Sweet Dreams

The Dreams We Have, We Pay For.
We Pay For What Happens In Our Dreams, At Midnight the Councils: get to view our Dreams. Never in 95 years have they exploited The Dreams, but this time things change, a mirroring falls. The Council found the soul of The Dreamers. The person who dreamed of something so much that others had become the subject of the dreams. She didn't know it was deadly to dream.


1. Chapter 1: The Dreamers

I woke with a start.  I had a dream, now I have to turn it in and pay for it later.  The Councils make our dreams into a reality, but if our dreams are really nightmares then we have another situation to handle.  I had dreamed of love.  I always dreamed of love.  The Councils did grant my dreams into a reality, but more so for my friends and foes than for me.  They had found loves, had broken hearts, gotten married, and now, they each have at most 3 children running around their homes.  I didn't want that, I wanted to be free.  Freedom is what I want, I'm sure of it.  My freedom means more than likely another's freedom as well.  I want to be alone.  I am the godmother of 6 children.  They are such sweet kids, in the future I may decide I want to think of some.  No, I'm a free spirit.  I leave the covers of my bed and get dressed.  It is beginning to crisp the air, getting cooler.  I grabbed a flannel shirt and jeans, dark washed.  I grabbed combat boots as well. 

Running out of the warm home I walk the sidewalks to The Council's HQ.  Everyone who has a dream reports there, turns their dream in, is granted a piece of their dream, then awaits their time to have their dream granted.  I wait in a line, many anxious people await their turn.  The line moves forward, slowly.  I see the person having her dream removed from her, she sits in a chair with electrodes on her head.  The dream fizzles from her to the "dream box".  The dream box holds each individual's dream, until it is granted.  I do not want my dream granted, because this time I saw me, with someone else, not free.  I saw love, but for me.  I hope this doesn't mean I am granted love, an eternal flame.  I want freedom, maybe I can force love to leave me alone if I am granted such.  The line moves, a sudden lurch, every 10 seconds.  Everyone has a regular pattern, they dream of a certain goal, they dream of it until received.  For me, we know it is love, something I do not want to achieve.  But in the very corners of my mind, furious little pigments of love creep.  My friend, Brayson, she's a newlywed; jogs at me.  I see her from the corner of my eye, her relationship was something wired, on a love train, yet fighting every night; then he proposed.  Love train, yet they fought; this is where she would run for me.  Here she jogged.

Maybe it was because of my dream, it was one of the very few that crept, a mad relationship; hurtful yet loving that had struck her.  I guess I'm the new fangled Cupid.  The man in front of me is called to the chair, he looks back, scars line his face. What did he dream about?  Everyone always wondered.  I used to know him, but then I left for a year to the States HQ.  When I came back his face was full of scars.  I had a job interview as a news reporter, I didn't get the job though and my other friend had a baby the next day.  I never wallowed though.  Even in my sorrows I found a sprinkle of happiness.  No.  The man I was behind closed his eyes and a blue stream flowed into the jar.  They closed the lid and he opened his eyes.  A single tear left his eye as he left himself.  

They called me.  I inhaled the crisp air, nipping at my lungs a fire of ice.  No sense there, but as I walked up I realized there were people writing things and reading the things the others wrote.  People were taking positions in corners of the area.  I sat down and the same old woman who always did this smiled down upon me.  Her eyes creased with age, the smile beaming.  She was a nice woman, my mother knew her.  She had the same raven black hair, a single 3 inch wide streak of white hair was looped around in her long side braid.  She put the device on my head and I leaned back.  The jar with my name on it had different sections, from all of my dreams.  This was the last section for the third jar they had used for me.  I wished I could just stop dreaming sometimes.  Memories flooded my mind as I recounted the dream for The Council to take.  

I always remembered though.  The blank face's body against mine, the strong arms wrapped around me, the feeling of skin against skin.  The dream faded to a dull fuzz in my brain and I stood.  I walked away; this feeling of eyes on me as I walked scared me.  The people wrote and read and left their places in the corners.  My only friend who had known me as a child skirted forward to me.  I walked down an alleyway searching for the brick that was pushed out.  I would push it and walk inside of the room that would slide it's doors open for me.  He met me in the alley and we pushed it in together.  The scraping sound and metal clanking from inside grew in volume.  I walked in as he followed.  We pulled our hoods up and walked down the halls to the Room.  There were books of histories and just plain stories lining the walls, a Lifetime Library.  There was a table in the middle, rounded around.  It was really just our desk.  I jumped on the railing and slide down, he took the stairs.  

"Peter, seriously?  When are you going to grow up?  You know I love ya man, but you have just got to take the rail one time.  One time." I teased as I opened the hatch to the desk.  

I walked in and he followed, taking his seat at the second computer.  He was downloading the security system's password.  I was logging into the States HQ system, we were doing a job, for the people we worked for. 

"Piper, when are we going to call back the sarg-" he cut himself off.  

His eyes shifted from me to a place behind me.  I slipped the swiss army knife from my pocket behind my back.  

"Do not move." he whispered. 

A hand wrapped around my ankles and I pulled my swiss out, I stabbed into the space, a small growl in return.

"No, Peter run."

"I'm not going anywhere without you."  he looked like I asked him to kill a baby.

"Hello Piper." I couldn't recognize the voice.

Before I could reply a white cloth was shoved in front of my mouth and nose, I inhaled to scream. Black circles in cased my vision as my throat became inflamed.  Why was this happening to me. As my vision slowly faded I saw one of The Council members coming up behind Peter. I screamed, but nothing left my mouth.  They were dragging him away.  His eyes widened, they hadn't given him the cloth.  He was fully aware.  The swiss dropped from my hands.  My eyelids grew heavy as I left reality.

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