Blade (Dark Zayn Malik fanfic)

Zayn knows he has to get into the gang, it's exactly what he needs, but Tommo, the gang leader, won't let anyone join the gang, unless they've passed a brutal initiation test first. But what happens when Malik is told to do the impossible, he could never live with himself if he does, but if he doesn't, then they'll kill him and then her! But there is always a third option- RUN!!!


6. "and we'll run for our lives" Snow Patrol, Run

Zayn almost leapt into the first step of what he knew would be a very long, fast, intense run. It would damn near kill him, he knew that all too well, but he'd have to put up with it. He didn't really enjoy running, but if it was your only hope for survival, then there wasn't exactly much choice. His heart pounded, and the vibration of his huge heartbeats vibrated through his body. His feet moved rapidly, covering as much ground asd his feet would let him in as little time as possible, after all, that's all running actually was.

The girl who was running with him followed, only a little slower than Zayn was. He would have liked to have grabbed hold of her hand, but that would only slow their sprint down, and the both them had to be as fast as they could. They'd covered about 100 metres before Tommo and Curls began their persuit. Kev was crap at running, as were pauly and preston, but Tommo wasn't bad, as he was captain of the local football team, which Zayn suspected he actually owned and forced people to join. Zayn knew that Curls was part of the team too, and he liked to stay in shape, and often went to the gym. Zayn had once seen Curls at the gym actually. He'd been topless, and showing off to/ flirting with a group of girls. Curls had been topless at the time, and sporting loads of tatoos, almost as many as Zayn!

Zayn powered on through the run, and he realised that they needed a technique and a direction, as at that point, they'd just been running in a straight line along the street. Ressidential areas weren't the best place to be stuck in a persuit in, especially if the person chassing you knew the place much better than you did. As they ran, Zayn formulated a plan in his head. The motorway wasn't too far away, and Zayn knew that if they followed the motorway, there would be a service station eventually. There was one about two miles down the road.

The motorway was surrounded by forests, but survival skills, and navigating forests was one thing that he was actually good at. As a child, he'd been in Scouts, one of his parent's attempts to normalise him, and he was a brilliant scout back then, he'd even made friends with a few girls there from some really posh school nearby. It wasn't a private school, but it had a really good reputation. They were all really nice, and so funny and they got him, and he could act like a normal person again!  It all came tumbling down though, one night at camp, and he got kicked out. He'd hated saying goodbye to those girls, it was so hard, but he could understand why he had got kicked out. The evening had started off perfectly, everyone had arrived and pitched their tents, and then they had a camp fire, and they sat and toasted marshmellows, and he even sung to them, which was a bit of a hidden talent for him, and the girls said that it was amazing. That night though, Zayn got angry, uncontrollably so. He just wished that he could spend more time with them, but they only ever saw each other at scouting events, and scoutcamp. He did it that night, when everyone was asleep in their tents one night, he set fire to the main hut there, and it was a pretty uncontrollable fire as they were in a woodland! He'd enjoyed that, but he was gutted when they'd kicked him out, and it only made things worse. He lost his best friends for good. That was about 6 months before his parents had kicked him out.

His plan was sorted, they'd take a sharp left in about 50 metres, and slow to a jog through the forest, go to the edge of the motorway enbankment where there was a fence, climb the fence and slide down, and then walk or jog the one and a half miles to the nearest service station, where they could get sorted.

The two of them carried on sprinting, and they were being followed by Curls and Tommo, who had gained distance and were only about 50 metres behind. Zayn saw his chance, in a gap between a large lorry and a van, and he knew that he'd be able to get into the forrest there. "Follow me closely" He panted, quietly but still loudly enough that she could hear. He took a quick right, into the gap between the vehicles and sped up, sprinting even faster into the forest. He turned his head quickly, surprised and greatful to see that she was still following. He decided they should do a run, somewhere in between a sprint and a jog, for 50 metres or so, then jog for another 50, and try the fence.

Zayn lead the pace, and the girl just followed him. It amazed him, the amount of trust that she had in  him, the amount of faith that she had put in him, and the way she just followed him. He'd never have done that in her situation, and in a way he admired that in her.

Eventually, Zayn slowed his pace to a jog. He knew that Tommo and Curls had been following, and as he predicted, they'd become a little lost, but no one would predict that he'd go down the motorway enbankment, and in the situation, unpredictable was what he needed to be. He followed the sound of the motorway, and eventually came to a small clearing, and it was there, the green fence that he needed to get over. There was a ledge the other side, about a foot or two wide, but it was dark, so he could barelly see it. He thought hard, there had to be something to make his life somewhat easier. He quickly pulled the drawstring bag open and rumaged around inside, there had to be something. He knew they'd put a phone in, if he could find that it would help. His hand touched something and he picked it up. It was cold, smooth, plastic and heavy and he immediately knew what it was. He found the switch and flicked the torch on.

There was light, and it was one of the most important things he had at that time, for their safety and reassurance. He gave her a leg up, angling the torch so that it would illuminate the ledge. He then vaulted the fence, and to him, it was suprisingly sucsessful. He landed near the edge of the top of the enbankment, and he risked toppling down, by he managed to regain his balance. "You okay?" He asked her, panting. "Yeah, I'm okay thanks, just a little scared" She told him with a weak smile.

He held a hand out "Zayn, Zayn Malik" He smiled. She accepted it, shaking it. "Flo" She grinned. Zayn peered down the enbankment. There were few trees and it would provide enough shelter, they'd be well hidden from both passing cars on the motorway, and the gang. The enbankment was pretty steep, but he decided that if he stepped down carefully, finding footholds. He made sure that Flo was okay when they were going down, and that she could find the footholds and handholds that Zayn was selecting.

They got to the bottom, and all was okay, but Flo began to shiver. "Here you go" Zayn said, taking his hoodie off and wrapping it around her. They began with a bit of a jog for half a mile, and then walked, and then they shared a small 250ml can of energy drink between them, then they jogged for another mile. There was only a short walk after that, until they reached the service station. It was a greatly welcomed, and warming sight for the both of them.

Author's Note-

Hey ppl, wassup!? I'm really enjoying writing this! Say hi to Flo everyone! hahaha!! Sorry if there are any typos in here, but a) I'm exhausted and b) I'm watching sweat the small stuff and writing fanfic at the same time! Grimmy is so gorgeous, Nicco is such a lucky guy!!

Thanks for reading guys! Luv u guys, Nouis Toranxxx



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