Never Alone

After 4 rough years of middle school, Kaelee goes away with her family on a vacation and Justin spends the summer with Ryan and Chaz. School starts and things don’t seem to change, they are still as close as ever but Justin can’t ignore that Kaelee’s body has developed. Then he enters the talent show for back to school night and everything changes, Justin lands the girl and Kaelee feels left behind. So she moves on, and finds new love... at least she thinks. The girl who stole Justin from her, steals from Kaelee once again and she feels alone once more. A 'grown up' Justin and Kaelee meet again in their Junior year. Justin is in awe of Kae's perfect body and beautiful face. With his hair cut, low voice, and undeniable good looks; Justin is irresistibly sexy. Kaelee struggles with her true feelings for Justin; whereas he tries to tell her the truth and win her affection.Will Kaelee forgive him for leaving her, and has Justin really learned from his mistakes?


11. Fall


I didn't even have to audition for the Music assembly. The teacher who ran the whole ordeal asked me to be in it, claiming I made it better. Ryan and Chaz said it was cause she had the hots for me, which was okay because I thought she was hot. 

She was the mass media teacher, and Ryan and Chaz were in the class. So they got to be the announcers for the music assembly, this was going to be perfect. 

"Dude this is going to be great! We are all gonna kill it out there!" Chaz said after a meeting one afternoon. Everyone was to have decided on what they were going to sing for the performance, videos were due next week. 

"So what are you gonna sing?" Ryan asked.

"Oh I've got the perfect song. One I wrote, that way I know no one will copy me."

I went home that day started practicing the song and making minor adjustments to it. It had to be just right for the show. I didn't want anything to go wrong. Of course all this practicing sacrificed the time I spent talking to Kaelee, but she understood.

I spent a lot of time with the show crew after school making sure everything was right. As the day drew nearer I became anxious. The Monday before the performance, I was hanging out with Ryan and Chaz at the food court in the mall. 

"So, you haven't asked Kaelee yet. Looks like I am gonna have to pick a girl out for you." Ryan said raising his eyebrows as he stuffed his face with pizza. 

"I've got time." I said.

"Well, I know some girls that are looking for a date. Here let me show you some pictures." 

"Dear god." 

"Well you better hurry. I already asked Alexis, and she said yes." He smiled smugly.

"How'd ya ask?" Chaz asked.

"I made a little map for her to walk through the halls and then I was at the 'X' with a sign and a necklace. Get it, treasure." Damn, that was a good one. 

"Nice." I said. Right now I was worried about the performance. It was nerve wracking; I was thinking about it for the rest of the day. 

"Is something wrong?" Ryan said. We were back at his house watching tv and just doing nothing. 

"No, I am just thinking. I need your help with something though, you and Chaz."

"Sure dude what?" They looked at me concerned.

"I need help with asking Kaelee to prom." I said. "This is my idea."


For the past couple of weeks I had been forced to not think about Justin, he had been busy and thinking about him made me want to talk to him more than I already did. At school everyone was talking about the assembly, mostly about Justin. Anna and I bought our tickets early, and we were both really excited. Scott was playing the drums in a couple of acts, which was pretty cool. 

"I can't believe Friday is only a few days away!" Anna said excitedly. I laughed at her, she was too happy.

"I know," I said. I was just thinking about watching Justin sing his heart out on stage again. He had the most beautiful singing voice ever. 

"I have no idea what to wear!" Anna said. "I want to look cute for Scott." She blushed.

"You are such a girl." I rolled my eyes. We were at our hang out sipping smoothies, as usual. I looked at her from across the table and shook my head.

"So are you. Besides, I can look good for my man if I want." She bobbed her head at me.

"You are so head over heals for him." 

"And you are so head over heals for Justin. You should dress up too!" She screeched.


"So you are the sexiest looking thing out there. So he can only look at you." She winked at me and stuck out her tongue.

"Whatever!" I laughed. 

"Oh come one! We have to go shopping." She dragged me out of my chair and threw my smoothie away. Then we drove to the mall and looked for new outfits. 

"Has Scott asked you to prom yet?" I asked as we walked around the stores. She had already found what she was going to wear, and Anna was still insisting on me buying a dress.

"Yeah, oh it was so cute. So one night I was sitting in my room doing homework, right? But it was like eight and I thought that Scott was at work still, but I heard something hitting my window, and at first I was scared. I crept to the window and realized someone was throwing rocks at it. I looked outside and saw a bunch of candles spelling out prom, and Scott was sitting on a blanket with some food and a radio. I opened my window and I could hear that it was playing out song. He stood up and held flowers up to me. I ran downstairs and all but cried." 

She finished the story and I almost cried, it was so perfect. I was so jealous. We happy danced right in the middle of the mall.

"That is so cute! When are you getting your dress?" I asked.

"I don't know, soon. I want you to come with me though. We may drive out of town to that one mall."

"Road trip!" I hollered. Eventually I found the perfect dress and we left the mall. 

When I got home I looked at the calender, it was March 1st tomorrow. Justin's birthday, I smiled to myself as I thought about it. 

"Hi honey, you are home early." My mom said.

"Yeah, look at the dress I got." I smiled as I showed her it. She giggled like a giddy girl when I pulled it from the bag.

"It is precious, honey." She was all but jumping up and down with excitement. "So, prom is coming up soon." She waggled her eyebrows. 

"Mom!" I said laughing.

"I was just wondering if anyone had asked you yet. Come help with dinner." She turned away and walked into the kitchen. We were having tacos for dinner, which was dad's favorite. 

"So has anyone asked you?" My mom asked as I was cutting up tomatoes. I sighed.

"No," I know I sounded like I was a little disappointed, and I was. 

"Who do you want to ask you?" She asked booty bumping me lightly. I bumped her back. 

"I don't know." I lied.

"Justtiiiin?" She laughed. 

"Yeah," I whispered.

"Oh! He is so adorable. I am so glad you guys are still friends. I am sure he will ask you sweetie." She hugged me and ruffled my hair. I smiled up at her. 

"So what is the theme? That was always my favorite part in high school. You know I was on the committee to pick the theme." 

"It's like a Hollywood theme. They are calling it 'A Night on the Red Carpet'. I think its fitting." 

"That's a good one. I can't wait to take pictures of you guys." She was smiling.

"Mom, he hasn't even asked me." I said.

"Who hasn't asked you?" Dad said, he must have smelled the food.

"Oh nothing honey, girl talk." Mom said giving me a wink. I loved her.

"This smells great." 

The night ended good, my parents provided a good distraction from Justin. My mom and I talked about going shopping with Anna and her mom, they had become good friends too,. We decided we would make an entire girl's day out of it, if I got asked. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, Justin and I hadn't talked very much at all the entire week. I was going to make sure I talked to him tomorrow though. I went to bed and had a dream about prom and Justin. 


I met with Ryan and Chaz Wednesday morning and we walked down the halls together.

"What is Kaelee's friend's name?" Ryan asked. I thought hard for a moment and then I remembered what it was. 

"Uh, Anna why?"

"How else are we going to know where..." Ryan trailed off, his eyes looking over my shoulder. He smiled and waved.

"Hey Kaelee." He and Chaz said at the same time. 

"Hey." She turned to me. She was smiling brilliantly. "Hi Jay, happy birthday." I barely had time to mutter thanks before she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her in a tight hug. I hugged her back, keeping her close to me. She was resting her head on my chest, and I had mine looking over her shoulder. Behind Kaelee, Chaz was grinding on the lockers and mouthing 'Grind on Me' while Ryan was thrusting the air singing 'Birthday Sex'. I flipped them off, and at the same time Kaelee leaned onto her tiptoes and kissed me softly on the cheek. If I had known it was coming I would have turned my head to kiss her on the mouth. Chaz started banging his fist on the lockers really hard. Kaelee turned around and they froze mid hump.

"What the fuck guys?" She laughed. 

"Get get get get it gurl!" Chaz sang. Kaelee flipped him off and turned away.

"Not a chance." She said walking to her locker. 

"Fuck you guys." I said laughing. I knew she hadn't taken it seriously. But now I had that image in my head, it was steamy.

"You're a lucky bastard, Justin," Ryan said.

"You get in her pants an you'll be known as the king," Chaz said. I shoved both of them.

"It's not like that, guys," I replied.

"But you wish it was." Chaz said laughing.

"I don't want Kae for her looks or the sex, I want her because of her personality." 

"Well, I want her for her ass," Ryan joked. "Nah man, I don't like her like that."

Then the tardy bell rang and we all ran separate ways cursing under our breaths. Ryan and Chaz were both really lucky that they were my best friends, I wouldn't let anyone else talk about Kaelee like that. I knew they were joking though so I didn't take it to heart. They knew how I felt.


Friday rolled around, and I found myself in a sweat all day. I brought the outfit I was going to wear for the performance, and put it in my locker. I was not going to get sweaty in that until I was on stage. Holy fuck, I was nervous. The assembly was at the end of the day, so everyone involved missed half of their classes, which I was grateful for. I skipped biology and went straight to the auditorium. I changed and pulled out my guitar and got everything ready, I was just trying to calm my nerves. I had planned this outfit very carefully and gotten advice from my mom about it. 

Looking in the mirror, I felt sexy. It wasn't too fancy, but it wasn't something I wore on a regular basis. There was still fifteen minutes before the assembly started, and I was already freaking out. What if something goes wrong and things didn't work... or if I ended up making a fool of myself in front of the entire school? I was petrified. Chaz and Ryan came back stage and smiled at me, they had written their skit for the introductions and were pretty pleased with themselves. Ryan pulled his phone out of his pocket and texted someone. Then he winked at me and they both went back onstage. 

"Hey hey hey!!!" Chaz called into the microphone. "What's poppin' tonight?!"

"I can tell you what is, all these acts we've got in store." Ryan said. 

"Our opening act is a girl with cups." Chaz said.

"Cups, what the...." He trailed off. 

"You'll see, now get off stage." 

Once they had left the stage the first girl entered. The tech crew had set up a table, chair and microphones. She set herself up and started to tap the cups. After a few seconds she started singing, she had a pretty voice. I tried to focus on all the contestants before me rather than what I had to do when I got on stage. I was the second to last one to go, and it seemed like forever. I started to pace backstage, my palms sweating. All the acts were pretty good, but I just wanted it to be my turn. 

"Alright, this next one has requested someone from the audience to perform on stage along side them. This is a randomly selected person, we will call out the seat number. Chaz will you do the honor?" Ryan said.

"Of course, if you will give me the honor of a drum roll?" From the back I heard Anna's boyfriend start a drum roll on the set. Ryan beat his hands against the podium. 

"Seat nummmmmber, 239!" Chaz called out. "Come on down, you are the next contestant on the price is right!"

That was my cue to get ready.


I looked down at my seat and then to Anna. My eyes went wide, I was 239. I didn't know what to do. Anna was bouncing in her chair and screaming at me to stand. I stood up and straightened the dress I was wearing, the one that I had bought with Anna at the mall.

Suddenly, a bright light focused on me, it was a spotlight. Fuck, at least I was dressed nice. I maneuvered around everyone and found my way into the isle. I looked at Ryan and Chaz thinking that they somehow had something to do with this, whatever it was.

"Come on down!!!" Ryan called. 

"Hurry up slow poke!" Chaz hollered, everyone laughed. My face grew red, and I picked up my pace a little bit. Once on stage Ryan threw his arm around me. 

"My, you are a lucky girl." He winked.

"Uhmmm," I said slowly. "Why?"

They didn't answer me, instead they led me to a tall stool and sat me there. They left me and walked off stage. I waved awkwardly to the crowd and waited, feeling absolutely stupid. 

Then the music started and the lights dimmed. I could see a light in the balcony and I realized it was a projector. What was going on? I looked around for the performer, but they were no where to be found. 

"Well, let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy. He fell in love with his best friend. When she's around, he feels nothing but joy. But she was already broken, and it made her blind. But she could never believe that love would ever treat her right."

I felt my heart in my throat as soon as I heard the voice. It was unmistakable, Justin. I stood up and looked around, and saw him to my right standing with his guitar in hand. I looked back out to the crowd and tried to find Anna's face, but I couldn't see anything.

"Did you know that I loved you or were you not aware? You're the smile on my face, and I ain't going nowhere. I'm here to make you happy, I'm here to see you smile. I've been wanting to ask you this for a long while." His voice was so soft and sweet, I kept my eyes on his as he walked to me. 

"Kaelee," He was talking now, but the tenderness was still in his voice. His brown eyes seemed to glitter. He took my hand and spun me around. I could see the projection on the wall, and as he spoke, those words appeared on the screen. "Will you go to prom with me?" 

"Uh," I said flabbergasted. I had no idea what to say. I was lost in Justin's eyes, there was a flicker of fear in them when he noticed my hesitation. 

"Just hear me out Kae." He said. Then he lifted his guitar again and sang his heart out. 

"What's gonna make you fall in love?I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart. Don't have to be scared at all, oh, my love. But you can't fly unless you let yourself, you can't fly unless you let yourself fall." 

I had never heard this song before, ever. But it made me wanna cry, it was so sweet. My mind was racing a mile a minute.

"Well, I can tell you're afraid of what this might do. Cause we got such an amazing friendship and that you don't wanna lose. Well, I don't wanna lose it either. I don't think I can stay sitting around while you're hurting babe, so take my hand." 

I had to sit down back on the stool as he sang, I felt weak in the knees. 

"Well, did you know you're an angel who forgot how to fly? Did you know that it breaks my heart every time to see you cry. Cause I know that a piece of you's gone, every time he done wrong I'm the shoulder you're crying on. And I hope by the time that I'm done with this song that I figure out.

"If your gonna go to prom, with me? I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart. Don't have to be scared at all, oh, my love. But you can't fly unless you let yourself, you can't fly unless you let yourself fall."

At this point he put down the guitar and walked off stage again, I watched him go. I was still too shocked to move. 

"I will catch you if you fall, I will catch you if you fall, I will catch you if you fall."

He reappeared then holding a bouquet of roses. Walking back to me, he handed them too me and kissed my forehead. 

"But if you spread your wings... You can fly away with me. But you can't fly unless you let your... You can't fly unless you let yourself fall.

"What's gonna make you fall in love? I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart. Don't have to be scared at all, oh, my love. But you can't fly unless you let yourself, you can't fly unless you let yourself fall,

"So go to prom (prom). I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart. Don't have to be scared at all (don't have to be scared, don't have to be scared at all), oh, my love. But you can't fly unless you let yourself, you can't fly unless you let yourself fall.

"If you spread your wings, you can fly away with me. But you can't fly unless you let your... let yourself fall." 

He ended the song slowly, setting down his guitar and taking both my hands. I held his tightly, I could feel myself shaking and I knew he could too. He rubbed his thumbs over my knuckles and smiled at me. 

"Kaelee, will you go to prom with me?" He asked, a crooked smile across his face. 

I couldn't help it I started to cry right on the spot. I covered my face with my hands and leaned into Justin just nodding my head. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed really tight. 

"Yes, yes yes." I said when I could finally find words. 

"Thank you!" He said, lifting me up and spinning around. When he brought me back to the ground he pulled me in close and closed his eyes. When our lips met it was like a sweet fire was spreading throughout my body. I wrapped my arms around him and pushed myself onto my tiptoes.

The crowd's 'awww' is what broke our kiss apart. As if on cue, Ryan and Chaz re-entered the stage. Justin took my hand and led me off the stage. 

"Well now that Justin has officially made every other guy in this school look like a complete idiot for not serenading their dates, we have one more act for you guys. He is a really really cool dude, who has got some mad skills." Chaz said. 

"Alright, lets hear it for Don." Ryan said, and they both ran off stage. 


After leading Kaelee off stage, I turned back to face her. She was still crying, but she was also laughing. I wiped her tears from her face and kissed her lips tentatively, and this time she kissed back for sure.

"Justin," she said breaking from the kiss. I looked at her closely our foreheads touching and our hands entwined. She smelled just as sweet as that day on the slide, but this was even better.

"EEEEEEEP!" It was Anna's voice. She must have sneaked back stage during the performance. "Finally, I have been waiting for this forever!" She was jumping up and down. She ran up to Kaelee and embraced her. They did a little dance, which was honestly, really sexy. Behind her was Scott who was smiling, we were thinking the same thing and I knew it. 

"Well bro," Chaz said. "I feel like a dick." 

"Me too, congratulations." Ryan said, punching my arm. 

"I don't feel like a dick, my way was pretty good."

"You should feel like a dick." Anna said looking over her shoulder. She stuck her tongue out and laughed, but Scott's smile faded slightly. 

"Now we can go shopping together!" 

"Yes, we will have to make those plans ASAP." Kaelee said, she was beaming. I felt my heart swell at her happiness. 

"Kaelee," I said. I wanted to ask her one more thing and I didn't want to wait for the next music assembly to do it. 

"Yeah," She was smiling at me now, her cheeks still red and her eyes shining like stars. God I just wanted to kiss her and never stop.

"Even though I don't think it's possible, can you make me happier than I already am?" I asked, she looked a little confused.

"BABY GRIND ON HIM!" Chaz screamed. Everyone in the room laughed. I threw the wireless mic at him and turned back to Kaelee.

"Will you be my beautiful girlfriend?"

"She's got half of that down. This bitch is down right gorgeous." Anna said.

"I know." I didn't look away from Kaelee. She didn't say anything instead, she just jumped into my arms and kissed me hard. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her back furiously. Her lips parted slightly and my tongue traced her lips gently. Her tongue glided across mine and I found myself holding back from doing more than just kissing. Her lips tasted as sweet as she smelled if not better. 

"Well now..." Chaz said. 

"Can we crack a window? It's getting a little steamy in here." Ryan asked to no one in particular.

"I guess that's a yes." Anna said giggling. 

I broke away from Kaelee and held her close. She was blushing, and I knew I looked the same way. 

"I think we should get going." Anna said pulling Scott towards the door. She winked at Kaelee before she left. 

"Yeah we've gotta close out the program." Chaz said to Ryan. They walked towards the stage. 

"We're staying at your house tonight right?" Ryan said. "Or are you gonna have another guest over." He waggled his eyebrows. 

"Oh my god, no." I said. I pulled Kaelee close to me again and flipped them both off. 

While the program was finishing up. Kaelee waited for me just outside the doors. Once we were all cleaned up and packed to go, I ran outside the door and looked for her. She was leaning against the wall texting. 

"Hey cutie," I said. It was nice to finally be able to call her that without getting friend zoned. 

"Hey," she giggled. "Are you ready?" 

"Yup," I took her hand, holding the guitar in the other one. We walked down the hall together, it felt good... it felt right.

"I wanted to ask you something, well things." She said softly, I looked over at her. 


"First how did you get permission to do that?" She stopped walking, her eyes wide and a huge smile on her face. 

"I got connections." I winked. "No, I talked to the teacher who runs all this like a week ago and set it up with Ryan, Chaz, and Anna. Once I found out they were the announcers, I knew it would work. I got Anna's number and had her text Ryan when you guys sat down so that you would be brought on stage."

"Oh," She said blushing deeply. The way she looked right now made me want to take her face in my hands and kiss it. 

"What was the other question?"

"What song was that? I've never heard it before." I hesitated. 

"Did you like it?" 

"Yes, it was perfect. But that doesn't answer my question." She looked up to me.

"I wrote it... just for you. It's about us and how I felt about you since well I guess forever."

"Damn," She said in a breathless tone. 

"Damn is right. Damn I didn't think he would stoop so low." Another voice said from the end of the hall. We looked up and saw Hope standing with her arms crossed. 

"Fuck me." Kaelee muttered. Okay, I thought. I shook my head trying to keep my mind out of the gutter.

"Oh Justin, you look sexy." Hope said smiling. "Did I ever tell you I was a fool for letting you get away?"

"Fuck you slut. You cheated on me." I spat.

"Oh come on baby," she whimpered. "Don't be mean."

"Shut up Hope." Kaelee said.

"I wasn't talking to you, you little shit." Hope said looking Kaelee up and down.

"Hey!" I said. But before I could say anything else. Kaelee let go of my hand and walked over to Hope.

"Do you want me to punch you again you little dick sucking whore?" She hissed.

"Please," Hope said leaning forward as if making herself an open target. 

At that moment I realized, there was nothing that would stop Kaelee from punching her right then and there if I didn't do something. I wasn't going to let my now girlfriend get into a fight with my slut of an ex and risk getting hurt, and get banned from prom. I dropped my guitar and ran in front of Kaelee, blocking the two from one another. I was just in time too, Kaelee's fist was balled and half raised, she barely had time to stop from making contact with my face. I looked at Hope, she was flinching away now, scared of Kaelee.

"Hope, I suggest you get the fuck out of here. No one wants your sorry ass." I said loudly. "And if you don't leave I will let my girlfriend beat the shit out of you." 

There was no way I was letting this girl, or any other girl get in the way of Kaelee and I again. I had fucked up once already. Now that I had her, I couldn't afford to lose her. Hope glared over my shoulder, but walked away without saying a word. 

"Are you okay?" I asked, taking Kaelee by the arms.

"Yeah, but why didn't you let me punch that bitch?" She still looked angry, but the question made me laugh.

"Cause I didn't want to lose my prom date right after I asked her to prom." I moved her hair from her face and rubbed my thumb across her cheek softly. She leaned into my hand and closed her eyes. 

"Thanks," She hugged me and we walked out of the school together hand in hand. 

*                           *                              *

Hello Lovelies! We really hope you enjoy this extra long chapter. We stayed up all night writing it to perfection! It took us a long time and we absolutely love it! This was by far the best chapter to write. We hope you loved it as much as we did. So, between now and prom, Kaelee and Anna go shopping for prom dresses. We couldn't decide on our favorite one, so we want you to pick your favorite and leave us a comment of your choice. Smooches!!!!

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