my brother's best friend

he was perfect boy, but i could never get to know him because of him. my brother. but watch has all of this changes.


2. we can't tell him though.

 Its the day of the party of course i am dressed as "highschooly" as possible because hey who knows what will happen. but niall is supposed to be here soon and pick me and my brother up. 

*at the party*

- hey sunny don't do anything crazy tonight promise?

-yeah whatever joey

 this is awesome ! ugh niall dissapeared, well it is his party but still i wanted to see him. theres alot of drunk teenage boys here its wierd.. shit ones coming.

-hey beautiful ;)


-who you here with ?

*he smelled like alcohol.*

-oh um.. niall.

*shit why did i say that, no.*

-oh your nialls girl, well he knows how to pick em out;)


-well lets. go upstairs baby

*hes discusting why would he think i wanna go up there with him.*

-um no thank you


boys here are so gross. i just want to see ni-, someone wrapped their arms around my body, he smells just like "NIALL" i turned around and yes it is him. 

-hey babe, so i heard you were here with him ;)

i could tell he was drunk so i just went with it, hey can't a girl have fun!

-yeah i did ;) 

-well, your brothers passed out on the couch why dont we go up stairs.

- okay baby , we cant tell him though.




*okay well thank you guys for reading its amaze balls. plus this is my first ever fanfic so don't judge and yes i wont get into details.. so yeah luv you guys <3*

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