and think about running upstairs and locking myself in the room.

I gulp and open the door, Shauna begins to walk towards me with a big smile. "Hi! Miss Yvono how are you? I haven't had a chance to talk to you as much as I should. I believe this is your son Tai you told me about." she takes a brief pause and my mom pushes me outside slamming the door behind me. "So me and Sierra are going to go meet some others the professor wants to see us." She walks off with Sierra and they leave town going to a small town just down the road.

I follow behind them and see them seated at a table outside a cafe, two boys sit to one side and Shauna sits at the end leaving two optional seats one next to Sierra or at the other end. I sit down next to Sierra and they begin talking about business.

"So your Tai you and you must be Sierra, nice to meet you I am Tierno and this is Trevor, with his orange hair and glasses super nerdy. Shauna you got the description of these two spot on. Anyway I think we need cool nicknames for each other...do you like Small T?" says Tierno more bulk and tall with short black hair and a little fat.

"Tierno that is stupid I think he should be handsome" says Shauna "What do you think Trevor?" Shauna says nodding in his direction.

"Me? I don't know I barely know him and we are already giving nicknames!?!" says Trevor looking at a tube shaped capsule like box.

The group huddles together and then Tierno answers "We decided we will just call you T." I sip on my caramel latte and look towards Trevor opening the capsule with three pokemon inside.I look at Sierra who sips on her caramel latte and next to her is Shauna biting into her pastry.

"Here Tai you choose first, Chestpin, Fenekin or Froakie? Me and Trevor already have pokemon so you Shauna and Sierra must choose." says Tierno fixing his tie. I look for the pokemon that best suits my personality, I pick out the Chestpin he is happy, energetic and laid back like me. Sierra goes to grab Froakie because they best suit but Shauna grabs it first handing her the Fenekin. Sierra gets pissed off and walks off everyone gets up saying their goodbyes and we walk away.

Before I can get back to my home Shauna yells "Tai! Let us battle Froakie against your Chestpin" I roll my eyes and nod throwing my pokeball.

"Froakie use tackle!" Shauna says pointing at my Chestpin. "Dodge Chestpin until I tell you to use tackle!" I yell letting out a light grin. Froakie hits the wall behind and cries, it continuesly charges at Chestpin and Chestpin rolls to the side and Froakie stops on the side right in front of Chestpin. "NOW USE TACKLE!" I yell letting out a smile. Chestpin slams into the Froakie who flies into a wall and faints in exhaustion.

"Good work your amazing, here I got a letter from the professor give it to your mom. I have to go meet us at the forest past here after speaking to your mom." Shauna returns Froakie to the pokeball and I grab the letter. "Here let me heal your pokemon" Shauna says.

"No I don't think I need your help with that. See you later...if I'm unlucky" I say turning and running away.

I open the door to my house and my mom welcomes me. "Tai what did you guys get up to?" I shake my head. "Nothing mom here I got a letter from the professor" I say handing it over.

"Oh the professor wants you to travel and fill up this poxedex that was in the envelope somehow. Lucky you...well ok get going...and do NOT have sex with anyone unless you really like them" my mom says going back to her movie.

After a ten minute walk I get to the forest and see everyone there."Tai let us two travel alone and they can travel seperatly to the city. Yeah!?" Shauna says. "NO! I mean nah how about I go seperatly and you go with Sierra...you two could become better friends...get to know each other." I say running off with the others as we seperate in the distance. After several minutes of walking I end up in a bush and a pikachu scurries up to my Chestpin they begin to play with each other. This is amazing I may not even have to hurt it to catch it with a pokeball that I conveniently found on the floor. I throw the ball and Pikachu is instantly caught, I let Pikachu and Chestpin roam around outside their pokeball and they seem to obey me and follow. I hear footsteps that sound fast paced, I turn and Pikachu and Chestpin lay low in the forest. A girl in a red skirt, black singlet, pink high-tops and has light brown hair that is up in a pony tail, emerges through the bushes and bumps into me. I look up and notice Sierra who lays on top of me I notice her knee high socks and smile. Her hazel eyes shimmer and her lips are glossy, she pushes herself off me and wipes her clothes of dust. I get up and do the same .

"What are you doing here?" she says rudely.

"Training catching pokemon...you know my job, I could say the same" I say trying to act tough.

"Ok T, look I can't handle Shauna and I finally lost her but she is coming and I don't know what to do." I look over her shoulder for a brief second to see if she follows. A shout is heard from behind the bush "Little S you there!?!" says Shauna.

"Little S that's your nickname?" I say giggling. "Don't call me that, like ever" Sierra says coldly.

"Alright calm down Sierra" I say smiling.

"I have to get going she could be...."she shuts up as the bush rustles.

"Help me" I nod and grab her hand pulling her behind a tree. "Don't move and stay quiet" I whisper.

"Ok" Sierra says happily for once. I hear Shauna breathing and then the bush rustle again and there is no noise other than the pokemon and forest. We walk together and leave the forest entering into the city where people are bustling around.

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