Fallen or Disposed of???? ~ON HOLD~

Who am I? Am I a fallen or was I disposed of? What's my name? Who am I?
Lets start with the basic answers. My name is Artemis Willow Fall. Ironic name, right, or it might have just been a hint to my fate. My mother is Diana, daughter of Jasom. My dad was never in my life, but I'll explain that later his name was Xavier. I may be living on Earth but I'm far from normal. My grandfather's hatred towards me is what got me to where I am now and I can tell you it is a living hell most of the time.


6. Chapter 6

Diana's pov

I have been watching my baby girl since the moment I learned she had fell, I was mad at my dad for doing this to her, but I could never hate him. Artemis seemed to be perfectly fine, she even went to find her father. He of course introduced her to his other kids, luckily she didn't pay much attention to them. Because I have a secret that I never told Artemis, she has a twin brother, Apollo. Xavier tells everyone that he is a fallen angel child, Apollo even believes it. But he is really my son, My father refused to let me keep both of my children because he said it would be easy for the angels to figure out that I had Xavier's kids. Xavier already had kids with other woman and they were all males, so Apollo was chosen to be sent down to Xavier. Xavier doesn't even know that Apollo is my son he thinks Apollo is the son of a dead fallen named Tiff. Artemis chose to go downstairs and party and she met a werewolf. I never told her about werewolves because I had seen the young boys future and my Artie was supposed to be his mate, but I never intended for her to be on Earth for him to find. Xavier decided to yell at Artie which I knew was a bad thing because Artie doesn't take lightly to being yelled at. And she was drunk so that was a bad combination. The young werewolf took Artie back to his home and I felt the unbearable pain, my Artie was dying. She couldn't adjust to the environment and stress. The werewolf knew she was dying too so he tried his hardest to keep her calm like a mate is supposed to. When she got to heaven's gates both me and my father were waiting for her, and her only request was to go tell the boy she wasn't in pain. She even told my dad that she loved him, and that changed him because he finally realized just how special she was. She could be put through all the stuff he did to her and yet she still loved him. I begged for permission to go and tell her mate how to save my baby girl and my dad let me because he wasn't ready to lose her either.

"Please Zander! Listen to me, you are the only one that can save Artie. I am her mother and there is nothing that my father can do to save her, its all up to you. You must bite her, she has to be turned into your kind or she will die, it will hurt her but if you don't she will be locked in Hell and we will all lose her. I can't lose my daughter, right now my dad is with her trying to keep her away from the flames but they will soon take her if you don't do it." I said begging her uncertain mate to bite my daughter turning her into a werewolf. He looked like he didn't believe that I was her mother so I decided it would be a good time to let myself be shown. My wings appeared and my crown appeared on my head. "Please turn her I am begging you, I can't let my daughter burn up in the flames of hell." I said and her mate finally decided it was ok to turn her because he placed soft kisses to her wrist before biting both of them. He then moved to her throat trailing kisses before biting her color bone multiple times. Just then Apollo came into the room.

Zander's pov

I wasn't sure if I should trust this woman that claims to be Artie's mom but when she shows me her true self I listen and bite my mate repeatedly hoping to inject enough of my poison into her body to make the change happen faster. Then Apollo, Xavier's brother... I mean son bursts into the room and falls to his knees at Artie's side. "Artemis you can't die... it hurts so much, its like I'm connected to you.... I feel the burn of the flames of hell trying to pull you away... be strong Art hang on don't let them pull you in." Apollo said and kissed the back of her hand. "Apollo I can explain all these feelings.....you are her twin brother.........I am your mother Diana King. My father Jasom said I had to give Xavier one of my kids when you where both born, Xavier had all boys with him so I figured you would be better with him than Artemis. Xavier believed the lie that you were Tiff's son, it all worked out, I wish I would have confessed this before now but I couldn't figure out a way to do it........ I'm sorry my son." Diana cried as she hugged Apollo. "I always new that Tiff wasn't my mother but I didn't know who my real mother was and I guess you did it to protect us. I forgive you because I know you wouldn't have done it to hurt me and Artemis would never have been able to survive all those years with Xavier's parties." Apollo said and hugged his mother back all the while never letting go of Artemis's hand.

An ear slipping scream filled the room and we all looked at Artie as her body shook and another scream left her lips. The change was happening and my mate was in pain, hell I could feel the pain going through my body and from the look on Apollo's face he could feel it too. Her mother looked torn between trying to figure out which of her children to help first. I rushed the Artie's side and laid down beside her wrapping my arms around her to control and comfort her. Diana went to Apollo's side and pulled him tight to her chest as he gasped in pain every time Artie would scream. They were both in pain.

As Artemis's body started to change so did Apollo's, their  connection was so strong that her going through the change was causing him to go through the change without being bitten. Every time one of her bones would break one of Apollo's would break every time she screamed he would whimper or scream with her. Every time she passed out he would pass out. Artemis was laying in my bed and Apollo was laying in a bed that some of my members brought from another bedroom. On occasion my pack members would come in and ask how Artie was doing because they were all terrified of losing their Luna. They would cry out to the moon goddess every time their Luna screamed in pain. They already loved her without her having to do anything.

...........Author's Note..............

I try not to follow the patterns everyone else follows with the supernatural beings so what happens might not be what you are used to but bear with me because it will make this story different from all the rest of them.


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