Fallen or Disposed of???? ~ON HOLD~

Who am I? Am I a fallen or was I disposed of? What's my name? Who am I?
Lets start with the basic answers. My name is Artemis Willow Fall. Ironic name, right, or it might have just been a hint to my fate. My mother is Diana, daughter of Jasom. My dad was never in my life, but I'll explain that later his name was Xavier. I may be living on Earth but I'm far from normal. My grandfather's hatred towards me is what got me to where I am now and I can tell you it is a living hell most of the time.


7. Chapter 7

Artemis's pov

Jasom has still pulling me away from the flames, suddenly the flames disappeared but a new flame started to spread in my body. It hurt like hell, Jasom was trying to comfort me. "Artemis you will be returning to Earth in a few seconds, you will be in extreme pain for hours maybe days, but in the end it will save your life. Your mother, Zander, and Apollo will all be there with you. Goodbye Artemis I will see you soon and I promise I will make up for how I acted to you all those years." Grandpa said just as I started to be pulled back to Earth. The pain was getting stronger and I didn't know what was happening around me but every time a scream someone else does too and Zander's grip around me tightens. The pain becomes so much that I finally get relieve and pass out. My cries and screams are quieted because I realized they aren't going to help and instead they hurt everyone else knowing I am in that much pain. The burn still consumes my body and my bones still break but I refuse to let another scream escape my lips. The other screams stop too. My body jerks as bones break and take up a new shape but I'm not exactly sure what is happening. Images of Zander from the party keep flashing before my closed eyelids and a voice in the back of my head keeps calling his name. "Please be quiet he can't know it hurts please don't betray me. I don't want him or the other voice to hurt." I whispered to the voice assuming it is just my conscience. "Artemis, mate can help take away the pain. Let mate help." The voice said kinda scaring me. "Umm who are you and what in the world is a mate?" I asked "I am your wolf, Bella. And mate is Zander but he will explain what a mate is when we wake up. Apollo is a werewolf too, his wolf is my brother, Bennett." "Bella why does this all hurt so much, what is happening?" "Zander bit you so you would change into a werewolf or you would have died, but your connection with Apollo is so strong that your change caused him to change without being bitten, but I fear if we die he dies and if he dies we die. But rest now Artemis the most painful part is still to come." Bella said and made herself comfortable in the back of my mind. Most painful part, what could be more painful than all of this. Then it hit me, my body started to shake and move into a ball I felt fur form and my body transform into that of a oversized wolf but I was smaller than any of the werewolves I have ever seen. My eyes finally open and the pain stops, I'm laying on a  bed panting for breath. Zayn is straddling my body and he is preventing my from standing up or moving. I look around the room and see my mother holding down Apollo. Apollo is a giant silver wolf and his ears have black tips, his paws are black his tail has black tips, and he has gray eyes. I look down at myself to see I have pure white fur, my tail has black tips, and my paws are black. I look in a mirror that Zayn places in front of my face to see my eyes have black tips on my ears and my eyes are grey. "Artemis let your wolf take control really quick." Zayn said and my wolf moved out of her corner al the while pushing me into the corner. Zayn let his wolf come out and his eyes turned pure black. I looked at my reflection in his eyes but mine weren't black instead they were blood red. "Bella please take care of our mate because it is going to be a hard change I promise I wont hurt her nor will I let Zander do a thing to hurt her." Zayn's wolf said to mine. "Lucas I trust you but you must gain the trust of Artemis not me because I will love you no matter what happens." Bella said and she gave me back control as my eyes started to close. I woke up still in wolf form and Apollo was standing in human form beside me wearing what looked like Zayn's clothes. "Artemis just relax and think about how your human body feels and think about being human again." Zayn said and laid a blanket on top of me. When I managed to relax enough to shift back I understood why he gave me the blanket because I was completely naked. I blushed because not only was my mother, Apollo, Zander, and me in here but there was an older woman and a man that looked a little older than me. I was scared because everything felt different and my body ached. I heard a growl from behind me when the woman started to approach me and Apollo's arms reached around me in a protective way. I took comfort in his arms and my pain was relaxed a little. "Apollo let her go Mary needs to check her out." Zayn said and nodded to the other male that dragged Apollo out with him. I felt myself build up a guard but it was both mentally and physically because Mary couldn't move any closer to me nor could Zander. My body started to shake and I was starting to panic. "I need Apollo!" I shouted and expanded the guard around me making everyone in the room get up against the wall. The shaking got worse as Mary tried to push against my guard to come closer to me so instead I pushed harder as her causing her to hit the wall. The man and Apollo walked back into the room, or tried to walk back into the room, I let Apollo slip into my guard but I shoved the man back out of the room. "Apollo try to convince her to put down the guard that she somehow controls so that Mary can check her out to make sure everything is ok." Zander said and tried to stand up from his crouching position on the floor, I put more force against his body causing him to collapse back onto the floor. "You are hurting mate. He wants to help, but you have to put your guard down." Bella's voice rang throughout my head. "No! Not until I get answer to what is going on. What is this guard thing anyway and why do I feel the need to have Zander with me? I don't want any of this I just want to go back home to heaven and live there. I want to be a normal angel again, I want to forget about my dad. I thin I'm gong crazy, I'm telling my problems to a voice inside my head that claims to be my wolf, but I'm not supposed to be a wolf so you shouldn't be here. Maybe I'm just dreaming and I will wake up and still be living in heaven and none of this really happened." I said to the voice and smiled at myself. "I'm sorry to tell you Artemis but this is all very real. And I need you to put down your guard so that I can explain this all to you without feeling like I'm being crushed by an elephant." Zander said and I slowly released them all. "What you are feeling for me is called the mating bond. It's natures way of pairing us with our best match, and well mine happens to be a fallen angel that I turned into a werewolf. You will go into heat in a few days, but don't be scared it is just your wolf calling to mine because once mates find each other they are supposed to mate. And the heat is just a way to make sure that happens, you will be in pain and I will be the only one that can put you out of that pain if you let me." Zander said. Is he really expecting me to have sex with him when I barley know him? Well that ain't happening. I put my guard back up in full force. Zander fell back to the ground and he looked surprised.

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