Never Alone

After 4 rough years of middle school, Kaelee goes away with her family on a vacation and Justin spends the summer with Ryan and Chaz. School starts and things don’t seem to change, they are still as close as ever but Justin can’t ignore that Kaelee’s body has developed. Then he enters the talent show for back to school night and everything changes, Justin lands the girl and Kaelee feels left behind. So she moves on, and finds new love... at least she thinks. The girl who stole Justin from her, steals from Kaelee once again and she feels alone once more. A 'grown up' Justin and Kaelee meet again in their Junior year. Justin is in awe of Kae's perfect body and beautiful face. With his hair cut, low voice, and undeniable good looks; Justin is irresistibly sexy. Kaelee struggles with her true feelings for Justin; whereas he tries to tell her the truth and win her affection.Will Kaelee forgive him for leaving her, and has Justin really learned from his mistakes?


4. Left Behind

Hey lovelies, this is Rose.  Just so you all know, I cried while we were writing a part of this chapter.  It might just be because I'm emotional, but just in case, get a box of tissues.  & let us know your thoughts after reading it. -Rose

~              ~              ~


I had thought about making him a sign, but I figured that would be a little weird. I didn't want to give the wrong impression. The first few acts were all pretty good. One group danced to a really popular pop song, and another group sang. Justin's name was announced and I saw him enter from the left. Tech crew brought out a chair for him to sit on. He held his guitar close to him and shook the hair from his eyes. After clearing his throat he looked out into the audience. We were all seated silently waiting to see him perform.

"Hi," he said softly into the mic. "My name is Justin and I did this as part of a dare, so don't laugh if I am terrible." As he smile the lights seemed to makes his eyes glow and his teeth looked sparkly white. He laughed to himself then began the first cord of the song.

He started straight into the lyrics, and I swear people's jaws dropped and there was a simultaneous gasp from almost every girl in the auditorium.

"When you feel it in your body, you found somebody who makes you change your ways." After that first line, people were flashing their phones in the air, taking videos pictures and simply just waving them around. People all over were singing with him. 
"If you're touched by the words in this song; then baby..." He sang with so much emotion; there was no way that I could deny it, Justin was a natural performer. I whistled and waved to him. To my left Chaz and Ryan were dumbfounded. They had been duped; I nudged them both and laughed. 
Justin kept singing and eventually he stood from his chair, set his guitar down and took the mic. 

"You got, you got it bad if you miss a day without your friend, your whole life's off track. You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house... You don't wanna have fun. It's all you think about."

By the end Justin was singing into the mic, his heart and soul into the song. He danced and looked at the crowd as if he was born to do this. He bowed out gracefully and ran off stage smiling. The acts that followed him seemed to lack something, but everyone was less interested after that point.

I waited alone after the show to congratulate Justin. It took forever but one by one the performers were leaving. Justin saw me and waved, one hand holding his guitar case. I walked up to him and he grinned.

"What did you think?" He smiled, already knowing what I was going to say.

"It was amazing, I had no idea you could sing like that." I said waving my hands around.

"I had the best lessons offered... the shower." We both laughed and we walked towards the front doors. My mom had offered to drive us both home and she was waiting somewhere outside. 

I pushed open the front doors and stopped dead. There was practically a mob of people outside chattering loudly, and once they saw Justin and I, they swarmed. Well, once they saw Justin anyway. They pushed and shoved their way to him and I found myself completely outside the circle. I stood on my tiptoes to see him and tried to get his attention but he was thanking everyone and trying to make sense of what was going on. Then this skinny short blond girl looked up at Justin and took his hand. He blushed deeply and was dragged off. I stood on the outer end of the circle and waited. 

Once Justin had appeared I called out his name, but he didn't see me. The girl pulled him away and kept talking to him nonstop.

"Okay then," I said to myself. I didn't bother to wait for Justin, instead I walked to my mom's car and we left without him.

"Where is Justin?" My mom asked. I suppressed a sigh and told her he got a ride from someone else. 


I wasn't prepared for the crowd of people waiting for me outside the school. Kae and I got separated and I couldn't see her among all the people. They all were speaking at once, and I couldn't really make out what they were trying to say; so I told them all thank you. I was finally able to spot a familiar face, when Hope had grabbed my hand. She told me that she could give me a ride and wanted to talk to me about the show. Following her lead, we pushed our way through the crowd. I started to look for Kaelee, but was unable to find her. I heard her calling me, but she was nowhere in sight. I let go of Hope's hand for a second and turned around to try and get a better look, but Kaelee was already walking away. Her hands in her back pockets and head down. I didn't want to leave her, but I didn't want to be rude to Hope either.

"So, Justin that was pretty cool. I really love that song." She smiled giggling. We walked to her car and I tried to find Kaelee again, but she had completely disappeared. 

"Yea, it is one of my favorites." I responded. 

"Did you really do it on a dare?" She asked. 

"Yeah, Chaz and Ryan sorta put me up to it." I said shrugging my shoulders. 

"I'm glad they did. You are a wonderful singer," She looked at me and smiled. Her blue eyes twinkled and I found myself just looking at her.

"Uh, thanks." I uttered at last. In the car now, she drove us to the ice cream shop before they closed for the season. We sat out at a picnic table and talked about a lot of things while we ate our sundaes.

I was really surprised with how easy conversation came with Hope. I had spent time with her over the summer but only while she walked her dog, cause she was always really busy. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket twice; two messages. I ignored them and just hung out with Hope until late. 

At home I told my mom everything. She beamed, I could tell she was proud of me; and I was just happy I had made her proud. 

“That is wonderful, I am glad high school has started out like you wanted.”

I walked into my room and flung myself on my bed. It was an awesome night. I grabbed my Xbox controller, and played online with Ryan and Chaz for a while. I boasted about my date with Hope, and rubbed the talent show in their faces more.

My phone buzzed again, it was the fourth time tonight and I was starting to get annoyed. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the messages.

‘I hope you got a ride home. Sorry I left; it was too hard to get to you.’ The text was from Kaelee. She had sent three others.

‘I’m really proud of you Jay.’

‘I am really glad that I was there to see you perform like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up being an entertainer after high school. Your singing is truly amazing, and I am proud to say that my best friend was the one who rocked the talent show our freshman year.’

These all must have been sent while I was out with Hope, the time stamp was before nine, and it was eleven now. I felt terrible for not responding sooner.

The last message was from Hope,

‘I had a good time tonight, we should do it again.’ She sent with a winky face. I felt butterflies in my stomach; I started to reply when my phone buzzed again.

‘Okay, I know you aren't asleep, or still out because you are on Xbox, I see that you are online. I also saw that you read my messages. You ditched me after the show, and then ignore me for hours, some friend. So when you are tired of the spotlight and have time for me again, you know my number.’

I responded immediately, what was wrong with her?

‘Look I’m sorry. It’s been a crazy night. Seriously, don’t act like this.’ I sent it and waited for a response. I returned to my game with Ryan and Chaz, we played until well after midnight. There was still no reply from Kaelee when I got offline. She had probably fallen asleep, it was no big deal. I was going to talk to her in the morning and apologize. 

I woke up late Saturday morning, I had almost forgotten about yesterday completely. It had felt like a dream. When I turned on my phone I realized that it wasn't. I had numerous friend requests on Facebook, followers on twitter, and of course text messages from Hope. 

'Good morning cuteness,' she said. I smiled and replied saying the same. There were also messages from Ryan and Chaz, both saying just about the same thing.

'Dude, you are practically YouTube famous!' I read the message a couple hundred times, before it registered in my head. I got on my laptop and searched on YouTube, there were tons of videos posted, and they had thousands of views and hundreds of comments. I couldn't believe it. Overnight I had become known not only in my school, but online. My phone buzzed, pulling me away from all these thoughts.

'Hey...' It was from Kaelee. My heart dropped, remembering what she had said to me last night.

'Kae, I am sorry.' I said, not really sure what else I should say to her.

'I know. Anyway, I see you are all but famous now on social networks.' She replied.

'It's crazy. I'm all over YouTube too.' I said. 

'I saw that.' As I was reading her last text, my phone started ringing. Hope was calling me, my heart skipped a beat.

"Hello?" I tried to act cool when I answered the phone.

"Finally, you are up. I wanted to know if you would come to the mall with me and my friends." She said in a perky tone. I ran my fingers though my hair, thinking. Did this count as a date? 

"Sure, what time?" 

"Now." She said. I jumped out of bed and started to panic. 

"Just let me get ready. I'll be there." 

"Come over to my house." Then she hung up the phone. I threw the phone on the bed, and ran around looking for something to wear. 

Ten minutes later I was running out the door. I walked over to Hope's house and knocked on the door. My palms felt sweaty, and I didn't know why. This wasn't an actual date.

"Hey," Hope said as she answered the door. 

"I'm here." I said lamely.

"Cool, lets go!" She slammed the door shut behind her and we walked to her car. She was wearing tight blue jeans, and a pink button up shirt, that she had tied up. It barely covered her stomach. It looked good on her slim silhouette, and I couldn't look away. 


Justin had stopped texting me an hour ago, so when Anna asked if I wanted to go to the mall, I accepted. My mom drove us over there. I hadn't been to the mall in ages, and I was in need of new things. 

"Lee, we need to stop in Hot Topic. They just got a bunch of stuff for that new movie coming out." Anna was jumping up and down in excitement. I laughed, she was really growing on me.

"Okay," I said. We got out of my mom's car, and walked inside. I was wearing my red plaid shirt, skinny jeans and my combat boots as usual. I had thrown my hair into a ponytail and was feeling good. 

We walked around for hours mostly window shopping, but in Hot Topic we bought a bunch of stuff. I walked out with a completely new outfit. Now we were in the food court eating. 

"Yesterday was really cool. That kid that you are friends with is a really good singer." Anna said, her mouth full. "He is really cute too."

"Ew," I said rolling my eyes. "He is a great singer, I had no idea he was that good. But he's practically ignored me since." I shrugged. 

"Some friend," Anna said laughing. I laughed too, feeling my stomach drop. Maybe he wasn't my friend, at least not anymore. The past week, he had been busy practicing for the talent show, and he had spent every morning in the sophomore hallway with that girl, Hope. I guess that's what happens in high school.

"At least I have you," I said in a joking tone. Anna laughed.

"You do." She winked. I raised my eyebrows at her, she was really odd. "Oh, I don't mean to alarm you. But your not so good friend is here, with a bunch of sophomores." Anna's eyes went wide, and I felt my body tense up. So that was why he didn't answer my text this morning. 

"Jay, tell them about what Ry and Chazy made you do!" Hope's voice was loud. I turned around and saw them walking hand in hand with three other girls crowding them. I about vomited at just the sight, not to mention the nicknames she had given them all. I was the only one who had ever called Justin by that name, and I was the only one he let do it. I guess we weren't as close as I had thought. He didn't even bother to tell me he was going to be busy. 

"Well," Justin said. "They dared me to do it, and I got thirty dollars out of it. So its a win win for me I guess." He laughed, and the girls all giggled around them. Justin looked around him for a moment, and out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of me. 

Here we go, I thought to myself. 

"Oh hey! Kae, what are you doing here?!" He asked, genuinely surprised to see me. He let go of Hope's hand and walked over. The girls huddled together and started talking softly. I noticed that they kept throwing glances my way and whispering.

"I have a life away from you Justin." I spat. "And friends."

"I know.." He said pushing the comment aside, "I just didn't expect to see you here. But hey, can you believe it. Hope, my neighbor, remember? She asked me to come with her today, and I think she likes me. A sophomore likes me!" He was so excited, but I couldn't help but be mad. 

"That's cool." I said flatly.

Before Justin could say anything else, Hope and one of the other girls walked up to us.

"Come on Jay," Hope whined. "Why are you even talking to these girls?" 

"I wouldn't really call her a girl." Hope's friend said, pointing to Anna. "I would say, Whale.. You're too good for it and its friend here." Hope laughed. Justin didn't look away from me the entire time, I couldn't understand the look on his face. It was like he was silently trying to apologize. 

Anna was chubby, but she wasn't fat. I was fuming right now; I wanted them to go away. I glanced at Anna, she had shoved her plate away and was looking at the floor. Her cheeks were red and I knew she was going to cry. I stood up pushing Justin aside lightly. 

"How about you hoes go back to your working your corner." I stepped forward getting in the girl's face.

"Kaelee, Jesus Christ! What is your problem?!" I spun on Justin now, and pushed him back.

"Seriously, what the fuck? You are taking this random ass bitch's side over mine. She comes over here and insults me and my friend, and you are asking what MY problem is. You need to check yourself Justin, because soon your fifteen minutes of fame is going to be over and these people aren't gonna be the ones by your side. They aren't real friends, they just like the talented new kid with a pretty face."

"Kaelee!" Justin said holding his hands up. I turned around and grabbed Anna's hand. We started to walk away. I was so done with this. I wasn't going to stand for bullying and Justin wasn't going to stand up for me. 


For the second time in less than 24 hours, I watched Kaelee walk away from me. I was afraid that she wouldn't talk to me ever again. I didn't mean to choose sides, I just didn't want two people I cared about to fight. 

"You know," I heard Hope whisper seductively in my ear. She touched my arm lightly and slid her hand down until she grabbed my hand. "If I was your girlfriend, I wouldn't walk away from you like that." I shivered, chills running down my back. 

"Well I am glad THEY'RE gone." Hope's friend said.

"Yeah..." I said softly, but I wasn't glad at all. I felt terrible, this was wrong. The look on Kaelee's friend's face reminded me a lot of Kaelee that day in school last year. 

"Jay!" Hope said waving her tiny hand in front of my face. "Come on silly we are going to go get smoothies!" She pulled my hand and we left the mall. 

When I got home I tried to call Kaelee twice, it went to voice-mail. So I texted her instead.

'Text me or call me later, please.' I waited for hours anxiously. After awhile I thought she wasn't going to answer at all. It wasn't until late that I heard from her. My phone rang and I jumped out of bed and answered.

"Hello, Kae?"

"Don't call me that please." She said. I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was still mad at me.

"It's what I call you?" I said hesitantly.

"My good friends can call me that. Justin, I don't feel like I can call you that anymore" She said with a sigh.

"You can't still be mad at me..." I said in disbelief. I thought this whole thing would just blow over. 

"Justin, you broke my trust. You basically took some strangers side over mine. That girl was being mean to my friend. You heard what she called Anna, a whale. What makes that okay to say?" She paused as if waiting for a response, I didn't know what to say. Of course it was wrong, but my mind was caught up in everything else.

"Nothing makes that okay Justin! If someone had said those things about you, Ryan, or Chaz I would have said something immediately. You just stood there with this dumb look on your face. And on top of that you have been ignoring me for most of the week, only talking to me for like five minutes before disappearing off the face of the earth."

"It wasn't Hope's fault, her friend was out of line." I said at last. She couldn't blame Hope for this.

"Hope, Hope, Hope. She is all you care about. She didn't say anything to stop her friend either. In my book, that makes her just as guilty."

"I know, I know." I said, I didn't want her to be mad at me anymore, I wanted this to be over. "I'm sorry Kaelee, that was why I wanted to call you and talk to you. To let you know that I am sorry. I don't want to lose my best friend over this."

"Well then don't push me away." She said after a moment. 

"I won't." I felt defeated. Kaelee had a point, I wasn't being a very good friend. I told myself I would be a good friend from now on. "Kaelee I am sorry, I will fix this."

"Okay Justin." She said. Then the line went dead. I threw my phone on the bed. A second later it lit up.

'Hey cutie,' Hope had texted me. I didn't feel like talking so I pretended I had fallen asleep. I would text her tomorrow.


"You know what they said isn't true, right?" I asked Anna once we left the mall. I heard her sniffle. She just kept looking down, not answering. "Come on, don't listen to them.  They are just some stuck up hoes that have nothing to do with their lives so they have to ruin other people's lives. Trust me, if they knew anything about you they wouldn't talk like that." 

"It's just not fair." Anna said at last. 

"Some people are mean, and some mean people were bullied before too. In the end, mean people don't care about your feelings. But you can't forget about the people who do care. Forget about people who bully you, they don't really matter. They are just obstacles keeping you from reaching your goal; and god doesn't throw us obstacles we can't handle. People like that aren't going to get anywhere in life by being mean to others, because eventually someone meaner is gonna knock them off their feet. That's when you will shine." I told her the same thing that Ms. Holloway had told me last year. I had remembered every word of it, it meant a lot to me and had changed the way I take on life. Anna perked up a bit.

"That was deep." She smiled softly. I laughed. 

"I'm here for you." I replied. 

When I got home I had a message from Justin. I wasn't ready to talk to him so I didn't respond. Instead I busied myself with other things. I looked at all the clothes I had gotten in Europe, mostly dresses. My mom had picked most of them out. I tried every single one of them on. All I was doing was stalling. I spun around a couple times in each of the outfits, I had to admit, I liked the way they looked.

It was almost ten o'clock when I decided to call Justin. I was still angry with him afterward, but I realized he couldn't help it. He liked Hope, a lot. But for some reason that made me angrier. He was going to let this girl he barely knew get in the way of us. I was mad and afraid at the same time. 

*          *          *

Hello, Lovelies!! We finally were able to update <3 We are so sorry for taking this long. The website was not our friend this weekend. But we did get it uploaded and we are hoping its the only bump in the road we have through out this story. We hope that this was worth the wait. Let us know by commenting, liking and favoriting. As always we need it, and we love hearing from you. Smooches. 

-Mary + Rose 

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