Never Alone

After 4 rough years of middle school, Kaelee goes away with her family on a vacation and Justin spends the summer with Ryan and Chaz. School starts and things don’t seem to change, they are still as close as ever but Justin can’t ignore that Kaelee’s body has developed. Then he enters the talent show for back to school night and everything changes, Justin lands the girl and Kaelee feels left behind. So she moves on, and finds new love... at least she thinks. The girl who stole Justin from her, steals from Kaelee once again and she feels alone once more. A 'grown up' Justin and Kaelee meet again in their Junior year. Justin is in awe of Kae's perfect body and beautiful face. With his hair cut, low voice, and undeniable good looks; Justin is irresistibly sexy. Kaelee struggles with her true feelings for Justin; whereas he tries to tell her the truth and win her affection.Will Kaelee forgive him for leaving her, and has Justin really learned from his mistakes?


10. Playing Pretend


I wasn't sure what to do after what had happened in the park, but Kaelee had been the one to pull away. Did she not want it to happen? I hadn't intended on doing anything, especially that. I had just wanted to talk to her without my mom listening, not that she would... it was just a precaution. I drove home and sat in my room thinking. I looked at my phone hoping Kaelee would be the one to text me first this time, I did not want to be the one to start this conversation. 

Her lips had been soft and perfectly puckered, they tasted sweet on mine. Even now the taste lingered and it had only been one kiss. I could smell her floral perfume on my jacket that she had worn. Thinking about her made things worse, I kept tasting her kiss and feeling it on my lips. It was very hard to concentrate. 

I finally gave up on waiting for her to text me first, I needed to explain myself. I didn't want Kaelee to get the wrong impression.

'Kae..' I sent. There was so much running through my mind, but when I looked at my phone to text her I couldn't think of any words.

'Yeah...' She responded.

'I'm sorry about today, I didn't mean for it to happen... But I am glad it did happen, it was a happy accident. But I don't want to make things uncomfortable for you.' I typed the words fast and sent it before I could change my mind.

'It's only awkward if we make it that way, so lets not.' She responded.

'So we should just forget about it?' I asked. My heart sank a little bit, I didn't want to forget something so great.

'Yeah...' she said. 

'Okay, well what did we have for homework in algebra?' I changed the subject and allowed her to forget what happened today.

That night I had a dream about Kaelee. I was reliving the day all over again. The kiss, her scent, her lips, her eyes, her smile... just everything about her. It was so vivid. I woke up kissing my pillow and feeling horny. I had the same dream Sunday night.

On Monday I tried everything to keep Kaelee out of my mind. I turned my radio up loud on the way to school and found Ryan and Chaz as soon as I walked into school. 

"How was your date?"  Ryan asked.

"It wasn't a date," I said, avoiding their faces. 

"Oh really now?" Chaz inquired. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was onto something. 

"Yeah." I said quickly trying to shove the thoughts aside. They both opened their mouths to speak, and badger me more to hear about the 'date', but Kaelee walked up just then.

"Hey Jay," She said. She looked so calm, there was no hesitation in her smile. It was like nothing had happened between us on Saturday at all. Maybe she didn't feel the way I did...

"Hey Kaelee," I smiled. It hurt to do so, because inside I had a sinking feeling. In my mind I saw images of her face, her lips, hair and eyes. And I could feel the kiss again, and maybe just maybe the feeling of her kissing back... with tongue. I needed to stop thinking, period.

I looked past Kaelee to see Ryan and Chaz wiggling their eyebrows and making kissy faces at me. Chaz was thrusting his pelvis and biting his lower lip, humping the air. The people who walked by gave them weird looks, and I couldn't blame them. I was going to kill those guys later. 

Seeing my eyes move past her, Kaelee turned around. Immediately Ryan and Chaz stopped there shenanigans and pretended to be deep in conversation.

"I had fun Saturday," She gave me a knowing smile. "But you still suck at video games." She winked and walked away, her hips swaying. I watched her go, watching that ass.

"I gotta say bro, she has got a fine ass." Chaz said.

"And perky tits." Ryan added. I spun around and glared at the two of them.

"Shut up. We're just friends." I said defensively. I balled my fist and pretended to punch Ryan. He flinched and I laughed.

"Well, if you are just friends... I call dibs." Ryan said laughing. I glared at him and punched him for real. He doubled over and moaned in pain.

"You can't tell me nothing happened." Chaz said. "Did you fuck?"

"God no!" I said.

"Okay, well what did happen?" Ryan said nudging me. 

"Don't let her know that I told you."

"You've got our word."

I sighed and looked at the two of them. It seemed silly to put up this much of a fuss over a kiss, but we were supposed to forget about it. They were gonna give me shit for just kissing her.

"We kissed." I sighed. 

"Finally!" They both said at the same time. They pushed me and I about fell to the ground.

It was as if admitting that I had kissed Kaelee made the memory more vivid. I could literally smell her perfume and taste her lips on mine. I could feel the heat of her body on mine like she was moving closer and kissing harder. Even though that hadn't actually happened I could feel it like it would. It was like I was dreaming while awake. I tried so hard the rest of the day to forget that it had happened but every time I saw her, thought about her or even heard a word that reminded me of her... I got horny thinking about the kiss.


I hadn't expected it to be so hard to forget about what happened on the jungle gym Saturday. I found myself day dreaming about Justin all day, and for the rest of the week. I had to tell someone what had happened, it would drive me crazy if I kept it to myself. Besides, Justin probably told Ryan and Chaz.

The week finally came to an end and I was having Anna over today. Maybe a weekend with her would do me good. We were laying in my basement just talking when I finally decided to tell her.

"Anna.." I started. "You know when I hung out with Justin..."

"Yeah..?" She wanted me to keep going.

"Well, we kind of, you know... kissed," I said holding my breath.

"OH MY GOD! Yes! I knew it would happen! Are you a thing now? Why didn't you tell me before?"

"No, we aren't a thing. We are still just friends; we decided to forget all about the kiss and act like it meant nothing. I didn't tell you because I was trying to hide the feelings and forget about everything that happened. Talking about it makes me feel weird. I can't explain it."

"I know what you mean, I've felt that way when I met my babe," she smiled.

"Don't rub it in, bitch," I joked. She just laughed in response.

"I'm just saying, I think you're in looovee. With a capital 'L'." Anna laughed throwing a pillow at me. 

"Oh my god, hell no." I said my eyes wide. "I don't even know what love is supposed to feel like... How do you know?" 

"I don't know. Its an explainable feeling, you can't explain it. Like you said, you feel weird. But a good weird. You get butterflies every time you see him, even if you see him all day everyday. Hearing his voice makes you smile. Almost anything reminds you of him and it makes you want to be with him even more. And when you are together its like there are no boundaries, you can talk about anything and it be completely normal. Even when you get mad at him, you want to be close to him and the anger never lasts. But at the same time you don't have to be with each other all the time, and that's okay because you know that you have his heart regardless." She sighed and looked off into the distance. I opened my mouth and laughed really loud. 

"Are you trying to tell me that you are in love with Scott?" I said leaning forward. They had been together for over a year and they were honestly the cutest thing I had ever seen. 

"Maybe," she said blushing. I laughed again and hugged her close.

"Oh my gosh! That is so precious!" We laughed and laughed for a long time.

"But seriously, you ARE in love with Justin. I can tell by the way you act around him and the way you talk about him." She said with a straight face.

"I just don't know. I don't know if it is right for me to like him. After what happened you know..."

"Who cares!" Anna said. "It's ancient history and he did apologize." She waved her hand. 

"I guess."

"Your not afraid of liking Justin or falling for him. You're afraid of falling and no one, Justin, being there to catch you so you don't get hurt again."

"Damn..." I said softly. "That's deep." 

Anna laughed and threw a chip at me. She let the serious talk end there, knowing I wasn't comfortable.

Christmas had approached faster than I had anticipated, and the snow had fallen hard just before finals. It was extremely cold and I was just glad that I could be at home by the fireplace. 

'Merry Christmas!' Justin texted me on Christmas day. I smiled when I saw his name on my phone, my heart raced and my stomach had butterflies.

'You too, tell your mom and Jazzy.' I replied. 

'I will. So how is my cutie?' Justin sent me. My heart skipped a beat while I read the message. 

'Excuse me,' was what I sent back.

'Oh shit sorry, got a little ahead of myself. But you are a cutie.' Justin responded trying to cover up.

'Sure.' I sighed. I realized then that he hadn't forgotten about the kiss either. 

When I thought about that Saturday, it was like it was happening all over again. From the smells, his touch, to the feeling of his lips on mine. It made my heart and stomach feel weird, and I didn't know whether it was a good sign or a bad.


Once school started again, I found myself in the same predicament as before. I was failing biology and getting no where with Kaelee. 

"Have you asked her out yet?" Ryan asked one day. 

"No, I don't think now is the right time." I said shrugging. Honestly, I was at a lost as to what to do next. I didn't know whether to proceed flirting or stop altogether. 

"She likes you bro, just ask her." Ryan shrugged. 

"And if she says no?" I asked. I had never been so lost when it came to girls, but Kaelee wasn't like any other girl I knew. She was special.

"Then you pretend nothing happened, just like that kiss never happened." Ryan winked laughing.

"I don't know bruh." I said. 

"I mean do what you want, but I think you need to ask her before someone else does." Ryan started to walk away. "By someone else, I mean me or Chaz." 

"Shut up." I laughed and walked to class.

Before I knew it ACT's were coming up and the snow had melted away and spring was approaching. Almost everyone was freaking out about this test because it practically decided our future, what schools we got into and basically everything else. Other than worrying about ACT, juniors and seniors were worrying about finding a date to prom. Some guys who had girlfriends had already asked their girl early in the year. At this point, girls who were desperate were asking guys, and vise versa. 

"Justin," Chaz said. He was with his girlfriend, who was smiling holding a bunch of balloons, each bearing letters that spelled out prom. 

"I got my prom date." He laughed and squeezed the girl's hand. I laughed and watch them walk by happily. I hadn't really thought about prom until now, and I hadn't planned on going. 

"Dude, you have to ask Kaelee to prom." Ryan said one day after school. 

"Who are you asking?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"I don't know yet. I might go stag." He smiled.

"Yeah, whatever." We were playing video games at his house.

"Ask that girl from your fourth hour, the one with the big ass you are always talking about."

"Alexis? Hm, maybe I will. Only if you ask Kaelee." He held his hand out to make a deal

"Okay," I said.

"If you don't, you are going with a girl I pick out and she won't be cute like Kaelee is." I shook his hand firmly. It was on.

I spent the entire week trying to decide how to ask Kaelee to prom. I couldn't just ask, it had to be perfect, like her. The idea came to me that Friday during afternoon announcements.

*               *               *

Hello lovelies!!! Third chapter to update this break and we are still writing. Is Kaelee going to say yes when/if Justin asks her to prom! What color should she wear if she does go? This is so exciting for us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. <3 Smooches :*

-Mary + Rose

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