Blade (Dark Zayn Malik fanfic)

Zayn knows he has to get into the gang, it's exactly what he needs, but Tommo, the gang leader, won't let anyone join the gang, unless they've passed a brutal initiation test first. But what happens when Malik is told to do the impossible, he could never live with himself if he does, but if he doesn't, then they'll kill him and then her! But there is always a third option- RUN!!!


7. "And now I'll steal us a car" Stand Up, One Direction

Zayn cautiously scanned the car park at the service station, and shuffled a bit, from behind the bush they were crouched behind. He felt a bit like a meerkat, the way they stand on watch and scan the area for potential predators, but effectively that was exactly what he was doing there and then, and inside, it kinda worried him sick a little, but he knew that his first priority was to look after Flo, and make sure that she was protected from any harms and that she was generally alright.

There were no immediate signs of Tommo's lot, and believe me, you knew if Tommo's gang were there. There was always a certain disruption to the air, or a certain feeling of unsettlement, everyone around was wary, everyone knew they were all criminals, but the police could either never find enough evidence to charge them, or they were bribed out of it, by being given enough money that they could stop work for life, and retire away to a small country side cottage, live in luxury and never have to be bothered ever again.

When Zayn had assured himself that there were no signs of the gang, and that they would be alright there, he told Flo, that they could go in, get warm, grab some food and decide what to do next. In truth, he wasn't going to discuss with her what they would be doing next, he'd already decided, and he'd already formulated a clear plan in his head, he knew exactly where they were going. They'd been in yorkshire, but they had to get as far away as they could, and he'd thought long and hard about it. He wanted to hit a big city, or at least somewhere one the outskirts. Manchester, Newcastle or Liverpool were all obvious soloutions, but obvious was exactly what they didn't need to be, and Tommo had the contacts to have the whole cities and surrounding areas searched in a matter of days, so they probably needed to go somewhere more southern, but if they went too southern then they would have a huge and potentially risky journey ahead of them.

Zayn made his mind up, and he was set on it, somewhere near Birmingham or Wolverhampton would be perfect, central to the country, not immediately obvious but not too far either and if he got a move on, he knew that he could probably make it in 3-4 hours and that would be perfect, but he needed transport. He had a drivers licence and he had it on him, but he had no car or insurance or anything. He had to get a car, a really average car that was insured and looked legal, and he had to have the keys to that car, but the only way he could get ownership to it was by taking the keys, and that wasn't going to be an easy task.

He formulated his plan as they walked, but he kept it quiet, and left it playing on his mind, he knew that he had the skills to make it work, and he could get away with it, he had a few ideas about how, but he knew that if he tried hard enough then he could make it work. It might take a long time, up to half an hour or more, which wasn't practical, but it would work with a fair amount of sucsess.

Zayn lead her into the café in the serivce station and sat her down with a cup of cocoa. "Flo, I'm gonna go and buy us some essentials, stuff that we need and that. Hey, Tommo's given me three hundred quid, I'll spend it wisely of course, but I think we're gonna be okay!" He grinned. Flo smiled warmly and sipped at her cocoa greatfully. Zayn left her there with the bag, but he took £50 with him to spend in the few shops at the service station. He bought what they needed that wasn't in the bag, including a few hand warmers, two warm, fleece blankets, extra food and drink, a magazine each, a celeb gossip one for her and a street art one for him, and two torches, with extra batteries as well as the latest 'Now' CD to keep them entertained in the car he was going to nick. He also bought a rucksack incase they needed it. He had £5 left, so he bought her some body spray and he got himself a cheep spray on deoderant. He knew that he'd spent money on luxury items, but he also knew very well, that they would soon be out of that mess, so it was worth it for them to be in comfort.

He went back to the cafe and Flo was still sat there with her cocoa. He sat down opposite her and put the bag down. he spoke to her in a hushed, but urging voice. "Flo, I'm gonna nick a car for us, we need it more okay? I've gotta work quickly and carefully and I don't want us getting caught, so I'll work on my own, but you need to be ready to leave when I tell you we're going, with the bags and everything and we can leave." He told her.

Zayn stepped outside to the cold and misserable car park, light only by the night sky and a few failing street lights. Zayn had to pick out his targets carefully. He was incredibly picky about his targets. They couldn't be too old, otherwise he would sympathise too much and if they were to close to his own age then he would emphasise too much with them. He decided that he couldn't pick on a family as it would be too traumatising and it was just to unfair to target an individual, so it had to be a couple, who were sort of middle aged, anything between 30's and 50's would do.

Then they were there, and they were perfect. They looked to be in their early to mid forties and they looked fairly working class. Their car wasn't filled with bags either which was handy and they drove a vaxhaull corsa car. It would be foolish to steal an expensive car, or a really uncommon car, but that car was very common, so harder to find and less noticable. He followed them carefully, keeping a low profile and keeping out of sight. They sat down in costa and he watched from outside. The lady's husband went up to order their coffees, bingo! He'd left the car keys on the side of the table. Now all Zayn had to do was think of an excuse to go and talk to her. Zayn liked to use less traditional methods of steeling cars, more out of the box.

Zayn walked in, winked at flo and held up his hand with five fingers, to signal that she needed to be ready in five minutes. She walked up to the lady's table. She hadn't seen him enter the cafe, which was a point on his side, as his story would look more realistic. He walked up to the table. "Excuse me, erm I'm really lost and err I need to get home... can you give me directions to Wolverhampton please?" Zayn asked, putting on an innocent tone. "Yes, absoloutely, let me just get the map out of my handbag" She said, reaching down into her bag. Quick as a flash, Zayn slipped the car keys into the pocket of his skinny jeans. "Actually, I've just remembered that I need to meet my friends somewhere, I completely forgot, thanks for your help though, I really need to go" "What? Oh, er okay then" She said with quite a posh voice.

Zayn casually walked over to Flo, and gave her a look. He grabbed half of the bags and she took the others. "We probably have between two and five minutes before they notice, so we'd better hurry it up" He urged. They emerged to the carpark, and Zayn remembered where he'd seen them get out of the car. "Here!" Zayn said, grabbing Flo's arm. He unlocked the car, and grinned to himself slyly, It had worked! They climbed in switly, putting their bags in the back quickly. Then, the lady's husband came running out of the service station, shaking his fist angrily. "Quick Zayn, get out of here!" Flo shouted. Zayn drove as fast as he could.

Author's Note-

Guys, hey! no time long see! yeah, sorry about that, I haven't updated in ages! I've been so busy and I've just lost inspiration recently, but I'm back up to it again, and I can't wait to get writing again! It was nice to log onto movellas again and find out that I've got over 100 readers on this story and over 600 on I Wish, I'm so greatful for all of you!

thanks so much guys! Love you all!

Nouis Toran xxx


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