Blade (Dark Zayn Malik fanfic)

Zayn knows he has to get into the gang, it's exactly what he needs, but Tommo, the gang leader, won't let anyone join the gang, unless they've passed a brutal initiation test first. But what happens when Malik is told to do the impossible, he could never live with himself if he does, but if he doesn't, then they'll kill him and then her! But there is always a third option- RUN!!!


5. "I Promise baby, you won't ever feel a thing" The Script, You Won't ever feel a thing

Zayn stared at her face, and then all his feelings went numb. She was gorgeous, like absoloutley stunning, and it she was like no girl he had ever seen and he couldn't beleive it. She was so different. so perfect, and so flawless. He'd never witnessed faultlessnes before in a person, he'd only ever sought it in violence, but this girl was giving him a different vibe, like no female ever had before. Then the urge to cause innocent people harm completely deserted him, and left him completely alone, and he suddenly felt not empty, but filled with the strange new vibes that he was getting from this girl.

Then he saw the trepidation in her, and then the blade that his hand had a firm grip around. He was all of a sudden pumped with complete regret for what he was meant to do. He couldn't do it, and that was that, he knew that he would never be able to live with himself if he did, and that he couldn't face going back to the gang when he did. He needed to do something, but he was stuck in the deep end, and there was no way the gang would let him quit on them, they'd murder him and her aswell if he even so much as took to long to get the job done, or didn't do it properly or fully.

What choices did he have? His brain struggled through the options, and none of them were feasible. Every idea he had about how to get out of the mess that he was in had a massive downside, and most of these downsides were violent, bloody and gruesomely messy. But there's always a way out, there always has to be! He searched through everything he knew, every little fact he'd stored in his brain. It seemed like impossible to him, as he searched for the soloution, which was hiding away,  somewhere in the dpeths of his brain. Then it came to him! The soloution to everyhting was just run away from your problems, simple but stupidly effective.

He realised that it was the riskiest plan he could ever thought up, and he was so releived that the plan had come to him, but he felt a bit stupid as it was so simple, and it hadn't come to him before, and he knew all too well that time was against him now, but to him it felt as if the whole world was against him anyway and he didn't stand much of a chance, no matter what he did.

He knew that he'd have to get her to run, and he wouldn't have long to persuade her, but he figured that if he was her, if a guy holding a knife tells you to run with him or you'll die, then you bloody well listen to him. They'd have to get the timing dead on, and run faster than fast, beyond their limits, and it would be stupidly fast, but he had some energy drink in the draw string back they'd given him.

He leaned in closer to the girl. "Now listen, and listen good" He said with a huge tone. He didn't feel that it was necessary to get a response from her, so he continued regardless, before she could do anything. "Okay, you're life's at risk, and so is mine unless we run and run fast, and I'm not kidding doll, I wouldn't be doing this if it was a freakish joke, you got me. Right, we're being watched, so I hold the knife up, as if I'm gonna stab you, and I'll count to three, then we run, faster than fast, and you run where I tell you too. I've got us into a terrible mess, but if you do exactly what I say, then I'll be able to get us out of it!" He said in a rushed, serious, warning voice, the sort you would obey if instructed by it, like the voice a strict teacher had, the sort of strict teacher every pupil feared, whether they were a tough kid or not (and let's face it, we all have at least one like that, so you all know what I'm talking about!). He knew that she would listen. purely from the haunted expression on her face. She blinked, and Zayn accepted that as a nod, and an agreement. He didn't like treating her that way, something inside it made him feel wrong, but he knew that at that point, hisw authority an knowledge of the sort of tactics that the gang used, was mandatory to their survival.

Zayn held the blade up, clutching the wooden handle so intensely, that his knuckles went white. He lined it up, as if about to stab her right through the neck, and started to count "One" He breathed, he pushed her against the wall, to make it look more realistic. "Two, three" he said raising the voice. Zayn released his grip on her, swung the blade towards her, and deliberately swung the knife round a little too much, so that it narrowly missed scathing her kneck.

That was it, their chance, that was all they had then, and this girl had to trust that Zayn knew what he was doing, and he was a complete stranger too! Their hearts pounded, and in that second they were one, because Zayn had risked his own life in order to try and prevent hers from ending, such an innocent soul, who had never done anything against him, but they became united, in their joint campaign for survival. They both knew that it would be more than tough, and that it would test them to their limits, but if they didn't try, their lives would be over anyway, within seconds. It was a dark and misserable thought, but for that moment, they were unable to think about it, due to the sheer amount of adrenalin which flooded their bodies.

Author's Note-

I'm really worried for them! Any one notice how you still know nothing about this girl? hahaha, it'll come eventually, i promise! I'm worried for their survival if I'm honest, it sounds wierd cuz it's just a story and I'm the one in power anyway, but I just feel empathy for them, and what they must be going through! aww!

thanks for reading guys! Also, If you're looking for another story, I have a fanfic called I wish, and I'm trying to get it to 500 reads, I'm only like less than 10 reads away, so I'd be greatful if you can check it out! I wanna get to 500 before the end of the week, that's my target!

Luv y'all guys! Nouis Toran xxx

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