Never Alone

After 4 rough years of middle school, Kaelee goes away with her family on a vacation and Justin spends the summer with Ryan and Chaz. School starts and things don’t seem to change, they are still as close as ever but Justin can’t ignore that Kaelee’s body has developed. Then he enters the talent show for back to school night and everything changes, Justin lands the girl and Kaelee feels left behind. So she moves on, and finds new love... at least she thinks. The girl who stole Justin from her, steals from Kaelee once again and she feels alone once more. A 'grown up' Justin and Kaelee meet again in their Junior year. Justin is in awe of Kae's perfect body and beautiful face. With his hair cut, low voice, and undeniable good looks; Justin is irresistibly sexy. Kaelee struggles with her true feelings for Justin; whereas he tries to tell her the truth and win her affection.Will Kaelee forgive him for leaving her, and has Justin really learned from his mistakes?


5. Broken Promises


Everyone at school on Monday recognized me. They came up patted my back and kept going on and on about Friday night. Girls seemed to fawn over me and boys either bobbed their heads or glared. It was an amazing feeling. I made my way through the sophomore hall towards Hope's locker. She had texted me asking to be at her locker when I got to school.

She was already there talking with some of her friends, when she saw me her face lit up.

"Hey Jay!" She smiled. Every time she called me that, I thought about Kaelee. It felt weird. 

"Hey," I said smoothly, shaking the hair from my eyes. Her friends giggled and walked away, winking as they did. 

I turned back to Hope, her face extremely close to mine. I swallowed, not knowing what to expect. She leaned in even closer, her eyes closing. I followed the movement, and when our lips met it tasted sweet. 

"That... was nice, and unexpected." I said honestly, Hope had a sly smile plastered on her place. "So what does it mean?"

"You guess." She smiled, rustling my hair and walking to class. I turned around and celebrated, making sure that she didn't see. When I rounded the corner, I began to run.

"Chaz, Ryan, listen to this." I said slamming Chaz's locker shut. He raised his hands exasperated, obviously Ryan had just done the same things moments ago. 

"I would like to get my books." He said annoyed.

"Just hold on, I swear it is worth it." I said, excitedly. Ryan looked at me expectantly and waited for a response. 

"I kissed Hope." Instantly Ryan and Chaz slapped me in the arm.


"Nice!" They said simultaneously.


My stomach had knotted up when I heard Justin speaking. I knew it was bound to happen, but I didn't think he would ignore my messages all morning because of it. When I thought about it, it seemed selfish to want him to talk to me all the time, but we always talked. He is my best friend. So when I heard him in the hallway before first period, my heart stopped. I walked faster and kept going until I sat in my chair. 

"Hey!" Anna said. I looked up and smiled halfheartedly. "What's going on? Justin?" We hadn't been friends for very long, but she could read me easily.

"I overheard something I guess I shouldn't have. It explains why he ignored me this morning, even after our conversation last night. I don't know why I expected things to change. We are completely different people... I mean that's what they mean when they say the friends you come into high school with aren't always the ones you leave with, right?"

Anna shrugged and sat next to me. She threw her bag on the floor and leaned over her desk.

"Lee, you don't like him do you?" She asked squinting.

"Oh god no." I said a little too loudly. "We've been friends forever, it would be wrong. Like kissing my brother." 

"Mhmm, I'm sure." She smiled. "If you don't like him then it shouldn't be a problem."

"You're right." I said softly. Worrying about it wasn't worth my time. "If he wants to talk to me, he can text me." 

"Girl power!" Anna said loudly. We both laughed and sat quietly as people started to file in. 

There was a substitute, so it was a movie day in first hour. Naturally the entire class had their phones out.

'Hey!' My phone buzzed five minutes into the movie.

'Hey.' I replied, it was Justin. I tried to force my angry feelings back, I couldn't take this out on him.

'I didn't hear my phone this morning. We aren't doing anything in my first hour, so I figured it was a good time to reply. Ha,' he said. I read it slowly, not believing a word.

'There is a sub in my history class.' I responded. 'So, how was your morning?'

I wanted to see if he would tell me the truth. Anna looked at me, and laughed. 

'Uh, it was good I guess. It's Monday, and I hate Monday's.'

'Oh.' He responded, but I didn't read the message. 

Instead of thinking about Justin, I tried to watch the video our teacher had left us with. It was an extremely boring documentary about the Romans. I felt my eyes closing, and before I knew it I was fast asleep on my desk.

I didn't wake up until the bell rang. I packed up my stuff and walked out of the door. I had fallen into the rhythm of high school, and I was already bored. I trudged through the week slowly, counting down the days until Christmas break. It was still to far away for my taste.



The weeks were starting to blur together, and I was already sick of the high school scene. My classes weren't hard, my teachers were just so annoying. I had made the basketball team with Ryan and we had practice everyday. But what I really wanted to do was spend time with Hope. After that day we had kissed, I had officially asked her out at home that night. We spent a lot of time together, like everyday and if we weren't together she texted me constantly. 

Hope was amazing, she was funny, perky, had an amazing body, and oh yeah... she was extremely hot.  When we hung out, it consisted of a lot of kissing and touching. It never went any farther than that, mostly cause I was too afraid. She left me breathless, and I just wanted to see her as often as I could. 

Winter was slowly approaching, and we were all preparing for finals. I didn't know what to expect, but I wasn't nervous, I was a good student... unless Hope was around. I sorta lose my mind when she is around and focus on her, she is the only thing I see. There was one week before finals so I wasn't seeing much of Hope, being away from her made me realized that I hadn't talked to Kaelee in a long time. 

'Hey Kaelee.' I sent. I wasn't sure how she would respond. I never actually told her that I was with Hope, but she had to know.

'Hi...' She responded. 

'What's up?' I asked. It was weird texting her again, I wanted to know how she had been.

'Studying.' Her response was followed by an annoyed emoji. I sighed, it was my own fault that this happened and I understood why she was angry.

'Oh. I'm sorry that I haven't talked to you in a while, things have been crazy.' It wasn't completely a lie. I was always busy, with Hope. 

'I know. But here's the thing Justin. I realize that I'm not going to be friends with the people I am friends with now when we graduate, but I thought that we could get past that. You've been with me through a lot. I'm not mad at you, I understand.' It was a long text and I was reading it when Hope walked up.

"Who are you talking to?" She said with her hands on her hips. I looked up and met her blue eyes. She was stunning, I just wanted to kiss her.

"Kaelee, we were catching up." I said, I pulled her into a hug, but she pushed me back.

"Why are you talking to her? She obviously likes you, and she is trying to take you away from me." 

"She wouldn't do that, besides we've been friends forever. It would be weird, she doesn't like me." I tried to reassure her, the mention of Kaelee liking me made my stomach flutter. It was weird.

"Jay!" She wined, "I just don't want to lose you. I don't want her, or anyone to get in the way of us." She pouted sadly.

"Nothing will." I said confidently. I didn't intend on letting anything happen. 

"Just promise me you won't talk to her." She said sternly.

"Okay," I put my phone in my pocket. 

"Promise on our relationship!" Hope said loudly. 

"I promise." I swallowed, this didn't seem like a good idea, but what choice did I have?

Justin hadn't responded to me, and I was really confused and angry. Without thinking, I started sending him the last message I would ever send to him.

'Okay, I wanted to make it up to you. I understand that you have a girlfriend and I know that you spend your time with her. I just want to have a serious conversation with you for more than two seconds before you disappear of the face of the earth. I thought maybe we could talk and catch up like friends do, but no. I open up and you ignore me, dropping me completely. So I guess our friendship doesn't mean the same thing to you as it does to me. I guess best friends wasn't what you would say we were. I guess that you were lying, just like everyone said. What you did for me wasn't because you cared but because you felt sorry for me. So this is goodbye Jay, this time for good.' I sent the message without reading it through, and I shoved my phone in my pocket. 

I was so over high school.


I didn't read Kaelee's text message until I got home that night. I didn't want Hope to know that I had read it. My heart dropped as I finished the last line of the text. My fingers hovered over the key pad while I thought about what to say to her. Then I just deleted the text; there was no way I could make it up to her. If I tried to apologize again, she wouldn't believe me anyway and I would upset Hope. 

I thought about what Kaelee had said all weekend. Every night, I looked at my phone and waited for a text, a phone call, anything from Kae. Nothing ever came. I stayed up late Sunday even though I had finals in the morning. My mind wouldn't let me sleep. It was torture. 

When I finally began to get drowsy, it was well past two o'clock. Monday morning was really going to suck. But then I thought about Hope.

Maybe it was for the best.

*               *               *

Hello Lovelies! It's finally here. Thanks for being patient, this is a quick chapter so you might get a second chapter later tonight or tomorrow! Think of it as an early Christmas gift. ;p As always, we love hearing from you. Let us know what you think, it really helps. A lot is in store for Justin and Hope, as well as Kaelee and her new boo. But that is to be revealed later, shhhh don't tell Rose, she didn't want me to give any spoilers. Keep reading!!

Love Mary and Rose (Mostly Mary)

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