Fallen or Disposed of???? ~ON HOLD~

Who am I? Am I a fallen or was I disposed of? What's my name? Who am I?
Lets start with the basic answers. My name is Artemis Willow Fall. Ironic name, right, or it might have just been a hint to my fate. My mother is Diana, daughter of Jasom. My dad was never in my life, but I'll explain that later his name was Xavier. I may be living on Earth but I'm far from normal. My grandfather's hatred towards me is what got me to where I am now and I can tell you it is a living hell most of the time.


5. Chapter 5

Some of you might be wondering what Zander looks like so, he is tan, muscular, dark brownish black hair, brown eyes, and well lets just say that he is hot. We walked down the road and he led me up to the front of another huge house. "This is the pack house, but they wont mind if you stay here because I am the alpha." Zayn said. "Thank you and I'm sorry for bringing you into my mess of a life. Just a couple days ago my life was perfect, I was living in heaven, but Jasom hated me so I fell. I lost my wings, my mother, my friends. And now I'm on Earth and I've already left my father. I'm just glad I met you." I said as Zayn led me over to the couch and a bunch of werewolves were watching tv or doing other random things. "Alpha Zander, may I ask who this is?"  a young male asked and handed me a glass of water. "I'll talk to the pack later about it right now I just want to make sure that Artemis is comfortable." Zayn said and the pack went back to doing what they were doing before we showed up.

Zander's pov

When I saw that girl in the kitchen I wanted to be close to her, but I could tell that she wasn't a werewolf, no she is a fallen angel. So how do you explain to a fallen angel that she is your other half, that she is your mate? Well I'm gonna have to see if she acts ok around me. So I took her out onto the dance floor and before long we were kissing. I could tell she was nervous because I don't think any other male has touched her like this because I cant smell anyone on her. After we went back it the kitchen and started kissing some more Xavier had to show up. He yelled at her and she yelled right back. My mate is Xavier's daughter and her mother is an angel, how does that work? Since she wanted to leave I decided it would be best to take her to my pack house so I know she will be safe from other men since she is drunk. How can my mate be an angel from heaven when angels cant get pregnant in heaven and when her father is so much more than an angel himself.

Artemis's pov

My eyelids started to get heavy and I was ready to go to sleep. Wait a minute, what in the world? I am a fallen angel, we don't sleep. So how am I getting sleepy? Well I have no earthly idea but who cares, I'm tired and I want to sleep. I feel someone picking me up of the couch and I feel sparks run threw my body, the same sparks I have felt every time Zander touches me. I tried to talk to him but my mind couldn't seem to form any words. "Shh, Artie it will be ok." Zayn said but there was a hint of panick in his voice. Huh, I wonder why he is getting panicky? Before I could try to ask him I blacked out.

Zander's pov

Artie was sitting on the couch beside me and suddenly her eyes looked frozen and blank, but she didn't seem to notice. Her body became ice cold and she was shaking violently. Yet she acted like nothing was even happening. I have heard of this happening to fallens before, but they always die right afterward. And their souls go to hell because they are rejected from heaven. That can't be happening to Artie, I need her, the pack needs her. She can't leave us already she just got here, her grandfather is the King of Angels. He can't let this happen even if he hates her because his daughter would be devastated. I careful carried her up stairs to my room and mind linked the pack doctor to meet me here so that way Artie could be comfortable. "Alpha Zander what is wrong?" my pack doctor Mary asked. Mary was an older woman that everyone thought of to be like a grandmother because she was super caring. "Mary, I finally found my mate and she is a fallen......She passed out and.... please she can't die I need her!" I begged as the old woman walked over to my bed to examine my mate. "Zander she doesn't look very good. She is going through shock her body doesn't want to accept this place. I have never heard of a fallen surviving this, it is an instant death wish. But it will be peaceful, she won't feel a thing when she passes." Mary said as she placed gentle touched to my mate's cold body. "But she cant die her grandfather is the King of Angels. Her mother is Diana, her father is Xavier Fall. She can't die, Mary, she can't!" I begged the old woman. "I will do everything I can but the only one that could save her is Jasom, but he probably won't since he had to have made her fall to begin with." Mary said.

Artemis's pov

I opened my eyes and I was standing at heaven's gates my mother was on the other side crying and Jasom was standing on this side of the gates. "Artemis Willow Fall, what do you have to say?" Jasom asked. "Am I dying? Please let me go back and tell Zander that I will be in a better place. I know I will go to hell but I can't let him hurt over me. Mother I'm sorry that I can't be with you anymore, and you were right all those years. I thought Xavier could change but he didn't, I will never go back to him again. And most Importantly I'm sorry grandfather, I was never the granddaughter that you wanted but I tried my hardest, I just want to say that I still love you. Goodbye." I cried as they started to fade and flames started to appear behind me. Suddenly the flames stopped and disappeared. "Artemis, I can't let you perish like this, I never had anything against you. I was just mad at your mother for sneaking out to meet that horrible male Xavier and I took my anger out on my one and only granddaughter. I was never fair to you because I was afraid you would turn out like your father, but you didn't. But there is nothing I can do for you only Zander can save you and time is running out fast, but the werewolves don't have the knowledge to save you." Jasom said and pulled me into a hug. "Father let me go to the werewolves I can tell them how to save her, but baby girl it is going to hurt, and you will be different. Please daddy, let me tell them how to save my baby girl!" My mother begged. Jasom nodded his head in agreement and a portal to Earth opened and my mother drove in. "Artie, please forgive me, I made a mistake. You never did anything wrong to become a fallen so if you want, after them save you I will let you back into heaven." "I wish I could grandpa but I think I belong on Earth, I get this weird feeling of butterflies when I am near Zander and just the thought of leaving him makes my head hurt. But will you let me come visit or you could come visit me?" I asked hopefully. He nodded his head yes. "I just hope your mom gets there in time so they can save you, because I'm not ready to let go of my only grandbaby yet. We have too much catching up to do and we won't be able to do that if you are in hell." Jasom said. My head started to pound again and the flames were starting to return. "Grandpa, I'm scared the flames are coming back, I'm going to die and I'm not ready to go yet. Please help me!" I begged as my body started to be pulled towards the flames by an unknown source.

......................Author's Note.............

Some suspense in this chapter, so I get a 4 day weekend now because I was out of school Friday and it is Sunday night and they already cancelled school for Monday. I'm excited and I got my Where We Are tour tickets on Saturday, so who all is going to be at the BOK Center in Tulsa on September 23, 2014 for One Direction? My tickets are mine and my big sisters big Christmas presents, because every year we get an expense present and some smaller presents. My school's basketball tournament is coming up this week so I don't know how much I will be able to get on this. All I can say sometimes being a manager sucks, well most of the time, but hey I get into the basketball games free and I get to go to all the away games. This coming Friday I am helping with Santa Clause at the EXB (the exchange bank in Sperry) and then I am walking in the parade in Skiatook with the bank so it will be fun. I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday.


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