Fallen or Disposed of???? ~ON HOLD~

Who am I? Am I a fallen or was I disposed of? What's my name? Who am I?
Lets start with the basic answers. My name is Artemis Willow Fall. Ironic name, right, or it might have just been a hint to my fate. My mother is Diana, daughter of Jasom. My dad was never in my life, but I'll explain that later his name was Xavier. I may be living on Earth but I'm far from normal. My grandfather's hatred towards me is what got me to where I am now and I can tell you it is a living hell most of the time.


1. Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day, but everything was always beautiful and warm when you live in heaven, its the perfect place that humans dream of. But today wouldn't stay perfect for me for very long and looking back I should have seen it coming for a long time. My mother is the daughter of the King of angels, Jasom. My father was a fallen angel that my mother visited often, his name is Xavier. Xavier is the biggest player know to our kind and humans, and my mother fell for his ways. I was born in heaven so I guess in a way I was born dead, but that never bothered me. My mother loves me and that is all that matters. But Jasom wasn't happy with my birth because I am a disgrace to him because of who my father is. So pretty much my mother is the only one that loves me, my dad doesn't know I exist, and my grandfather hates me, so yep my life is a dream. Note the sarcasm. Now back to the story.

I decided to take a walk and before long I sat down on a fluffy white cloud, might I add that was a big mistake. Normally an angel can sit on clouds without worrying about falling through but that is impossible when the King of Angels himself hates you. My grandfather had decided that today of all days was the time to get rid of me. Hints to why people wonder if I'm a fallen, when I believe that I was disposed of because I never did a thing wrong, I helped everyone. But my helpfulness wasn't enough to please Jasom. The cloud I was sitting on disappeared and I started to fall. The sky was dark because it was night in the human world so to them I probably looked like a shooting star falling to the ground below. Falling was by far the scariest experience I have ever had, well as of right now that is what I believe. I felt like I was never going to land and I knew that when I hit the ground it was gonna hurt. I looked down in time to see the hard ground, then my body hit it. It knocked the breathe out of me and my wings had disappeared because fallen angels don't have wings unless they can earn them but their wings will forever be stained black. I sat up and looked around me, great. So here I am sitting on the cold hard ground of Earth, I have no one. This is the loneliest have ever felt, the only person to love me was my mother but she is up in heaven and I am on Earth as a fallen. I guess I could look for my father and tell him about me, but I really doubt that he will believe that I am his daughter. But it is worth a try, so I stood up and headed in the direction I hoped my father would be.

The good thing about being an angel I don't get tired and I don't need food, I could eat if I wanted to for the taste but I don't have to, so my journey to find my father wont take as long for me as for a human. Plus I could outrun a car in a race so I can travel a great distance in a short amount of time.

I guess you might want to know what I look like so to tell you the truth I never looked like a normal angel, I mean I'm pretty well actually I'm prettier than most angels because of my blood line but I still look different than the others. I have light blonde hair and grey eyes my skin is paler than the other angels. I don't have that innocent look, no I look more like an emo human but I love my appearance because it describes me unlike the appearance of the other angels that doesn't have anything to do with their personalities. All angels give off that innocent look, except the fallen, their appearance becomes their old human form but ten times prettier, I'm the only other exception I was born looking this way, but I was the only angel born in heaven so I guess that is why. Angels in heaven aren't supposed to be able to get pregnant but my mother did, the fallen angels can get pregnant but most of them choose not to because they don't want to make their child have the same fate as them, destined to walk the Earth for eternity as a fallen unless Jasom is willing to forgive you of your wrong doings. I am skinnier and shorter than most angels but I never thought anything of it. My name is Artemis Willow Fall. It's an ironic name since I am now destined to roam Earth instead of live in Heaven. Because Artemis did Fall. My grandfather picked the name Willow, and I think it was his way of saying that one day I would become a fallen because my name says it all, Artemis 'Will'ow Fall.

................................Author's note.......................................

Hope everyone likes this story, and no I don't prewrite my stories I just write as I go. Sorry for any mistakes but I don't normally have the time to go back and correct them. I don't have a set update day I just do it when I get the chance to, which is hard sometimes because I have a busy schedule with sports, school, and I recently started taking online drivers ed because I can get my permit sometime after January 1. If you haven't already go check out my other story Alex Who?


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