If They Knew

If they knew wath they're doing to her. If they knew...
(My bully story)


6. November 21th

I met a girl. Her name is Marry. When I say "met" it's because I met her last year but she is a year older than me. I restart to talk to her. She is pretty cool. She saw my scares....

Later, I've been called to the student place ( a place where all the mental help is ) I knew that she said it. I knew it. I had to go see the psy. Like if I wanted it. She red out loud wath was about me: suicidal taught and self-harm. I wad suppose to tell her every thing but i didn't. I can pass it by myself.

When i came back of this f*cking place, i saw Marry. She was talking with her best friend ( he is a guy). He's SOOOOOOOOO cute. I talked with him for a short period of time before I realized : he had fresh scares on his wrist. When I saw that, I asked him wath was that. He took me apart of the group and told me that he was cutting. When he said that, I said: You know wath ? You're not the only one. I showed mine. Mine were deeper. I gave him a hug and told him that if he wants to talk, I'm there.

I felt in love with him...

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