Fallen or Disposed of???? ~ON HOLD~

Who am I? Am I a fallen or was I disposed of? What's my name? Who am I?
Lets start with the basic answers. My name is Artemis Willow Fall. Ironic name, right, or it might have just been a hint to my fate. My mother is Diana, daughter of Jasom. My dad was never in my life, but I'll explain that later his name was Xavier. I may be living on Earth but I'm far from normal. My grandfather's hatred towards me is what got me to where I am now and I can tell you it is a living hell most of the time.


2. Chapter 2

I arrived in a small town by the name of Devil's Falls, a place with this type of name is the last place you would expect to find an angel so this is most likely where my dad lives because I feel like the pull to him is strong in this town. A little history about my dad, he has been a fallen for 789 years now. Why? Well its along story but I'll give you the short version, he was 20 when he died in the human world, he was a partier and a player back then. And he wasn't ready to give that up yet when he died so he tried to throw parties in heaven and he even slept with all the females that he could get to fall for his charm. How did he die? Well that's an easy one he slept with a married woman and her husband came home early from work that day, the husband was pissed, pulled out a gun and killed my father and his wife. My mother was the first angel to ever have a kid, let alone to ever have a kid with fallen, and angles sleep with fallens all the time because they are fun to be with. My grandfather didn't like him for upsetting the peace in heaven so grandfather kicked him out, dooming him to be a fallen.

I walked down the street because it was dark out so none of the humans were walking about. I turned down a street with all the really nice houses because I assume that father wouldn't settle for any less. At the end of the street there was a huge mansion with a party in full swing. The gate said Fall in cursive on it. beside the gate stood a huge statue of an angel. The angel looked sad and his wings were pure black and there were white feathers on the ground by his feet, the angel was wearing black jeans and the rest of his body was the regular color of a statue. The gate opened when I walked up to it, so I walked down the long driveway.  The door to the house was open and a bunch of humans were laying on the lawn passed out. This has to be my father's house because the pull to him is getting stronger the closer I get to the house. I walked in to see humans and fallens were grinding against each other and pretty much all of them had a cup of strong smelling alcohol. I have never seen this many fallens in one place together, my grandfather taught me that fallens avoid each other but it looks like they are all enjoying themselves. As I walked through the house multiple men both fallens and humans tried to grab me. I pushed through the massive crowd and went to the kitchen where the pull felt the strongest. Standing in the corner was a tall male he had skin as pale as mine, he was only wearing a pair of tight black jeans and his shaggy light blonde hair was falling in his eyes. He looked to be in his 20s and I felt that the pull was drawing me into him. I walked over to him and that statue outside looked exactly like him but there was something about his face that reminded me of someone. "Who a-are y-you? And w-why are y-you staring at.. at me?" The male asked and looked me in the eyes. His eyes were the same grey color as mine, he must be my father. "Are you...Umm are you Xavier Fall?" I asked. "Y-yes I'm Xav...Xavier. Who the hell a-are y-you?" "I'm your daughter Artemis Willow Fall. My mother is Diana King, daughter of Jasom King. I am a new fallen, Jasom hated me because of you, I believe that he was planning to get rid of me all along. One second I was sitting on a fluffy white cloud an the next second the cloud had disappeared and I was falling to Earth." I said and he looked confused and sad at the same time. "I remember Diana King, man did I love that woman but her dad. He hated me and made it where is daughter could no longer visit me. I haven't seen Diana in 17 years. Its impossible for her to have a kid she is an angel." "Well it obviously wasn't impossible because she gave birth to me and I'm now 17 years old." I said and pulled the hoodie off that was covering my face. He looked surprised but then next thing I know he wraps me in a hug. "I'm so happy you are here, now I have my own small piece of Diana. Maybe I could change my ways for you and Diana. Maybe one day I will be accepted into heaven again." He said and pulled me out of the kitchen and up some stairs. "I want you to meet all of my sons." Xavier said as we entered a room full of teenage men. There were 10 of them standing in the room some of them were about my age and the youngest was older than 12. "These are my boys that stayed with me, 7 of them left to go start their own lives but they come back when they can. The youngest is Dustin, he is 13. Jasper is 15, Charlie is 15, Luke is 16, Justin is 16, Jacob is 16, Apollo is 17, Blaze is 17, Buck is 18, and Ren is 19. Jack is 21, Jessy is 21, Jamie is 21, Phillip is 24, Blake is 25, John is 25, and Caleb is 28 they have all moved out." Xavier said. "And boys this is Artemis she is your sister, she is 17. Artemis I have learned from watching my kids that they all stop aging when they reach the age their mother was when died. And yes all of their mothers died while giving birth no matter what species they were." Xavier said and seemed to be lost in thought. "I guess I was the lucky one because I couldn't lose my mother considering the fact that she was already dead before she got pregnant. But since my mom died at 17 does that mean I will never age again, I'll be stuck at 17 for the rest of eternity." I asked.

.............Author's note.........................

Katie Babyfayce (Katie Skadoske) is who I am using as Artemis. I don't have faces for the other characters so just let your imagination go wild.

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